Nothing. He’s alone in the tunnel.

Why are you yelling so loudly? He asked at the pendant.
Your destination is ahead, but it’s not guarded by mortals
He also expected this first, but the black dragon never gave him a chance to stop and think about it.
Also magically create guards, find a way to find the truth soon, bring that pendant in front of you and walk to the mouth of the cave.
What about the orc guards? We have to pay attention to them
He was impatient at the black dragon’s voice, and everything would be white.
Ronin was sure that Death Wing would help him find alexstrasza, so he held the pendant and walked slowly step by step.
I’ve detected some small spells, which are really small to me. Death Wing told him that I would deal with them.
At this moment, the sudden strong light of the black crystal almost scared the mage to let go.
The protective barrier has been lifted. He paused and continued. There is no one to guard them in the tunnel. They don’t need to guard at all. There is no barrier at all. alexstrasza has been chained up and firmly tied together with the surrounding stones. Those orcs are really efficient. She is absolutely safe here
Should I go in now?
I’ll be disappoint if you don’t go in.
Ronin thought that Death Wing’s words were a little strange, but he didn’t think much about it. He was excited to finally meet the Red Dragon Queen. He wished that Vanessa was here, but then he wondered why he would be happy with the idea. Maybe.
Even the thoughts about the silver-haired elf disappeared when he stepped into the hall and saw the red dragon alexstrasza for the first time.
Ronin found that she also looked over, and there was a look of fear in her reptilian eyes, but it was not her.
No, she shouted back as hard as she could, regardless of the pain caused by the hoop in her throat collar
At the same time, the triumphant sound of Death Wing came to perfection.
A flash of light enveloped the mage, and a terrible force invaded his body and shook every nerve in his body. The black pendant slipped from his let go and fell to the ground.
He could still hear the death wing repeating the word just now, laughing wildly.
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When she was finally able to breathe again, Vanessa gasped violently. As she inhaled deeply, her fear of being buried alive slowly subsided. Gradually, she recovered her calm and opened her eyes, only to find that waiting for her was another terrible sight.
In the middle of this small cave, three guys huddled by a small fire, and the light of the fire added a creepy atmosphere to their strange bodies. She could see their ribs with rough and mottled skin, and she could clearly see their morbid elongated faces and noses that looked like bird’s beaks. She also paid special attention to those slender and evil eyes and pointed fangs.
Those three guys are wearing some rags to make aprons, and they all have flying axes around them. Vanessa knows that these guys’ weapon skills can be envied.
Although she has been trying to keep quiet, some slight movements of her body must have entered those long ears that remind her of goblins, and one of the guys suddenly looked in her direction.
I woke up for dinner. Uh, he said he had a broken left eye covered with an eye patch.
I think it’s more like dessert. The second guy replied that his head was completely bald, while the other two still had messy rooster hair styles.
It’s definitely dessert. The third guy grinned. He was wearing a tattered scarf, which once belonged to a kind of Vanessa. He looked slimmer than the other two and spoke with an irresistible momentum. So he was the leader.
He is the leader of these three hungry trolls.
Recently, the prey has been too thin, the one wearing a scarf continued, but now we can finally have a good meal
An object on the ranger’s right suddenly exploded a sentence that it was not a gag, but it would be a loud swearing. Vanessa turned around and saw Farstad. He was still alive, but she didn’t know how long he woke up. Long before the troll war, it was rumored that these cruel creatures would treat all kinds of animals as delicious prey. Even those orcs who were allied with them were often warned to guard against such cunning monsters at all times.
Fortunately, after the troll war and tribal war, the number of their damn race has dropped sharply, and Vanessa has never seen a troll who can understand them from pictures, and she is more willing to continue this.
Be patient, the troll in the scarf said sarcastically, we will let you dwarf first, you first.
Gerry, are we done? What is that one-eyed troll pleading for? Not now.
I said no, I couldn’t. Sinai said, and Gerry suddenly hit Sinai with a fist and rolled him up.
The other troll jumped up and incited the two sides to continue the war. Gerry immediately stared at him with sharp eyes and sat him back. At this time, Sinai climbed back to his position by the small fire and looked completely bent
I’ll just drop my head, Gerry, and pat his thin paws on his chest, white Sinai.
Gerry, I’m white
Clear Walsh
That bald guy can keep nodding his head to Gerry, our boss.
Elves and dwarves are as human as trolls, and there are many points, one of which is as sophistry as elves. They are still chattering before cutting off other people’s heads. Most of the others belong to the undeveloped type, especially those who are not in the underground hole. However, Wen Leisha is very suspicious that they are even lower than these three Farstad trolls who arrested her, and they obviously have prepared a more evil plan.
The three guys went back to the fire and talked in a low voice. Wen Leisha turned to Farstad again, and the guy stared at her. She raised her eyebrows, and he shook his head back and forth. Even a dwarf as strong as him couldn’t make a tight rope. She shook her head, even though these trolls haven’t changed yet, but their efforts in tying knots are still experts.