Thought of here, she looks more pale and ruddy. It’s unbearable to have pity. Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Dugu aristocratic men.

Dingyuan Hou’s blood killed Hou, and both of them were submerged and iron-blue. Today, many dignitaries in Dahua Dynasty proved that even if they were afraid of going back on their word, it was their heart.
At this time, Hou Yuwen, on the other side, is smiling. This woman can’t be bloody from imposing manner. Hou Fu has since become an absolute overlord of Dahua Wang Dynasty, but she can take this opportunity to practice Xuanjing gas to pure capability. How can they not be dark?
I don’t think it’s necessary to count the five big Hou Fu of Yuan Hou in the fight against God. If you agree that this time, God Hou Fu is bigger than even our blood Hou Fu lost Dingyuan Hou’s sullen cold mouth way
Dingyuan Hou’s old eyes turned against Yu culture and showed a bit of cynicism. Just now, I made it clear that when I was fighting with a big girl in your house, a win and a loss had been decided. Now you are Dingyuan Hou Tu. Is this not a promise and fat?
When you go to Dingyuan Hou Wenwen’s face and look completely gloomy, you say you don’t refute it.
Don’t worry about the duke. If this person has boasted just now, my blood Hou Fu brother will be able to win his previous agreement, but he will still be ineffective. A young man in his twenties in the blood Hou Fu in World War I fell to the stone platform in a flash.
I don’t know Yu Wendi, but I still don’t seem to see this person coming step by step and going straight to another teenager. You are Dugufeng, right?
The young man Zheng frowning slightly way is good.
Yu Wendi, hey, smile. Come on.
Du Gufeng stayed for a while, saying that someone had a grudge.
Did Yu Wen Di Dao?
Du Gufeng said that you and I are strangers and have a grudge to start work.
Yuwen Didao, who told you that you are a lonely family?
Du Gufeng is another foolish way. If you are a lonely family, will you ask him to start work?
Yu Wendi suddenly had a strange smile on her mouth, and slowly said, "Well-known Dahua Double Unique Challenge is my coming from the east, and Dahua Double Unique should be your eldest brother."
His language is extremely strange, and his antics and jokes are even more frightening.
Du Gufeng can’t help but feel a sense of pride when he thinks of his eldest brother’s life story. At this moment, he unexpectedly sees people dare to challenge his eldest brother, but he laughs. I admit that your strength is good, but if you want to challenge my eldest brother with this, are you kidding?
Seeing Yu Wendi’s cold face, his expression is even colder and harder than ice. Du Gufeng suddenly feels that the chill in his heart is heavier than a few quick smiles and he can’t laugh anymore.
At this time, he seems to believe that the person in front of him has surpassed his eldest brother to compete with his strength.
Come on, Yuwendi, let me see what a great family is.
Du Gufeng looked around and saw that there were less than ten people in the aristocratic family. Ten pairs of eyes were wide open. Looking at his every move, Du Gufeng knew that he had to start work today.
Moreover, it is also his heart’s hope to be able to bleed Miao Er’s head. He jumped on the stone platform with a little toe, and with a wave of his hands, a pair of claws and a strange weapon with a shiny black light was now in his hand.
Generally speaking, Zoroach claws are similar, but in the face of small silver chains, it should be another wonderful thing.
Du Gufeng fought for life, and I don’t know how many people died in his claws. But at the moment, his palm touched the fingertips of these cold and hard weapons, but he couldn’t help shivering slightly. This is even more unusual for a martial arts master like him.
Du Gufeng summoned up his spirits and secretly praised a blood eagle claw. Taking a raptor claw is my eldest brother’s famous beast. The two claws are blocking each other, and the left claw is setting up a strange hand-sinking road in the right claw. This form of beast is specially designed to break the vigorous gas shield. You should pay attention.
He first discovered that the weapon of the family was wonderful and refused to take advantage of it at all. It was a simple trick to start a hand, and it was even more arrogant to attack and retreat, but he was ashamed of his identity as the younger brother of the dugu family
Yu Wendi heard coldly that there are four famous beasts, each of which is a unique weapon. Unexpectedly, he has given you the blood talons. It seems that your eldest brother values you very much.
Du Gufeng drank Taoist moves and suddenly changed his left paw first and his right paw in the back. His figure immediately wandered for a while and hundreds of claw shadows attacked Yu Wendi.
However, on the change of Du Gufeng’s body shape, Yu Wendi is not moving at all in the central part of Li Zhuo, not only the sword in his hand has never been sheathed, but also the old monk is in a state of concentration
Du Gufeng’s figure wandered for dozens of times, and I don’t know how many times I wanted to hand it, but when I saw Yu Wendi’s expression, this move was actually afraid to strike at the bottom of my heart
When the sun shines, Yu Wendi’s figure is even more lonely and scary. Although it is in the early spring, the forehead of Dugufeng is covered with sweat, and the onlookers are even more stunned, and their hearts almost jump.
Suddenly, I heard Dugufeng scream in the palm of his hand, and a pair of blood talons turned into two raven claws to Yu Wendi’s eyes respectively.
This trick can’t be prevented from reaching the peak, and people in Taiwan are waiting for applause. Just at this moment, there is a sudden green light and the two people’s bodies are close to each other
DuGuFengLing a turn back several zhangs straight down to the hands of blood talons already fell to the ground.
Yu Wendi is still upright, and his look remains the same. The sword in his hand is already sheathed, and the tip of the sword obliquely refers to Du Gufeng, but the tip of the sword slowly drops four or five drops of blood and falls to the ground.
Du Gufeng suddenly fell to the sky in the white light, but when he saw that his eyes were angry and convex with blood, he said that the eyebrows crossed the tip of his nose, and he was impartial. Just in the middle, he entered the meat a few times and saw that it was a bit deep, and it was difficult to save him.
Those lonely aristocratic men have lost when they see that the home is less dominated by the other side’s sword, but they have seen that the sword of others is a terrible one, and they forgot to exclaim and did not know how to move it. Chapter 262 Hand.
Yu Wendi’s eyes are sharper than Qingfeng’s, and he glanced at everyone coldly, with disdain in his eyes, as if to say that you, the so-called lonely brothers, are not worthy of my hand, and it seems that you can only fight the first world war if you lose nine times.
Suddenly, I heard a man crying out, "Bastard dares to hurt my family. This man is a follower around Dugufeng. Although he is afraid in his heart, how can he hurt his family? This man despises Dugufeng’s family.
It’s cold drink, but still some shivering steps and some kneeling.
At this time, five of the blood Hou Fu Didi brothers had stronger courage, and the adults jumped on the stone stage with him. Six people’s eyes were red and they were mindless before hitting Yuwen Di.
Although these people are not a master, their skill is not weak, and they are all genius teenagers of Tianchen level. The power of joint attack cannot be underestimated.
I don’t know anyway, but Yuwen Di didn’t turn his head back to the sword. The sword light flashed like a rainbow. Six people fell face upwards one by one, and a dirty lie went straight into the flesh.
Although Yuwen Dijian has cast a sword one after another, it seems that six swords have been melted, and six people seem to be injured at the same time.
Watching this scene, the blood of Hou Fu’s brother was so shocking that he suddenly gritted his teeth and chased him.
See Yu Wendi still step by step, but the phantom shape is flashing everywhere. A series of blood falls with his footsteps. Everyone feels that his heart and gallbladder are lost and his knees are weak. Where dare you dare to do it again?
Yuwen Di suddenly waved his robe sleeve to the blood Hou Fu brothers and shouted coldly, "I’m here. Who of you can’t come?" Even today, I picked your blood Hou Fu sneer and swept all the stone stage people down with a wave of my hand.
Yu Wendi’s remarks are arrogant, but many practices around this stone platform are silent. After all, this person just showed up to fix it for all to see, even stronger than the peak of the accident level is just a slight difference.