If only there was a chance to get rid of her.

Aiden les was busy calculating something with a frown when a knock at the door came into his ears.
"Come in!"
The door was gently pushed and a handsome young knight came in, "my Lord"
"What’s new?"
"Yes," Moyenke made a respectful salute. "It is reported that Molly Kui, the new queen of the Moya Empire, has invited her to visit the Moya Empire in the near future as the head of the Julianne Army."
Moyenke, a 27-year-old member of the Guards of the Cheetah Corps and one of the most trusted people in Eden Reyes, received a strange order a few months ago to set up an intelligence network to inquire about everything in Julianne, including the detailed information of the Griffin Corps.
If there is no doubt in my heart, it is absolutely a lie. Julianne’s head is the same as his own head, and he is in the same country as the military leader of the Holy Alliance. What is the secret? How can the head of Eden Reyes deliberately understand these situations?
However, even if the soldiers have a guess about the command duty, they should not have doubts about the command of the grown-ups of the legion. He soon put his curiosity behind him and devoted himself to the work with great enthusiasm.
"Oh?" Aidan Reyes’ face showed a little smile. It’s hard to get along with her. I just wanted to get rid of Julianne’s opportunity and sent it to the door myself.
"Very well done, you go!"
"Yes!" Moyenke bowed down and watched the back of the department disappear. Aiden Reyes was in a trance and then appeared in the air outside.
The Cheetah Corps is the most powerful trump card in the holy alliance. It is stationed in the west of the capital, Guanghui City. It is a vast land, but there is a valley behind it. The frozen valley of Sderot is also famous.
According to common sense, the level of the Yang-level trial area in the Mercenary Guild Guide is divided according to the severity of Warcraft. The most common symbol, Sun, Moon and Star, is adopted to divide the World of Warcraft Paradise, which is the only adventure area with three solar levels in this continent. There is a sun in the frozen valley.
Of course, there is a reason for this. In this strange valley, Warcraft is similar to the ordinary three-month trial area in terms of severity, but it is particularly fierce and aggressive, and there are a large number of cheetah legions stationed here. First, it protects the capital. Second, it blocks the canyon to prevent Warcraft from running out and endangering creatures. Mercenaries who want to enter here must hold a certificate issued by the Mercenary Guild.
Because of the trouble, danger and great harvest, it is almost the same as the one-month trial training area. At the end of the year, mercenaries here can’t see a few of them, but surprisingly, there is a castle in the depths of the canyon. Although it is very simple, it is indeed an artificial castle made of gray stones, which exudes a cold and dangerous atmosphere.
At this moment Eden les appeared in front of the castle gate.
In the black fog, an old swordsman came out, his armor was tattered, and he could vaguely tell that it was a cheetah legion. Is he a member of that cheetah legion? How is it worse than a flower?
"My Lord!" The old swordsman saluted.
Adenauer looked at the old swordsman deeply, as if he also sighed lightly. "How long have you been here, Curras?"
If outsiders hear this name, they will be surprised. Beatty Curras Cheetah Corps used to be the deputy head of the mainland’s peerless strong man, a famous beautiful man and noble lady, who was synonymous with the white horse king. But now he looks like a swordsman like a zombie?
There’s no way to connect the two, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with the name appearing in Eden Reyes’ mouth. Maybe there’s something unknown in it.
"Fifty years"
The old swordsmen also sighed, and the old face revealed a trace of silence.
Aiden les stopped talking and patted him on the shoulder and walked to the castle. His boots were gray and blue, and Shi Zhuan made a clicking sound. Because it was very quiet, he could clearly hear the distant wall going back and forth. Aiden les came to the innermost room of the castle.
The area inside the door is the size of a basketball court, but the most surprising thing is that there is a strange plant in the center of the room with big flowers, which are pink and semi-transparent, giving off a strange smell. There is a person wrapped in it, and he is suspended in the center of the flower, surrounded by liquid.
Weird scene, but obviously this man is still alive
"Well, my friend, do you feel stronger now and it’s time to wake up?"
As Eden Reyes laughed, the man opened his eyes, and the flowers exploded, and he floated slowly.
Orwell, the knight of the earth, who is infatuated with Julianne and wants to duel with Lan Yunpeng, is a powerful saint. Not long ago, the purple quarrelling swordsman narrowly defeated him, but he was nowhere to be found. No one expected to appear here.
"Lord Eden Reyes"
Orwell made a ceremony. It was Eden Reyes who saved his life at the beginning, but this is not the reason why Orwell was so respectful. The masters of the holy order have extraordinary strength, that is, they meet the emperor or the Pope as an equal. As the saying goes, the first martial art, the second martial art, Eden Reyes can also get gratitude for saving his life without respect. He did so because he saw Eden Reyes’ powerful strength. He was the master of the holy order like himself, and his skill was the deepest. I didn’t expect Eden Reyes to enter that mysterious realm, which even people like them envied ..
And Eden Reyes helped him not only recover from his injury, but also greatly increase his strength. If he is at least 90% sure of the purple fighting swordsman now.
Orwell, do you want revenge?
"Revenge?" The earth knight licked his lips. What a beautiful word! "Do you know the whereabouts of the purple quarrelling swordsman?"
"Not Lan Yunpeng but Julianne"
"What? Julianne? " Orwell zheng face puzzled expression.
"Ha ha, think about it. Over the years, you have a deep affection for Julianne, but she didn’t take you seriously because of your dirt. She has purple fighting swordsmen in her eyes. If Julianne wasn’t so affectionate, how could you have such a tragic fate?"
Aiden Reyes’s voice has a kind of magic that seems to tempt the devil who sells his soul. "So you should retaliate against Julianne and kill her, which can also make the generation of purple quarrelling swordsmen suffer."
Orwell’s eyes were in a trance. "I should get back at Julianne."
Eden Reyes was relieved. Of course, this is not a spell to control people’s minds. You know, the other person is a master of the holy order. Even he can never control such people’s minds. It is always impossible.
After so many days’ observation, Aidan Reyes has long seen through Orwell’s petty attitude and jealousy. The person he hates most is the purple fighting swordsman, but he also hates Juliana for repeatedly rejecting himself.
Orwell belongs to me, and what I can’t get is willing to destroy it, so that others can’t get it. It is precisely because of this that Eden Reyes has made a little trick to arouse his hatred for Julianne and enlarge this hatred as much as possible …