When I quickly spread my palm, I saw a wisp of black gas seeping into my palm from the palm of my left hand, where the second and third metacarpals were slightly biased towards the third metacarpal!

And the black gas source is actually a pool of black water!
It turned out to be black ice and turned into black water at this time!
What’s going on here?
I was white and bloodless in an instant!
I tried to hold the palm of my hand, but I found that it was paralyzed and stiff with cold, and I couldn’t move!
Not only does the left hand stretch, but the left wrist, the left arm, the left arm and then the left shoulder are connected, and the whole left half is paralyzed and stiff!
I can still move my right hand and my right leg, but the left half seems to be not my own body.
I tried my best to hold my left half on my right, but I couldn’t move.
The left leg is like being nailed to the ground!
You can’t move a hair!
Is this a drowning ghost that hasn’t been wiped out and then got into my body?
Are you going to be possessed?
I was so anxious that I looked up to see that Uncle De had chased the man away, and his back passed quickly and disappeared out of my sight.
"Uncle De!"
I shouted hard in the hope that he could hear me and then came back to save me, but the sound seemed so far away.
I am short of gas …
That black gas is like a needle pulling a thread from the palm of my hand and then swimming in my flesh and blood and then walking the whole left half!
The feeling of tingling, numbness, itching and extreme cold always makes people feel uncomfortable to the extreme!
After I called Uncle De, the black gas gradually subsided and stopped drilling from my palm.
And that "needle" that wander around my body slowly disappeared.
After another moment, the numbness, tingling, cold and itching gradually disappeared.
I tried to move my left hand. My left arm, left shoulder and left half were all back to normal.
I was surprised and surprised to turn around several times before I was sure that there was nothing unusual.
I scratched my head and looked at the palm of my hand without leaving a mark.
As if nothing had happened just now.
I was awake in broad daylight and had a strange dream.
Is it really an illusion?
I hesitated for a moment and looked at the black viscous liquid again. It seemed to have become a little bit too thick, but it didn’t seem to change.
What’s going on? I think Uncle De may have gone far and had to chase him. Maybe he will know what’s going on if he tells Uncle De about it.
So I immediately ran in the direction of Uncle De’s departure.
After running for dozens of breath, I saw Uncle De.
He is holding the Shuitang man and walking towards me.
The man was pinched by Uncle De’s shoulder and followed suit, which was funny and pitiful.
I quickly walked a few steps, and Uncle De met Uncle De head-on. "What happened to you? Why didn’t you come for a long time?"
"Something happened," I said. "Uncle De just turned that black ice into black water and a black gas ran out and got into my body. I couldn’t move at all for a while, but now I’m fine!"
Uncle De looked at me in amazement as if he didn’t understand me. I said it again, Uncle De didn’t wake up like a dream. "Is there such a thing? Show me your palm! "
"You see, there is no impression at all. Now I suspect that what just happened is my illusion." I put my left palm in front of Uncle De’s eyes.
Uncle De looked at it and frowned. "There is really no trace."
You!’ Uncle pinched the man’s shoulder again, and the man screamed. "What machine is there in black ice besides drowning ghosts?" What is the black gas that comes out? What do you want to do when drilling into the human body? Say! "
The 40th chapter mentoring suited to reproduce the enemy’s tracks
The man grinned with pain and was afraid that Uncle De would hit him in the mouth again. He dared not yell and shook his head desperately. "There is no other machine except drowning ghosts!" The villain is an ordinary brother of the Five Elements Water Hall. He is not qualified as a gentleman and his magic power is low. Where can he hide anything except drowning ghosts? Seek respect for each other! "
"Hey hey …"
Uncle’s sneer at a way "finally willing to admit his identity? Little bastard, how do you know that I am a relative? "
"The younger generation …"
"Who are you, junior!"
"Oh, no, no, the villain is a villain!" The humanitarian "little people still have some eyesight to see that the two means of display just now are all relative means."
Uncle De snorted, "I can see that you dared to cheat us just now!"
"I was wrong! I was so wrong! I must correct it after I go back and think that this generation will not do bad things. "
"It’s the same story again." I hate it. "Tutang people talk the same as Shuitang people. What’s the difference between Tutang’s dry mouth and others? Don’t treat us like fools. Tell us honestly what that black gas is. What got out of your black ice and into my hand? "
"I really don’t know, little Xiang Zun," the man said piteously. "I’ve never heard of any black gas getting into your hands!"
I knew that what he said didn’t look like a lie, so I asked, "Then tell us honestly how the black ice was made?"
"Report back that the black ice is the main instrument of our water hall, and our level is too low for the disciples to do it, and the villain doesn’t know how to do it."
"Then how can you have it?"
"It’s my master, Mr. Water, who gave it to me."
"Mr. Water?" Uncle De and I looked at each other for a moment in silence. I asked, "How did the drowned ghost get sealed in the black ice?"
"I found it myself." The humanitarian "Master villain gave this instrument to the villain and ordered the villain to find some rivers, lakes, ponds and swamps. If there are drowning people, you can go anywhere. Then we can find the drowning ghosts wandering in the water and seal them in this black ice."
"How to seal it?"
"It’s not difficult to find the drowned ghost. Sacrifice the black ice and the drowned ghost will automatically fly into the black ice and become a imprisoned soul."
"What an evil thing!" Uncle De said, "Since this black ice was given to you by your master, what is your ultimate goal of sealing these souls? It’s not just a ritual, is it? "
"I don’t know what the ultimate goal is, but Master once told us that if we want to absorb more than one soul, we should hand over the black ice, and Master will also give us a reward and then return it to us."
The man said with a bitter face, "What we do is also a hard work, because every time we hand over the black ice, when Master sends it back, the ghosts drowned in it will be gone! We have to go everywhere to find new drowning ghosts, and we have to. "
"Did you deliberately kill seven people in Daliu Village?" Uncle De said, "Seven people plus Wang Guie’s soul is just enough! Are you just trying to get together a drowning ghost house to set up a game in Daliu Village and then harm people? "
"No, no, I did it!" The man Siming argued that "the two respected Jian Zhen didn’t do it! You two have just seen two drowning ghosts in the black ice! How can things in Daliu Village be done by villains? "
Uncle De glared at his eyes and said, "I was just about to ask you where the ghost is!"