However, Li Yueling has never been betting on a risk-averse Jinyang Purple Flower. The six-color pocket rate and shenhuo entanglement are evenly matched, which seems to have been in his expectation, and he really won a blow before launching it.

Because Li Yueling wants to get rid of the nine-day Yuanyang feet, it doesn’t mean that he can’t do it, but seeing his mouth smile, the king of the three-figure giant golden silkworm method suddenly flew around the central position from behind him.
It’s hard to tell with the naked eye, and it’s too fast to go straight to Jinxia Road flyover.
The king of the three golden silkworm methods also disdained the tornado column diameter and gaping jaws to divide the Taoist Jinxia as supplies.
Moreover, at the instigation of Li Yueling, they also cleverly attacked and evaded the pocket from the side to lead the foreign side of the glazed lamp to face the road flyover Jinxia from three different angles.
It’s just an instant event. Jin Xiadao’s manpower is fuelling the pocket rate. Shenhuo is already unable to make ends meet. Even if he has seen the fierce force of the king of Sanjin silkworm method, an idea has been born in his mind.
Road flyover Jinxia felt a bone-gnawing pain on Wednesday, followed by a few real forces, and she could no longer control the glass lamp.
The six-color pocket rate lost the follow-up support, and the golden sun and purple flowers were suppressed and turned to be wrapped and extinguished.
Poor Taoist Jinxia provoked Li Yueling several times by hanging the spirit, but this evil star suffered the same fate as his two lovers, both of whom died in gold silkworm’s mouth.
Because it used to cost a lot of real money to move the pocket, the Taoist priest of the glazed lamp and Jinxia even escaped from the outside of Yuanying, and his strength was not seen by the three-blood crazy golden silkworm method, Wang Sanwu divided by two. After eating it, it seemed that he was still wanting more.
Li Yueling saw this scene, and his heart was slightly cold. I knew that my hands were too cruel, but I remembered that the former Taoist Jinxia and others joined forces to do harm to Jin Nuanyu, which was a Kim family. Li Yueling’s eyes flashed again and again. This is all because these people who are looking for land don’t make me, I don’t commit crimes, but they are never soft when looking for trouble.
Soaring the sky glass lamp lost Jinxia Taoist spirit, but instead of falling, the light rose sharply and flew directly to the southern sky.
On the verge of getting it, baby Li Yueling will let it escape. A few flickers have been chasing the glass lamp and gathering it in the palm of his hand.
I never thought that this Taoist treasure was really ashamed. Even if it was grasped by a monk like Li Yueling in Mahayana, it was unwilling to shake it repeatedly, which almost made Li Yueling sell it.
Don’t you believe it? Even a dead thing can’t be subdued. Li Yueling is also holding her breath. It’s really hard to get even the Taoist Jinxia to hang up.
See Li Yueling’s left hand holding the pocket and leading the glazed lamp.
Raise your right hand for nine days. Yuan Yang’s ruler beat me. Yuan Yang’s ruler forced me to beat out the six-color snuff burning in the glass lamp of the pocket rate day. At the same time, my left hand forced me to instill my true force into the glass lamp of the pocket rate day.
After a long time, the glazed lamp always stopped moving.
This baby is really the strongest thing at present. If Taoist Jinxia can practice in Du Jie, today, if you want to kill it easily, I’m afraid it’s an idiotic dream. Because Li Yueling sent the real force into the glass lamp in the pocket, he also felt the unique power of this treasure, but he couldn’t help sighing and spinning, and he would be forbidden to pocket the glass lamp in the cold ring.
It seems that such a treasure can be sacrificed to Li Yueling’s treasure this time. However, I don’t know how hard it will take to refine this treasure in the future, and he is also vain.
But somehow he got it, and how much he got also made him feel good.
Look at the road flyover who is entangled in the big ghost’s siming. Because they are dragged far away by the crazy onslaught of the ghost, the ghost is erratic.
All over the sky, the ghosting of their huge bodies blocked the line of sight, so that the three of them did not know that Road flyover Jinxia was already dead.
Road flyover Li Yueling killed Jin Xia before, and there are always some bumps in his heart. He knows that the fighters and silver bottles are also with him. People from wu-tang clan have spared the hearts of two people. He moved closer to a ghost entanglement circle in six days, waving his arms and waving his arms. The ghosts are facing each other every ten feet.
You can go. Li Yueling’s voice is very light, but it is very strange to hear it in the ears of the fighters and silver bottles.
Today, I’m here to kill you, the devil. Your fighters were destroyed by Li Yueling, and the innate Taiyi Shenmu stick was not in my heart. After smelling the words, he first shouted
But before I finished, I was interrupted by Li Yueling’s indifference. If you don’t want to take the road of dying in your hands, you can choose to deal with your honour again even if you can’t beat the ghost for six days.
What’s more, you’ve all run away. Is it still meaningful for you two to stay here and die?
Li Yueling knows clearly in his heart that if the two of them know that Road flyover Jinxia died in their own hands, these two old ox noses will definitely fight for each other.
Of course, they can’t be their own team. Then there is only one knot left. They died in the footsteps of Taoist Jinxia.
This is not what Li Yueling wants to see. After all, he didn’t have too many grudges in wu-tang clan, let alone a deep hatred. It was also an accident that Taoist Jinxia managed to repair this weakness. Except for offering sacrifices to the glass lamp, Yuan Ying couldn’t fly away, so that the king of the golden silkworm method could swallow it.
What do you mean, Zhang teaches away the silver bottle? It’s also an interpretation of the gods’ knowledge and induction of Taoist Jinxia. Of course, he can’t get it. Taoist Jinxia has entered the king’s belly of the golden silkworm method.
Fiona Fang road flyover Jin Xia’s knowledge fluctuates, and the silver bottle fighters look at each other and discuss a few words again.
They also know that it’s a joke to talk about getting rid of the evil spirits and defending the Taoist roots today. Li Yueling’s earth strength is in front of him, and it’s a great good thing to let them go today.
What’s more, after six days of fighting, the two of them are already exhausted, and it’s even more time to stay at this time.
The two of them have nothing to say, and they left without even saying a word about the scene. What they need most today is to know where they have been.
Seeing the fighters leaving the silver bottle, Li Yueling’s mouth showed a ponder smile and turned around leisurely, as if words were hanging on you and me. The general ledger day finally came, and it was too long to wait for the spell. I believe you are the same.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Spirit hanging dead
Lingxuan wanted to slip away early in the morning, but he was assessed for two days. The ghost was too difficult to get out of the machine.
Even with the purple sword in his hand, he can end up with a resistance, watching himself alone around him and not feeling desperate.
Early know jinxia this guy this tender head with Taoist treasure pocket rate day glass lamp didn’t go to the soles of the feet anointed with oil slipped so hard? Now it’s good to end up in a lonely situation, afraid of the whole is extremely dangerous, but he doesn’t know the truth. If I know that jinxia Taoist priest tried his best to sacrifice to move the pocket rate day glass lamp is still being taken by Li Yueling, I’m afraid the face will be even uglier at this moment.
In Li Yueling’s eyes, the spirit is in suspense. If you want to kill the lamb, it is just a Taoist priest in the late period of silence. Li Yueling will have no problem even if he does not use the magic weapon.