Zhao Wu’s speed is similar to Lin Luo’s speed, so he keeps a constant distance. When he sees Lin Luo’s direction, a smile suddenly appears on his face. He follows the crazy pace of Xing Sheng and says, "Brother Xing is in front of my territory. Do you want me to give you a hand!"

Star crazy coldly caught a glimpse of Zhao Wu way "no, I can tidy up him" say that finish to speed up the recovery.
Zhao Wu looked at the star’s crazy back and smiled coldly, but the whole person fell down. This is an island overlooking here. The whole area is contiguous islands, big and small, dotted around the vast sea and lake, like beads inlaid.
In a short time, Zhao Wu once again flew from the island and soon saw the tandem Lin Luo and the star crazy life. They were far away for a while, but with the roar of the star crazy life, they couldn’t catch the corner of Lin Luo.
Continuous acceleration depends on the star’s madness to cultivate advanced knowledge, and I can’t help but feel that my physical strength is lacking. Lin Luo stopped when he saw it. He reached out and grabbed a handful of lingshi and fed it to the purple blood carving. The purple blood carving has never encountered such a pursuit, and it is like smearing a layer of oil, but the whole carving is showing more and more spirit.
Star crazy saw Zhao Wu coming and said, "Brother Zhao called all of you to clean up this little treasure together. Let’s have half of it!"
Zhao Wu secretly sneers and paralyzes you again! But the face is just right, showing the surprise "Call me right away"
Zhao Wushen and Zhao Guzhang naturally have a set of contact information. In a short time, he ordered to arrive earlier. He arranged the manpower, and the masters of the whole sea area were all ready to go. At this time, when he heard the orders from the heads of families, more than a dozen people flew in. It can be seen that Zhao’s strength is strong and even the stars are crazy. Seeing that these people are all dazzling, Zhao Jiayi has built up a lot of strength by relying on the powerful and rich resources of Tianbao Pavilion.
Lin Luo naturally didn’t know that the two people in the distance had reached some kind of agreement. He was quickly pranayama and restored his spiritual power as soon as possible. When he realized that the star was crazy and Zhao Wumu was surrounded.
Looking at the crazy star walking slowly, Lin Luo took a deep breath and took out a few SPAR jade slips and threw them out.
Star crazy life and Zhao Wu saw the menacing jade Jane knew that it must be a talisman and suddenly retreated repeatedly.
Six fire thunder symbols blew up clouds of black clouds, and the whole day was cloudy.
Star crazy life and Zhao Wu’s heart are horror. This little figure is actually pregnant with so many five charms, but she never expected that this was Lin Luo’s own painting.
Lin Luo didn’t dare to delay throwing out the talisman at all and flew away.
"Where to go!" A Zhao Xiushi suddenly blocked Lin Luo in front of him. He couldn’t figure out that a monk in Yuan infant period actually asked the heads of the fathers to call them all over to block the heart. In the middle of Yuan infant period, it was enough to stab him with this spiritual sword in his hands.
"Look out!" Zhao Wu could not help but exclaim that he had seen Lin Luo swordsmanship when he saw that he belonged to himself.
But before Zhao Jiaxiu could react, he saw Lin Luo and Zhao Jiaxiu’s body crossed instantly. The whole sword seemed to be twisted. When he cut off his neck and flew, Zhao Jiaxiu also looked incredible, and then he flew out of his body the size of a villain’s fist. It was the Zhao Jiaxiu Yuan Ying Yuan Ying who was also surprised.
Several of his monks stopped seeing the scene here, and their hearts were deeply shaken, and Lin Luo took this opportunity to fly out.
Star crazy life saw a few monks in Zhao’s eyes were pale, and his eyes were covered with horror. He immediately hummed "waste" in his mouth and then chased Lin Luo.
Chapter 13 irresistible
Lin Luo’s heart is not as easy as it seems. Although he destroyed a Zhao Xiu Shi with one blow just now, he has already seen that he is still surrounded. But just now, Lin Luo’s strong strength shocked them, and they all became timid, especially some monks in the late Dan period did not dare to wave the flag.
Even so, it has caused obstacles to Lin Luo. The star crazy life is getting closer and closer. When Lin Luo once again repelled a Zhao Xiu Shi, the star crazy life was less than five feet away from Lin Luo. Even Lin Luo saw the star crazy face, the pores, the purple blood carving, and the wings were flapping rapidly to stir the surrounding gas.
Looking at the near star’s crazy life, Lin Luo’s heart sank to the bottom. At this moment, the star gave birth to a sword and stabbed it. The blade is extremely thin, just like cicada’s modeling. At first glance, it is a sword with a long history. Although I can’t guess this sword level, I intuitively feel that the sword is dead. Obviously, the star is crazy about Lin Luo. Whoever is so teased can’t get rid of his face.
The sword pierced the imaginary "hiss" sound and stabbed Lin Luodan field.
He has foreseen that his sword will pierce Lin Luodan field and destroy Lin Luo’s body, which is likely to destroy Lin Luoyuan’s baby.
Lin Luo will hold the Yunxiao sword in his hand and pour it into his body to meet the stars.
Looking at Lin Luo’s dark broken sword, I suddenly felt that I was despised by my own sword. Although it is not the Six Spirit Sword, its power is similar to that of the Six Spirit Sword. More importantly, the sword can cause trauma to people’s spirit, which is just suitable for the Star Crazy Life in the deification period.
Then the two swords collided at this time.
Bang ~
A great force came from Lin Luo’s arm to Lin Luo’s hand. The cloud sword could not be grasped, and it almost shook Lin Luo’s heart. A burst of disorder and blood gas churned, which surprised him even more. His mind seemed to have been taken a blow, which made his head misty and his heart white. There was something strange about this old guy’s sword
The purple blood carving on Lin Luo’s foot received a strong impact, and his body shook quickly, and his black shiny feathers floated in a roll.
"Who the fuck am I? I’m paralyzed. I’m so absorbed in my old practice that I’m fucking broken up again!"
A sharp sound suddenly sounded in Lin Luo’s mind. Lin Luo was taken aback and was struck by the sword of Star Crazy. He had auditory hallucinations until the sound sounded in his mind again.
"Lin Luo you his mama how always seeing ah also partial provoke some powerful people! Yi Xingyue Palace! "
Lin Luo took a deep breath and calmed his mind back and forth. "You still have to wake up. I think you’re going to sleep again. If you don’t wake up, I’ll have to throw you in the toilet as a stirring stick!"
"Hey hey don’t don’t not a absorbed some monster beast flesh essence? Unconsciously, I fell asleep! I’m thousands of years old, so don’t save me some noodles! " Yunxiao this fellow suddenly became good when he heard Lin Luo’s words and then said, "This is the Xingyue Palace! How did you annoy them? "
Lin Luo answered, "Who knew I was so unlucky! It is not peaceful to go anywhere! " In my heart, I know that there will be a battle with Xingyue Palace sooner or later, and it will cause a fierce battle if I get the bow of shooting gods.
Although Lin Luo and Yunxiao communicated a lot, they all flashed in their minds. It seems that crazy life is just a breath.
Star crazy was surprised to see Lin Luo’s broken sword in his hand. It seems that there is no spiritual force that can resist his own sword blow. What surprised the star crazy is that Lin Luo’s just blow will show the state of absence even in the period of deification. Lin Luo blinked, which made the star crazy more excited and more sure that Lin Luo was pregnant with a huge treasure.
"So small, pick me up again!"
Drunk zhongxing crazy life is still a flat stab to be very plain, but Lin Luo’s sword seems to be a flaw