This made Tianyang’ speed up’ from time to time and soon saw the’ Desert Rose’ bar.

This bar, run by Rodo, the Gunman, is still in its original place. The bar body has not been transformed, but it has turned into a fairly spacious street.
The sun pushes the heavy door into the hall, where the light is as dim as ever. Light-emitting crystal tubes are embedded in the edges of metal wine cabinets, bars, tables and chairs, and the blue light is emitting, which makes the environment in the bar covered with a layer of cold color and makes everyone who comes in from the outside feel psychologically cool.
Of course, if the bar is air-conditioned, you should sit for a while and even your body will feel cool.
"What can I get you, sir?"
A waiter will come as soon as he sits.
He took off his hood, looked up and smiled, "I’m looking for Rodo."
Since Tianyang handed over old Jones to Rodo after the fall of El Huoin, this "gun man" left the city of scavenging at that time and didn’t receive the news of his return until recently.
After listening to Tianyang’s words, the waiter was dazed and didn’t know, such as putting one hand on the waiter’s shoulder when responding
A mechanical prosthesis
"I’ll take care of this. You take care of its guests."
Then a chair was given to Larodo and he sat down.
He is still the same.
Hair is very long and braided, wearing sunglasses, tough face, beard and black vest.
Slightly different from the former image, he wore a belt around his waist and a holster on the right, which contained a silver-gray rough pistol.
Now he is more in line with the title of "gun man"
Luo Du Su Nan leaned back and looked at Tianyang. "I bet you didn’t come for lunch."
The sun is shining. "Who said I miss your lunch?"
Rodo grinned and snapped his fingers in the direction of the bar. "Give him a signature dish and another cup of’ bloody dusk’."
Tianyang’s mouth twitched slightly. "The bloody dusk sounds terrible."
Rodo picked his eyes to reveal a pair of amber eyes and said, "This is a cocktail I recently made. Everyone said it was my treat."
"thank you"
Tianyang nodded and said sincerely, "It would be better if you do me one more favor."
Rodo simply tunnel "please say"
"You should know that Lin Jianbing is our fortress," Tianyang said openly. "Someone will assassinate him later."
Rodo frowned. "Who wants to assassinate Lin Jianbing so badly?"
"Have you ever heard of shadow organization?" Tianyang saw his one eye and asked
Rodo’s expression froze, and then "It turned out to be them, so I have no doubt."
Tianyang nodded and said, "As far as I know, Shadow has dispatched’ Twelve Teams’ this time, and less than half of them are Lin Jianbing. We can’t turn a blind eye to this matter."
"But the members of the’ Twelve Branches’ are all day order, and I am too busy alone."
Rodo nodded before he finished. "I’ll deal with one."
Oh, my God, masculine came right after dinner, and a glass of wine as red as blood.
Rodo pushed the cocktail named "bloody dusk" forward to show his white teeth "please"
When I came to the place where Casa and the villagers lived, Tianyang still felt dizzy with the cup of’ bloody dusk’. He shook his head and removed alcohol from his body before he recovered.
The day after the renovation of the fortress, Yang arranged them to be the’ Oasis Street’ in this street. Because of the arrival of the Natural Church, many drought-resistant and heat-resistant street trees have been planted, which is quite a desert oasis.
At this time, the street is quite lively, and people are rushing to a temple on the street.
Tianyang kept the villagers’ faith and let them build a temple on the street. Now the villagers have obviously something to celebrate when they rush to the temple.
"Lord Tianyang?"
A bold voice sounded behind Tianyang, and when I turned around, I saw a strong man in the desert wearing a wide leg pants Casa, riding a little boy on his shoulder and laughing. "Why are you here?"
"Just in time. There’s a wedding in the temple today. Let’s take you to the ceremony."
Many people in the temple have bronzed skin, and the villagers in the desert will almost not be crowded with happy children. A couple of new people are getting in and out of the crowd and receiving the blessing of the priest.
The couple are young, male is about twenty-five, female is in their early twenties. In front of their altar, the priest took a handful of dirt from the altar, closed his eyes and prayed for a while, then two fingers stuck some dirt, and then the couple wiped their faces.
Beside Casa, he explained, "This is their custom. The soil is a gift from the earth. After receiving God’s blessing, they are smeared on the faces of new people, which means that the feelings of new people will take root and sprout in the soil like trees, which will become more and more solid and stable."
After being blessed by the priest, the couple always thanked their relatives and friends for attending the ceremony. Wearing a white dress, the bride will distribute some biscuits or sweets to guests, especially children.
When they saw Tianyang, they all cried out in surprise, "Lord Tianyang, why are you here?"
The villagers in the temple realized that Tianyang suddenly flooded in except for the priest. The children caught Tianyang, trouser legs Tianyang picked up the youngest girl, and the little girl giggled happily and held Tianyang’s hair.
The father of the couple shook Tianyang’s hand excitedly, hesitated for a while and then asked carefully, "Lord Tianyang doesn’t know if you can bless the couple?"
Tianyang smiled and nodded, so when the villagers cheered, he learned from the priest to stick some dirt on the couple’s faces and solemnly said, "Congratulations on your marriage today. I hope you can support each other from now on."
"On poverty or wealth; On illness or health, I hope you can all love each other, respect each other, accompany each other and take care of each other until the end of your life. "