Save lives!

Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying can restore the qi and blood limits of many people.
And because urk, Linger’s side is the strongest team in the country, this wave of corpse rot and detoxification is also particularly eye-catching
Of course, the most eye-catching is not saving lives, but the most eye-catching is the skill of saving lives … data!
Heal the wounded and rescue the dying by 7 units, and restore qi and blood with high qi and blood limit.
And the data.
Is …
The lowest unit …
Add …
“? ? ?”
"Lying trough? ?”
"This …"
At this moment, the strongest team in the country exploded directly.
Including the ending and Han Xuanxuan and others, they all stare big eyes and want to stay in situ directly.
And across from the old urk, Suk also smiled.
"Look at the sample and think it’s finally white."
"This can not white? Push 23 HP in a group, which is much more powerful than what three gold coins per second. Even if it is calculated according to 21 units, it also increases the overall HP value by 14 HP. The former urk of Beijing Ba was cultivated by Brother Suk in the later period, just to be our secret weapon. I didn’t expect it to be cheap, but I thought it was small. "
The big black cow couldn’t help but vomit a sentence.
And Suk also smiled. He said what is cheap or not. After all, it seems to him that even the old urk everyone went to the strongest team in the country, which is the same, because he had already realized a lot when he came to Magic Capital earlier.
After all, after the dream, the dream of the country still needs to be guarded by these people.
It was also at this time that Fang Xiang suddenly shook his head.
If saving lives is the lowest in pushing 7 units and 23, wouldn’t pushing blood work add more blood?
At this moment, I want to see the light coming out of Beijing’s eyes.
And this time he is white.
What a gift the old urk gave him!
Such a metaplasia temple can definitely be called the first metaplasia temple. Even if the foreign countries want to believe it, there will be no one who can be more powerful than Beijing. According to the calculation, even if all the things that can be calculated are calculated, the blood volume that the Zen metaplasia temple can increase should not exceed 2.
Although the difference between 23 and 2 is 3, it is a second-class drug gap, but it is a far step away.
And this step is not so insurmountable.
In this 15th round, the strongest team in China lost to the old urk.
But this time, Fang Xiang’s face is not depressed at all.
"Sucker, do it again!"
He said excitedly to Suk
And Suk also tried to find a way to fight again.
Although the old urk won in the end, compared with the first three rounds, the style of play of the strongest team in China has changed since Beijing Ba joined the team. At the beginning, lk, Xu Yun and Big Black Bull were still treated.
But in the sixth game, when the three men were in command, they couldn’t help but burst into fine cold sweat on their foreheads.
At this moment, the three of them have done their best.
This will end the twenty-three rounds of fighting.
And this time, before the party wants to speak again over there, Xu Yun three people just hurriedly said.