Longyou smiled, but he didn’t have the money to repair the German imported machine in the factory two days in advance. He earned one million by himself, which is not a matter of congratulating the boss. Although he is a little petty, he is still good to himself on weekdays.

Seeing that Longyou had no money to congratulate the boss, he was somewhat unable to sit still and tentatively asked, "Do you want to settle your wages for Longyou?"
"Well, don’t. You’re busy first. I think you have a home to repair. It seems that there is no" Longyou sighed and turned to leave.
"Longyou, wait a minute. Two people came to Zhenhua Machine two days ago. It seems that they want to ask you to help repair the machine in the past. They also asked me to tell you to go to Zhenhua Machine when you come. Do you want to see it?" Boss He remembered that Zhenhua had personally come to visit Longyou two days ago.
"oh! I know! " Longyou never looked back, but he changed from walking to running. Yes, Zhenhua Machine! How can I forget this stubble! Zhenhua machinery is a big factory, there must be many problems with it, and the experience in repairing it is quite rich!
Ha ha!
Longyou’s heart is dark and cool. God helps himself! Zhenhua machine is really a lucky star!
Yu Gong at the entrance of Zhenhua Machinery Company received the words from Boss He and ran to the door of the company early to meet this small repair machine called Longyou, which is himself. This young man named Longyou had to be repaired before the top engineers in so many countries, not to mention making the accuracy more accurate than the new machine. This is a miracle. I always appreciate Longyou, but I appreciate it a lot. Recently, I even asked myself to call Longyou to personally adjust some new models to the factory. It can be seen that I always take a fancy to this Longyou.
"Longyou, you can come!" Seeing Longyou appear in front of his eyes, he pulled the Longyou hand affectionately before he hurried to work. I don’t know how familiar he is with the work. Actually Longyou knows that he is at the very most, and he has met this middle-aged man who is called the work for two or three times.
In the same place, the same people are impatient with themselves when they come to work for the first time, but they are diligent like dogs when they come for the second time, which makes the two people sigh. It seems that no matter how many generations they live, the world is adhering to a truth, and strength is king!
"Yu Gong doesn’t know what you want with me?" Although longyou has guessed about it, he still tentatively asked 1.
"It’s not that I’m looking for you, it’s that we’re always looking for you. There are several new foreign machines in our factory, and I want you to help me debug them. You know that the level of engineers in the factory is limited." When I said this, I turned out to be a red heart and didn’t jump as if I were not an engineer in this field
"Longyou, you can come. Your name is Brother, but I’m looking through the autumn water!" Total enthusiasm to meet out.
Longyou couldn’t help secretly condescending, but he didn’t ask me to do something, but he still had a good impression on the general Longyou. After all, the other party took out the million dollars again, but it was clean and tidy. This million dollars was a lifeline for Longyou family.
"I brought it to you. I’ll go out first," Yu Gong said, retreating.
The boss gave Longyou a chair. "Longyou’s little brother must have told you at work that several new machines in our factory need debugging. I hope you can help. Of course, the reward is not a problem!"
"Good talk, good talk" Longyou wishes that all the machines in Zhenhua Machinery Company were broken, so that he would have a lot of experience.
"And I want to talk to Longyou’s little brother. I don’t know if you have any idea to come to our Zhenhua Machinery Company for a monthly salary. I’ll give you this number!" The boss held out two fingers.
"Two thousand?" Longyou asked, 2,000 is a large number in this age. The salary of a small security guard is only 400 yuan, which is five times the gap! Even government clerks don’t have such generous treatment
"No, it’s twenty thousand!" The boss no longer directly threw this blockbuster around.
Twenty thousand dollars! This number is really enough! You know, Longyou Past Life Research Institute gave himself a salary of only 15,000 yuan a month. At the end of the 1990s, this boss actually gave himself 20,000 yuan a month, which is simply a fantasy! Longyou is also slightly swaying.
However, the boss still felt that the bomb was not heavy enough and continued, "Not only that, I will give you 100,000 yuan for repairing a machine! Of course, domestic machines and some simple machines can be done by engineers, but some foreigner machines will depend on you! "
Longyou is also a little thirsty at this time, so it’s not a problem to start with 1 million a year with a salary of more than 200 thousand a year and a bonus for repairing machinery
The boss proudly looked at Longyou, and his bid was really a prehistoric example. It was good for the engineers in the factory to get 2,000 yuan a month, but he gave Longyou ten times the price and a machine repair bonus. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t dig Longyou’s Wolong! The boss has a sharp eye. He naturally knows that the value of Longyou is far from being comparable to that of ten engineers. Although it seems that the boss spent a lot of money to invite Longyou, the actual boss still made a profit.
However, to the boss’s surprise, the young man quickly calmed down and shook his head at himself, although his face changed several times and he was short of breath.
"Longyou is think I give you salary is not high enough? Still negotiable! " The boss is determined to keep Longyou here.
"No, I didn’t mean that, boss. Twenty thousand dollars is already a lot! I am a small person and I am still a student. At present, I want to focus on my studies. "Longyou thought about the wording and explained.
"Now that I say too much, it seems that I have done it." The boss immediately felt relieved. Although his salary is really not low, if people are eager for college, there is nothing they can do. They can’t stop them. "You are always welcome to come to our Zhenhua Machinery Company class when you graduate."
"Well, regardless of this boss, you said that there are several machines in your company that I need to debug. I wonder if you can take me to have a look?" Longyoucha topic way
"Well, no problem." The boss naturally saw that Longyou didn’t want to do too much entanglement on this issue and then finally said,
Longyou followed the boss to check several newly imported machines, only to find that one machine was tampered with one by one, which made the whole machine unable to operate. Longyou told the boss about the situation, and the boss suddenly became furious that he had spent a lot of money to buy the machine and was tampered with. Anyone who let it go would be very angry.
"Brother, can you repair this machine?" The boss asked tentatively.
"That’s no problem, but the problem with the machine is that someone tampered with it. The boss still wants to find out the troublemaker as soon as possible. If I don’t have such a problem again, it will be difficult to solve it." Longyou thought about it and promised to come to this machine for repair. It is not difficult for Longyou to use the possessed hand to control Longyou. Now it is equivalent to a humanoid universal repairer
Not only that, Longyou also overhauled all the machines of Zhenhua Machinery Company, and made a big renovation of the whole machine of Zhenhua Machinery Company. The boss sincerely moved Longyou. As the ancients said, there are always thousands of horses, but Bole is not always the boss who can see that Longyou is superior to Bole. Although Longyou can’t stay in Zhenhua Machinery Company, he is still very grateful to the boss’s newcomer Longyou.
For Longyou, the whole machine company will be renovated. The boss naturally can’t let Longyou refuse in vain and insist on giving Longyou another million dollars, which makes the dragon free.
"This small unusual * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *! I think the whole Nanjiang city will change because of this small day! " The boss stared at Longyou’s back and made such a meaningful remark.
Chapter 2 Tang Lao invited
Longyou breathed a sigh of relief when he came home from Zhenhua Machinery Company. Did you really thank the boss for working so hard to renovate the whole machine of Zhenhua Machinery Company for two days and nights? Of course, it’s not the main reason for Longyou. It’s because I borrowed money and borrowed experience. Longyou had to work so hard. Otherwise, after three days, I would have to deduct several years of life. The new fast web page is refreshing, and there are fewer advertisements. I like this kind of network best. I must praise it.]
The magic hand system loan is like this-1. If you don’t deduct four months’ life loan after three days of experience, you won’t deduct one year’s life loan after three days of experience, and you won’t deduct three years’ life loan after five days of experience, and you won’t deduct nine years’ life loan after three days of experience. The more you borrow, the more you don’t deduct your life. This is nearly ten years’ life! I’ve lived for ten years, and I can’t go anywhere without trying my best.
As soon as I got home, I fell asleep without saying anything to my mother. In my dream, Longyou dreamed of strange things. In the future, I not only defeated Gao Fushuai to counterattack Bai Fumei, but also succeeded in my career and reached the peak of my life. When Longyou laughed wildly, he felt that his feet were falling from the peak of his life. In the process, he saw that his business collapsed a little, and his family suffered misfortune. He was unhappy.
Ah! ! !
Longyou shouted and woke up from a dream with a handful of thick sweat on his head. Longyou couldn’t help patting his chest in shock. Although it was a dream just now, it gave Longyou a very real feeling. Is this dream a warning to yourself not to be too complacent when talking about life?
I’d rather believe in it or not, because he is a reborn person and has such a power as a magic hand system. For this kind of dream, Longyou naturally chose to believe it, but Longyou didn’t know that it was because of this dream that he changed his attitude because of his high vigilance that he saved his life in the near future.
Hearing Longyou shouting, the dragon mother hurried to come over.
"Mom had a nightmare" Longyou comforted her mother.
"Well, get up and have a bite to eat. You came back from yesterday afternoon to sleep. It’s noon the next day. If you don’t wake up, I’m ready to call someone to take you to the hospital." Longyou’s mother’s eyes are full of worry. She put a bowl of egg noodles with gravy in front of Longyou and put it in front of Longyou. At the same time, there is a semi-fragrant and attractive roast chicken.
"Nothing, maybe I was too tired a few days ago." Longyou picked up the noodles with egg noodles and wolfed it down. Maybe he was busy for two days and two nights and slept for one day and one night. Maybe his mother cooked noodles with egg noodles and it was really delicious. Longyou swept away and ate a bowl of noodles.
"Eat slowly, eat slowly! This child has no one to rob you. Don’t worry about eating it. There is also "Mother’s eyes are full of love. She keeps tearing the half-cooked chicken into the Longyou bowl. When she sees Longyou eating the noodles in the bowl, she quickly gets up and rubs her hands to add noodles to Longyou.