More unexpectedly, Li Chu has soared from now on, which can sour the women who didn’t see him before.

Xiao-hong Yang thinks it’s interesting.
"Qiu Nan, congratulations. Your doctor Li is too busy. You had a good eye at that time."
Ding Qiunan smiled sweetly. She didn’t know what to say. What she seemed to say at the moment would be recognized as showing off by others.
Li Chu quadrangle side room, is pants cleaning the health.
The kang has been cleaned on the second floor. Just lay the bedding.
Everyone in the courtyard knew that he was back and came to greet him one by one.
Even the old lady in the backyard came here specially.
"Small chu cleaning?"
Li Chu just cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room to see the door of the third uncle
"You three big ye your class"
"I’ll be back after class."
"Third Uncle, third aunt just said that you wanted to see me. What is it?" Li Chubian wiped the table and asked
"Hey, hey, I do have plans to find you. That’s what happened. My family Xiecheng has graduated from school, so I just want to see if I can trouble you to arrange a job for Xiecheng."
Listen to the three big ye Li Chu stopped working and looked up at him.
How dare these three uncles say this?
Regardless of whether he can do it or not, have you ever seen someone ask for help and come here with a head on their shoulders?
"Third uncle, Xie Cheng graduated from high school, right?"
"Ah yes, graduated from high school."
"Isn’t high school graduation for arranging workers?"
"It’s for arranging workers, but don’t you need to queue up? I don’t know when it’s his turn and it doesn’t have to be any work."
Li Chu, I don’t know what to say. You don’t think it’s too long to wait in line. You still want to choose even if it’s to arrange a job for you through the back door!
"Three big ye you this is a bit difficult for me, I am a doctor but it’s not that big to arrange work for others! You have to say, help me see if I can find some work, and I can think of some way to arrange the work. I am really capable. "
"Ha ha" Yan Fugui rubbed his hands and smiled. "Chu, you are a little modest. Who here doesn’t know that your medical skills are good? Besides, isn’t there your sister?"
Li Chu surprised to see three big ye, he didn’t understand the original somebody else is drunk.
"Uncle San is really embarrassed. As for myself, I really don’t have the ability to say that my sister never helps anyone through the back door. You can also inquire."
On whether Li Qin will help or not, you can’t open this mouth.
Whenever he dares to give it back to the back today.
Then the threshold of Yongning Day in his family will definitely be broken.
This thing will definitely spread out immediately, and then those neighbors will come to the door to help you or not.
Help you wait to be reported; If you don’t help, you will be guilty. You are still waiting to be reported.
So today, the third uncle is saying that he can’t be responsible for it.
"Ah this ….." Yan port expensive probably didn’t expect to be rejected so simply.
Li Chu let go of the rag and walked to Yan Fugui. "Uncle San, don’t look at how many people are waiting in line for work now. Don’t say that I have nothing to arrange work. I just don’t dare to do that!"
These words directly made Yan port dumb, and people have made it very clear to him that they can’t and dare not.
It was a long time before he said, "Well, that will keep Xie Cheng waiting."
Then he turned and went home. Li Chu looked at the slightly lonely figure of the third uncle and shook his head to continue cleaning.
When I arrived at the noon express class, I finally cleaned up the room. At least I can live in some dead corners, and then I can clean them after I live in.
When there was no delay, I washed my hands and face, wiped the clothes and dust with a towel, locked the door and went back to the hospital. I was busy all afternoon and my stomach was hungry.
Back in the hospital, Li Chu, how does it feel like everyone else looks at him strangely?
There’s nothing wrong with looking down at your clothes while walking to the clinic
Head-on met their Chinese medicine grandson.
"Dr. Li, you are back. Congratulations!"
Li Chu quickly grabbed Sun Zhu. "What’s the situation, Lord? Congratulations to me?"
"You don’t know?" Sun Zhuqi looked at him.
"Should I know?"
"You have made meritorious deeds and won awards. You don’t know it yourself?"
"Meritorious alumni? Master Sun, where did you hear the news? "
"Hey, look at the sample. You really don’t know. Dean Yang brought it back to your lover for you."
Li Chu stared at Sun Zhu. He could see that people were not joking with him.
"I really don’t know about the Lord. I’ll go and have a look first!"
"Go, go," Sun Zhu waved. "Remember to invite you to eat candy later."
"No problem, Lord"
Come to the outpatient hall, boy, it’s more lively. Anyone who sees him should congratulate him.
Li Chu felt his face stiff with laughter.