Thunder resounded with great anger, which made Li Xuandao tremble.

Tianwei is unpredictable, but anyone who violates the laws of Tianwei’s world will practice heaven and earth.
But Li Xuandao looked at the deep whirlpool in his mind, and suddenly a very uneven emotion rose from his heart. This emotion was extremely abrupt and very strong, like a flame bursting out of his chest.
Is it always violating Tianwei or breaking the laws of the world that will cause such punishment from Heaven?
What is it?
The moment Li Xuandao eyes violent.
He looked at the slowly rotating cloud, and if he met an enemy who killed his father, his heart was full of murder.
"I know that you can never let me go. Once you destroyed my body and my soul, now I have a drop of blood left. Won’t you let me go?"
At this time, an almost crazy sound suddenly sounded.
I don’t know how to swim out of the stars, but the huge body spans the whole spiritual world like a mountain firmly blocking Li Xuandao’s face. It looks wild, its eyes are unruly and its voice is wild and overbearing.
"Come on!"
"Heaven takes me five hundred years, and I will take this day for five thousand years!"
Chapter 174 Fuck him!
Chapter 174 Fuck him!
Zhang Kuangyin’s spiritual world keeps echoing.
Li Xuandao eyes shocked looking at the universe ZuLong is the first time to see each other so overbearing.
not bad
No matter who dares to take my things, they have to pay back twice as much, even if heaven takes them back ten times.
In an instant, Li Xuandao’s heart was filled with heroism
His body slowly rises and falls in front of Xuan Huang Zulong. "Old Huang, this is my punishment. Stay out of it."
"No, Li Xuandao, you are wrong."
The grand ancestor shook his head and sighed lightly, "At this time, you and I are one. This is the punishment of the two of us. If not, how could you have such a horrible punishment with your strength?"
Hearing this, Li Xuandao realized
No wonder when he saw the apocalypse, his heart felt a twinge of injustice.
It turns out that this emotion does not come from him, but from the ancestors of the wild.
However, he inadvertently smiled and said with a defiant look, "You said yourself that we are two in one. How can you bear the punishment now?"
Honghuang Zulong Leng Leng immediately burst out laughing and Hongliangyin shook the whole spiritual world slightly.
"Well, in that case, let’s go to Du Jie together."
Said the flood ancestor Long Changyin suddenly bent over and severely hit Li Xuandao.
A loud noise
Li Xuandao was stung slightly, and soon there was a terrible force. This force was invisible and intangible, but it was born with breathing and fell with exhalation. It was like a river, and it was like a raging wave.
At this moment, he felt that he could break the sky with a single blow from the gods.
"Li Xuandao, at the moment, you and I are in harmony, and we are afraid of Armageddon, but this state can maintain a wick of incense." The sound of the ancestral dragon in the wild sounded directly from the body
Li Xuandao gave a slight shock and shouted, "What do you mean?"
"Fuck him!"
Honghuang Zulong excitedly said, "It’s hard for me to see that I’m not pleasing to the eye everywhere since I came to the world of Xuan and Huang, but I was playing against the enemy of my life at that time, but I didn’t expect him to break in and destroy my flesh and soul. Today, I’m bound to give it a lesson when I come back from rebirth."
"Fuck him?"
Li Xuandao looked at the sky with a full face of astonishment, as if it were a whirlpool and a colorful robbery. "You said, let me do the robbery?"
God damn it!
This is a word that makes every practitioner turn pale.
Every practitioner is not afraid of provoking heaven and causing more severe punishment when he encounters the punishment of heaven, but the ancestor of Honghuang is bold enough to let him take the initiative to kill the punishment of heaven.
If this matter is known by others, they will definitely think that the ancestors of Honghuang are crazy.
But feeling the great strength of the body is like an endless stream of spirit, and his heart suddenly rises with an inexplicable self-confidence
You can blow through the sky with one punch. What’s worse, it’s just a punishment?
Suddenly Li Xuandao heart rises a wild.
He laughed wildly and flashed with cold eyes. "Listen to you, today we will kill the punishment!" "
Imitation if feel Li Xuandao murder to a resounding thunder.
Colorful robbery clouds suddenly burst into a golden thunder, which contains poor power, terror and ferocity. Like a golden body, it bared its teeth and rushed to kill all spiritual powers.
Li Xuandao’s face is proud and his eyes are violent.
He suddenly raised his hand, and he had no magic or spirit to grasp it directly.
Anyway, the ancestors of the wild and the wild said that at this time, the strength of the root is afraid of punishing the heart and punishing him. What else can he worry about?
Since we want to kill the scourge, we need the simplest and rudest way to let Heaven know his majesty in Li Xuandao.
At the moment when the palm of your hand touched the thunder, there was a wave of terror. Li Xuandao’s heart spread in all directions. Seeing the broken mountains and rivers in Fiona Fang, the ground collapsed and the trees were uprooted and the hills were instantly leveled.
This force is extremely violent and raging in every inch of the spiritual world.
Li Xuandao’s awe-inspiring spiritual world is the concrete embodiment of the whole soul mind, which destroys the spiritual world and his soul at the same time
It’s horrible to punish the immortal!
Whether he resists or not, it will do harm to the soul and make up for the trauma.
If it weren’t for the help of the ancestors and dragons, Li Xuandao would be very dangerous if he wanted to get through the punishment. However, at this time, his state is so strong that the punishment can also be shaken, and no matter how horrible the golden thunder is, it will hurt him.
"It’s a real hero to pull out the mountains and shake the earth!"
Li Xuandao’s eyes glared at him angrily, and the arrogance of the poor dragon rose. He drank a violent force and pushed generate’s right palm hard, which actually pushed the golden ray to half.
At this moment, his legs bent and he jumped up.
His whole person is like a peerless flying sword, soaring, and over the rainbow severely punishes the thunder.
A muffled sound
I don’t know that this tens of thousands of meters long is like a lightning bolt that spans the whole world. It was actually cut off by Li Xuandao and turned into golden light.
Colorful JieYun crazy rotation gives out bursts of conan the destroyer breath.
It seems that if it is angered by Li Xuandao’s move, the cloud will rotate and the poor thunder will flash slowly.
The sudden drop of heavy momentum shattered the earth.
The breath of terror is pressed hard as if to kill all life.
"Ha, ha, ha, so much for punishing the immortals. Do you want to judge the old with such power?" Li Xuandao looked up at the sky colorful JieYun corners of the mouth holding the wild uninhibited laughter deep and overbearing.
Tianwei cannot be committed.
The majesty of the emperor is even more humiliating.
Is it the vastness of Tianwei or the majesty of the Great?