Zhang Yi went on to say, "And this drug research and development has successfully held a huge press conference. We want to help this press conference to sell our products as soon as possible!"

Tang Shaoyi whispered, "Jian, since Xiaolin is willing to hand over the shares to the country, you can see the shares of German and American experts …" Zhang Yishen said, "We must give them to others. Since Xiaolin is unwilling to hold them, we will directly buy out all the patent departments and pay them enough at one time to remember that it is not easy to treat these people badly." Tang Shaoyi replied, "I will arrange this, and I will directly take out five hundred thousand silver dollars to buy this technology, which will definitely satisfy them."
Chapter six hundred and ten Mysterious gift
It’s been a few days since Zhang Yi was mad at Liu Buchan. This guy knew earlier that Zhang Yi gave him a gift, and he rushed to the presidential palace early every morning to pester Zhang Yi to see his gift early.
Zhang Yishi couldn’t stand it, and he regretted putting the words out.
Finally, Zhang Yi said, "Brother Xiang, you can really grind a tiger in front of you. They are all pediatricians. Well, we are going to call Huai Jin, Yu and Mo Qi and invite several brothers and Lin to go out with us to satisfy your curiosity!"
Liu Buchan exultation shouted, "okay, I’ll call them immediately. You mustn’t go back on your word. I’ll go at once …"
Liu Buchan had run out when he spoke.
At noon, a few people have finished processing, and they have arrived at the presidential palace.
Zhang Yi looked at everyone and got up and said, "Well, since you are up, let’s go."
They took a big truck and set off for the city.
Liu Buchan asked, "Where are we going?" Crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King 61
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Xiang, don’t worry. We will arrive in a moment. Didn’t you see that this time Zhenhai is driving himself? This matter is still in the top secret stage. I won’t let outsiders know about his information until they are born. This is our peerless killer. If it is leaked, our future battlefield enemies may be reduced by at least half. Brother Xiang and you guys must never let this news leak out!"
Liu Buchan and several others looked at Zhang Yi and nodded unconsciously.
The car soon drove out of Shengjing and moved on to the northwest.
Xu Huaijin asked, "The instructor hasn’t arrived yet? But we’ve already traveled 50 kilometers, and it’s far from Shengjing. "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Well, it should be 30 miles away soon. Don’t be surprised when you get in!"
Soon I arrived at a valley, which is a circular valley. I’m afraid the whole valley must be about ten miles away and four or five miles wide. In front of the valley, there is a huge iron gate with dozens of soldiers on duty.
When I saw the car approaching the first soldier, I immediately lifted the submachine gun in my hand and shouted, "People in front immediately stop here. This is a military restricted area and dare to go forward again!"
The people behind have also pointed their guns at the car.
Zhang Zhenhai quickly heard that the car opened the door and jumped out of the car and shouted, "Li Qiang is me!"
The first soldier saluted at once. "It turned out to be Staff Zhang. Why did you suddenly come here today?"
Zhang Zhenhai replied, "Well, you have all worked hard. Today, President Xu’s Chief of Staff, Commander Liu of the Admiralty and others came to inspect you and immediately went to report to your head to meet you!"
Li Qiang was shocked and quickly said, "Staff Zhang, please wait a moment. I’ll go in and report!"
Li Qiang turned and ran towards the valley.
After a while, the gate roared open and a group of soldiers rushed out of it. An officer rushed out of it and shouted, "President, President! I can count on you to come. You are boring me here alone! "
Xu Huaijin, isn’t this Ji Yubo? How did he get here? Crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King 61
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Why can’t badminton stand it? Hehe, this time I brought jade. If you want to go out, go back with jade."
Ji Yubo scratched his head and hey smiled. "Forget it. I haven’t finished what the President gave me yet. I dare not quit halfway."
Aside Wu Peifu suddenly realized that it’s no wonder that more than a year ago, the instructor took away a guard battalion of Ji Yubo’s hand and said it was a secret. As a result, it was like a meat bag beating a dog and never looking back. It turned out to be a nest here!
Zhang Yi asked, "How is Yubo progressing now?"
Ji Yubo whispered, "The president is progressing smoothly. Now the test flight has been carried out for several rounds. Although there are some minor faults, they have been ruled out by engineers. It will be finalized in these two days."
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, all the officers I brought here today are the most senior officers in the Republic of China. Don’t hold back. Let’s go in and have a look. Keep the perimeter alert. No one is allowed to go near the valley!"
Ji Yubo quickly established the right path "is the president!"
The crowd looked curious, and the car drove into the valley. When it reached a large open space, the car just stopped.
Zhang Yi shouted, "Well, here we are!"
Zhang Zhenhai took the lead in jumping out of the car to open the door and everyone came in succession.
At this time, I saw two Americans running towards here, laughing in poor Chinese. "Dear Mr. President, you haven’t been here for a while."
Zhang Yixiao walked over and said, "Hello, Wright, it’s been very kind of you."
Orwell? Wright smiled and said, "President’s Pavilion, we should thank you for your help. Without you, we have such a superior environment. If we don’t have you, give me a key opinion. If we talk about it, we won’t advance so soon. We will finish the research and development earlier and be tired. It’s worth it!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, if you two want him to complete this duel for me, I will personally award us the highest honorary medal of the Republic of China. The Republic of China will definitely let you honor others!"
Orwell? Wright laughed. "Mr. President, we want to finish our project. If you can support us, we will be satisfied. Let’s please go inside."
Liu Buchan and others really can’t stand two people playing charades and walked straight into the proving ground to see six huge machines like big birds staying in the central position of the proving ground.
Liu Buchan and others were stunned. What is this? I have never seen such a thing!
Zhang Yixiao said, "How shocked are you? Haven’t you seen it? Haha …" Liu Buchan turned hard and said, "Jianjian, what is this? Are you developing a new car again? It’s not like, "Zhang Yi laughed." Cars are much more expensive than cars, even ten or a hundred cars don’t change. I tell you this is called airplanes! It is our real killer that makes us the key weapon in the war! "
Chapter six hundred and nineteen Shock
Liu Buchan wondered, "Is Jian really that powerful?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "I’ll show you this weapon in a moment!"
Zhang Yi paused and said, "Let’s go to a side office and listen to two Mr. Wright introduce a special feature of this weapon!" "
When they came to the office, Zhang Yi laughed. "Mr. Wilbur also invited you to introduce the specific performance of an airplane to us.
Wilbur Wright smiled and said, "Mr. President, according to your request, we have made many experimental improvements, and now our speed is stable at 130 kilometers per hour, and the maximum range can reach 250 kilometers!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "So you mean that our extreme war radius is 120 kilometers?"
Everyone around you was shocked at 130 kilometers per hour! Even the fastest car is only 10 kilometers per hour, and he can reach 130 kilometers, which is too fast!
Liu Buchan looked shocked and asked, "Mr. Wilbur, are you sure you can reach 130 kilometers per hour?"
Wilbur nodded and said, "dear general, I’m sure our plane can fly at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and it will be faster in the future!" And this time won’t be long! "
It really is a big killer! It really is a gift!
Wilbur Wright replied, "Yes, Mr. President, this is our present limit. Because the design and development of aircraft is a very comprehensive issue, we must consider its engine power, its heavy problems and its weapon configuration to ensure that the aircraft has combat effectiveness. We can guarantee the theoretical war radius of 120 kilometers, and only consider the war and other issues theoretically. I think it is best to limit our war radius to 10 kilometers."
Zhang Yi frowned, but the radius of the war was still a little small. Soon Zhang Yi laughed that his requirements were too advanced for a century, but it would take two years to build the plane. Even if it reached the current level, it was already very difficult. It was still his Wright brothers, and his support was very huge. He directly transferred 20 students with excellent grades from Fengtian Engineering University to be his assistants. Only now did he have the current achievements as experts in other countries. This matter is very important. He dare not come here in case he spread the technology, but he has no place to buy regret medicine!
Zhang Yi laughed. "Well, that’s right. What is the weapon configuration of the current aircraft, Mr. Wilbur?"
Wilbur Wright replied, "Mr. President, our plane is equipped with two improved Maxim heavy machine guns, and their firing rate remains unchanged. However, in order to maintain the stability in the plane, we have greatly improved the recoil problem of the heavy machine guns, which helps to maintain the tactical service life of the plane. At the same time, we have reserved a certain amount of bombs for the plane according to your requirements. Our customized bombs have been handed over to the arsenal for production. They have successfully developed our 20 coach bombs for training."
Zhang Yi nodded and then asked, "How much ammunition can we carry?"
Wilbur Wright laughed. "In order to ensure that the aircraft can attack us, he has reserved a capacity of 100 kilograms of ammunition. I just said that the maximum voyage is that the full situation can reach the level."
Liu Buchan asked, "Mr. Wilbur, President, I want to know what’s so powerful about this weapon? I still don’t know where their combat effectiveness is reflected? "
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Xiang, can you imagine how far the local ship is if you can see the farthest sea?"
Liu Buchan replied, "Now relying on our horizontal cruiser watchtower, we can find local warships at the farthest distance of 10 kilometers!"
Zhang Yi then asked, "What is the longest range of our cruiser cannon?"
Liu Buchan then replied, "The longest range of our cruiser Krupp heavy artillery is five kilometers. Of course, when we are fighting, the range will definitely not reach four kilometers!"
Zhang yi laughed. "It’s not married? If we suddenly find a local fleet ten kilometers away, our warships and planes can fly to enemy warships in an instant, approach them and throw bombs at them. If one bomb doesn’t sink them, two bombs won’t sink them. What about five or six? When the plane flies over them, there will be no room for artillery, and it is difficult for warships to shoot guns that high. Even if they are willing to give up that high, what do you think are the chances that they will hit the plane, even if they hit them, the bullets will penetrate the fuselage of our plane? These are all iron guys! "
Liu Buchan is instantly white, not to mention that the plane is 130 kilometers per hour, but the war horse is tens of kilometers per hour. Our pistols and rifles are also difficult to shoot, and it is a problem to aim in the air!
Those warships are living targets for these planes!
Liu Buchan laughed and patted Zhang Yi’s shoulder and shouted, "Ok! Brother, brother, with these planes, why don’t we destroy the imp fleet in an instant? I’ll see if these foreign ghosts dare to be so arrogant! "
Xu Huaijin and others are also surprised. This is a real treasure. Although cars are also very important, cars are transportation tools and do not have direct lethality. This thing is really deadly! The first time anyone saw a few big iron birds flying in, they could still attack, and they were scared silly at that time!
Liu Buchan’s face was full of excitement and shouted, "When will these weapons be equipped with our warships? I demand that they be installed as soon as possible. By then, I will always leave a warship for myself. I will have fun in person!"
There are some crazy demons in Liu Buchan.
Zhang Yi turned to ask, "Mr. Wilbur, I wonder if there are any hidden dangers in the current plane?" Wilbur? Wright laughed. "Mr. President, I know your mood. You want to put these planes into actual combat as soon as possible. Your country is often faced with the threat of war. These planes are all designed conservatively. If it is our experimental model, the speed of the aircraft is close to 200 kilometers per hour, but their performance is too unstable. We will definitely not put them into mass production. In that case, it will bring huge losses to China!"
Chapter six hundred and twenty Prepare to build an aircraft factory