Chun-Zhu Li was relieved to see her son talking, and the car just came again with 20 thousand yuan in cash. She forgot to take the Cynomorium pills back to her room and found that Cynomorium pills were gone. She rummaged through everything and disappeared.

Strange how the Cynomorium songaricum pill disappeared in the drawer?
Hit out and grabbed Liang’s second generation and said, "Tell me honestly that you took the Cynomorium pill box in the drawer?"
"Mom, I didn’t take any boxes!" Liang second generation a face of Meng than way
"You really didn’t take it? If you take it, hand it over. Mom will buy one for the skin! "
"Mom, I know, but I didn’t take it?"
Seeing her head shaking into a rattle, Li Chunzhu suddenly thought that it seemed that Liang Er went home last night and drove out in the middle of the night. She dialed out a word and asked, "Er, did you take the Cynomorium pills I put in the drawer?"
"You said Lock Yang Pills. Well, there was a boss who wanted Lock Yang Pills. I came back to you in the middle of the night and asked you to sleep like a dead pig, so I found one in the drawer." Liang Er said that he laughed.
"You old thing, this is what I bought for the skin. Please send it back to me quickly!" Chun-zhu li spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Hey, you bitch, what happened to one of your Cynomorium pills? You won’t buy it?"
"Liang Er Suoyang Pills are so tight that I can’t buy one. Where can I buy it now?" Li Chunzhu’s heart ached with anger at the thought of Liang Er taking it to serve Xiao San.
"That I have gone out can’t want to come back? You are my wife and you are me! That’s it. "Liang Er’s tone was tough over there and he hung up.
Chun-zhu li leng leng said Liang Er, the king’s egg, was so irritating that he kept a mistress outside and was still so awesome with me! Well, if you put a hat on me, I’ll put it back on you. I’m not unwanted!
In a huff, Li Chunzhu hit the gate of the courtyard and came to Da Nai Village with a foot pedal. She first parked her car at the entrance of the village and copied the path to two dog’s house.
At this time, two dog asked Ye Miaoyin, the director of new finance, to report for duty. This guy was in the living room with a large pile of employee lists of various sharing contracts and land lease agreements, and explained them to Ye Miaoyin one by one.
Funny ratio is that this guy is holding Ye Miaoyin’s hand while explaining, and Tian Huilixiang’s face is not good, but he dare not show it too strongly.
Chun-zhu li had the temerity to come in for a walk. She was also crying and laughing when she saw this scene. She didn’t know Ye Miaoyin. She felt that this little beauty was small and exquisite, and her skin was like snow. She had a pair of watery eyes and looked at it. Chun-zhu li said to her heart, God, it hurts so much. I want to help this little beauty if I am a woman!
Pi two dog saw that Li Chunzhu was coming, got up and called her to the back of the door and asked, "What do you say, Sister Chunzhu?"
"Report to the master that I have successfully persuaded my family to look at this 20,000 yuan cash, that is, he will return it to me and talk to Pi Jianli to see if he can give up this vicious plan?" Chun-zhu li thick peach yan li looked at skin two dog way
"The forehead is strong, saying that a ghost shaves his head and wants it to give up evil, then he is not a ghost shaves his head, but Chunzhu, it is a great thing that you can hold your son!" When he said this, he gave Li Chunzhu a commendatory look.
"Master maybe lock Yang pill tube? If he goes his own way, I won’t give him Cynomorium pills! "
"I’m afraid a Cynomorium pill can’t lock the grandson. He can easily buy it with money!"
"Master, with or without me, I’ll try it. Can you give me another Cynomorium songaricum pill? It was stolen by Liang Er yesterday! " Chun-zhu li wry smile way
"What? Stole it. "
"Yes, yes, Liang Er came back in the middle of the night. It’s 100% that he ate his mistress himself. He couldn’t eat enough without Cynomorium maruko!"
See chun-Zhu Li said very seriously. Pi two dog took out another Cynomorium pill. Hippie said, "Sister Chun-Zhu, I gave it to you. What do you have for me?"
"Master, I’m your maid. I’ll give you whatever you want!" Chun-Zhu Li is full of a look I want to say
"Well, I’ll lend you a kiss!" Said he this cargo holding chun-zhu li two kiss became a ball.
At this time, Tian Huilixiang knocked on the door and said, "The boss, the engineer is here!"
Hearing someone coming, Li Chunzhu was so scared that she rushed to dress. "Master, I’ll go and find Pi Jian. Bye!"
After a while, a car came outside the courtyard of the leather cannon, and Li Chunzhu saw a foot car enter the door and shouted, "Is the leather strong?"
Pi Jianli’s girlfriend Sang Danhong came out to see that she didn’t know Li Chunzhu and replied, "My family is not up yet. Who are you?"
"Beauty you are strong daughter-in-law sang Danhong? My name is Li Chunzhu, the wife of the opposite village chief Liang! " Li Chunzhu introduced herself, lamented in her heart. Oh, my God, the skin is strong. That child specializes in killing and cooking. The previous one was an aunt, and now it is also an aunt. Oh, my God, this leather cannon must be so angry!
"It turned out to be Mrs. Liang. Please come in!" Sang Danhong called Li Chunzhu to sit down and push the floor to wake up the skin.
Strong skin heard that chun-zhu li to find will know that is lock Yang pill to fart Dian rush floor excitedly way "Li Yi lock Yang pill? Wow, I can’t wait for me to try the effect! "
"Strong you this guy what’s the hurry? I have something to talk to you about! "
"What’s so serious?"
"I heard from Dong that you asked him to pour strong pesticides on Pi two dog vegetable fields. Is there such a thing?" Chun-zhu li bash elbows LiMu looking at skin strong way
"ah? Oh, is there such a thing? Aunt two dog beat my mother with a king’s egg. I can’t get revenge too much, can I? " Leather strong justly way
"Regardless of hitting you? It’s true and false, so it’s ok to get back at you."? How can you pesticide the vegetables in the field? Do you know that Pi two dog’s fate is to enter thousands of people and cause a large-scale poisoning accident? Do you know? " Chun-zhu li spirit not dozen 1 come way
Chapter 21 Zhou promise demon moth
Listen to chun-zhu li said so strong skin touched her mind, that is, chun-zhu li took good care of this face to him. I can’t help but shed crocodile tears at the thought of this ghost shaving. Don’t take my Cynomorium pill from this mouth! "
Li Chunzhu was overjoyed to return 20,000 cash and 1,000 yuan to the ghost through WeChat transfer, and handed me a Cynomorium songaricum pill. "This batch of Cynomorium songaricum pills is sold out, and this one is also obtained by me!"
"Aunt, I heard that Cynomorium maru is a master named Wang Langjun. Do you know where this master Wang is?" Strong skin says Niang Xipi, this is a big cake. If you can marry Master Wang and master Wang can produce technology, he will make money for mass production, even if he takes a few ingredients red, he can make crazy!
The name of "ghost shaving" is not for nothing. This ya promised to stay and take revenge on Pi two dog’s dead mother. On the one hand, the most important thing is to find the ghost and see the tail. Master Wang and Master Wang jointly produce this big cake of Cynomorium pills.
"Wang Langjun? I’ve heard of this man but I haven’t seen him. Don’t you say it’s from Pi two dog? " Li Chunzhu can’t tell the true from the false now. Outsiders say it’s Wang Langjun, and Pi two dog says that the sender of Suoyang Pill is someone else.
Of course, she believes that it is Wang Langjun and Pi two dog, but the skin is strong, and she is not very sure about her position here.
"Aunt two dog is a braggart. He also said that he is a millionaire? He didn’t send Cynomorium pills to him, but he got the agent from Master Wang! This joke is that I don’t know how much he weighs when I watch him grow up? " It’s no wonder that Pi Qiang killed me and didn’t believe that Suoyang Pill was made by Pi two dog. There have been rumors in nine planets City Square that Pi two dog has no good words anyway.
"Mama ah strong you are right! The parents of Xiao Wang’s egg didn’t even say in college that he would send Cynomorium pills or such a magical drug. It must be bragging to believe this stupid thing! " Chun-Zhu Li can’t expose the clues. Before her skin is strong, she scold Pi two dog to the dogs.
"That’s right, aunt. You start your own contacts and ask you to help find Wang Langjun. I will reward you heavily!" Leather solid started daydreaming way
"Come on, I’ll help you! But you mustn’t do it by spraying pesticides, or you’ll hurt yourself if my son doesn’t say anything. Do you know? " Chun-zhu li know skin strong ghost shave title she how all don’t trust this person.
"Don’t worry, aunt, you are my good friend and I will listen to you!" Leather strong a dumb way
I sent away Li Chunzhu’s strong skin and tried to make a message to the old lady with nine fingers. I didn’t expect that this time I got through, and then the strong skin was the same for the old lady with nine fingers
Besides, Pi two dog, the new financial director Ye Miaoyin, has settled in Xianda Hotel, that is, his couch luxury suite office. From now on, all employees’ salaries and dividend distribution departments in Pi two dog will be transferred.
At 9 o’clock in the afternoon, many experts, including Xu Qing, Wang Hongshang and Tian Huilixiang, accompanied two dog’s four famous bases, forests and crops to make it easy to design the installation route of Skynet.
A few people went out to the lively Pijia Courtyard, and the peace was restored. Pi two dog said that he hadn’t gone to see the growth of rice and sorghum for a long time, and he forgot to ask for a spiritual rain to water one.