[Template One Piece Sauron (95%)]

[Racial Potential Platinum (Diamond)]
"potential theory"
【 Ability to command the sword, something congenial, one knife flow and ghost breathing 】
Ghost sword grass? !
Seeing the racial change of Xiaojian, Liu Yuan couldn’t stand it completely.
In five sentences, I not only let the pet animal’s swordsmanship connect with god, but also let its race evolve!
I dare not write like this!
It is the first time for Lu Yuan to see a pet animal complete the racial evolution without saving enough spiritual power and reaching a sufficient level.
Maybe this world … also has the so-called once an epiphany day soar? !
What’s so special about Liu Yuan’s operation and domineering began to analyze and evolve into a ghost sword grass sword?
Before long, Liu Yuan found a small sword with no energy before it-something congenial.
Before Liu Yuan, I was curious about the iconic ability of something congenial Sauron.
I have been able to master something congenial, but Xiaoguang still didn’t even touch the ghost valve.
Arguably, I’ve seen myself perform so many purgatory breaths. Xiaojian should have realized something congenial long ago.
It seems that Xiaojian failed to understand something congenial. First, it is not as important as the "potential".
Second, because its body has not yet given birth to something congenial.
And after listening to his five swords theory, Xiaojian immediately whitened his kendo.
The spiritual strength of the idealistic world like the transcendental world … can shine into reality!
Although there is a word difference between fencing and kendo, the difference between them is very different.
A’ skill’ and a’ Tao’
It can be said that I realized my own kendo sword.
At the moment, it’s like the first defeat to Hawkeye Thrawn.
I didn’t meet the eagle’s eyes. Sauron aimed at the world’s first swordsman from his superior fencing.
But after encountering Hawkeye, Sauron’s goal is still the world’s number one swordsman, but his mentality has changed.
He understood the gap between himself and the world’s number one swordsman and asked himself to constantly hone his kendo.
It can be said that it was only after that that Sauron really took the road of his own sword.
Now Xiaojian is just like Sauron at that time.
Although Xiaojian was defeated by Liu Yuan many times today,
But it was defeated not because of its own talent, but because Lu Yuan practiced a lot earlier than it.
If you want it to practice hard, you will soon be able to chase Lu Yuan.
But after listening to Liu Yuan’s words, Xiaojian began to think seriously.
The gap between yourself and Liu Yuan … Is there a difference when practicing?
Obviously not.
The real gap between it and Lu Yuan is the understanding of the sword!
After these, Xiaojian began to straighten up and seriously think about what his kendo is.
And now it’s found it, and that’s Xiuluo Road!
Avatar shura sword!
He was fascinated by this kind of fencing when he saw Lu Yuan’s purgatory breathing.
Now it has finally mastered this power.
Feel the body change, Xiaojian slowly takes the hair from the top of his head.
It looked up at Liu Yuan and its eyes were very calm.
At the moment, although it doesn’t have the sharp-edged feeling before.
But it is this look that makes Tam and Xiaoguang next to Liu Yuannai feel the danger.
If Qian Xiaojian is a master of fencing.
Now it gives people the feeling that it is the kind of fencing master who has formed its own school.
This has changed a lot. Who would have thought?
And this is actually because Liu Yuan said five sentences! ! !
In the venue, I watched the sword pointed at my ghost sword grass and small sword. Liu Yuan’s face could not help but smile.
This smile is not ridicule but relief.
Xiaojian … Now that you finally have a little bit of a great swordsman, it’s time to look good!
In that case, master, I should get serious.
Now you … are qualified to be my opponent.