Hum, the same to you. Don’t call me code girl. Hum, at this time, dozens of people came in the tunnel. It was obviously the police ambulance. The girl said, "Let’s go. Don’t be found by ordinary people."

Xin smiled and never forced himself to go deep into the tunnel. He knew that the hidden passage to the ground was the passage for subway maintenance personnel to walk.
When Chen Feng entered the stage with a serious injury and coma, it was already surrounded by police and medical staff. The three of them were injured by maglev train, and the passengers rushed them to the ambulance for treatment, which saved the three of them from running to the hospital.
In the ambulance ocean, he was lying on a stretcher with an oxygen mask. After all, he was the most seriously injured and severely burned, which was not to strengthen his physique. I’m afraid the ocean had already been highly burned and died. Secondly, Chen Feng was also seriously injured. During the last hand-to-hand combat with pangolin monster, he was seriously injured by blood and dirty. Ordinary people had passed out early in the morning.
In the past three years, science and technology are advancing with each passing day, and medical facilities are also highly developed. Like Ocean Chen Feng, the injury needs to be hospitalized for several weeks, and it is Liu Yuexing, Zhang Lie, Fang Chen, who learned that the three of them were still worried about being half dead when they entered the hospital, and immediately skipped class and came to visit the hospital.
In the ward, the ocean was bandaged and lay quietly like a mummy. The operation successfully cured the ocean trauma, but he didn’t wake up because of anesthesia. After treatment, the base was fine, especially in the fight, the ghost fight has been responsible for helping almost no monster fight.
Ghost fight suddenly told the teacher that he had a stomachache because he was going to help the captain. I also told him that he really had a stomachache. He almost took him to the hospital. Xing Jian was dissatisfied and glanced at Ghost fight. They had become good friends. Xing Jian was very dissatisfied with his concealment.
Ghost fight is a honest man. When he heard this, he quickly apologized to Xingjian. He didn’t want to lose a friend easily.
Liu Yue stared at Chen Feng angrily after hearing their thrilling battle. You damn bastard, do you know how dangerous it is? What if you accidentally get killed by a monster?
Chen Feng Liu Yue has known each other since childhood and grew up together, which can be said to be childhood friends. However, it is the first time that Chen Feng is so angry as Liu Yue is now. He has to shrink his head and be taught a lesson by her. Who knows if he will be scolded more if he says one more word? Chapter 14 Origin of NO1 at Crossroads.
Generally speaking, going to the hospital to visit patients will not start.
Generally speaking, visiting the sick is either sending flowers or delivering water.
Liu Yuexing’s capital belongs to the general situation. They did buy several bags of water, which were selected by roadside stalls. After all, they are all high school students and have no money to buy a water basket that is ornate at the entrance of the hospital but has no practical significance and is expensive.
Chen Feng is not a friend of money. He is very touched by Liu Yuexing’s intention, but are you two friends with barbecued pork? I am lying in a hospital bed with a hemiplegia. You wish you didn’t buy water or flowers. I will treat you as poor, but you bought Liu Yuexing’s construction for me as soon as you came in, and the Ministry of Water swallowed it. I didn’t even eat an orange peel.
Fang Chen and Zhang Lie came into the ward and said nothing to Chen Feng, and then they grabbed Liu Yue’s hand and wolfed it down as if they had never eaten water in my life. What’s more, they ate with relish and threw Shui Pi in Chen Feng’s hospital bed, which made him feel like he was lying in the garbage and finally roared.
I gave you orange peel. Fang Chen didn’t feel ashamed at all. Instead, he picked up a piece of orange peel from the garbage and stretched it out to Chen Feng, saying that you wanted to eat orange peel. Why don’t we give it to you if you want to eat orange peel? No way. You want us not to give it to you. Don’t be biased.
Chen Feng had already been so angry that he finally broke out when he picked up the orange peel in Fang Chen. He rushed to Fang Chen and fought with you. When Spider-Man Batman protected the world, you didn’t even feed me a bite of water.
Now Chen Feng needs a finger to kill Fang Chen, but he doesn’t have super powers. It’s the way ordinary people in Fang Chen scuffle that makes others in the ward laugh. The scene is harmonious and a little warm.
What’s the noise? This is a hospital. It’s still seriously injured.
A head nurse rushed in with a fierce roar, and Chen Feng Fang Chen stopped in a hurry. Because of three years, the medical profession has become darker and darker, just like the abyss. Medical care depends on the mood of doctors and nurses. If the head nurse is offended, it will be enough for Chen Feng to cry with tears.
When the head nurse saw that these people were quiet, she snorted coldly. One person slammed the door away from Fang Chen and disdained to say that she was a 30-year-old aunt who could not marry. Before menopause, she was incontinent.
Chen Feng Fang Chen’s slapstick has already made everyone present used to laughing. After that, Zhang Lie said with a serious face that Chen Feng, you and I are the best friends. Yes.
Chen Feng doesn’t know why Zhang Lie suddenly said such a thing and nodded his head. Zhang Lie Fang Chen is indeed his best friend in this life. Xing Jian refused, blushed and cried, Give me back, give me back, I am also the best friend of the leaders, for fear that others would forget him.
Since we are good friends, why don’t you discuss with us about such a big thing as destroying the beast and demon? Do you know that we are very worried about you? Today, you are bloody. Can’t you just leave it alone and be an ordinary person? Zhang Lie is a grumpy and neurotic person, but now he is very serious and full of sincerity.
Liu Yue also entered the topic. Qiao’s face was still angry. She said that Zhang Lie said to you that she was just a high school student with a little super power. Why should she act as a hero? I can’t count all the powerful abilities. Why do you want to be Batman in Spider-Man? Do you really believe that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility?
Looking at Zhang Lie Liu Yue reprimanding himself, Chen Feng’s heart is warm. After losing his mother and father deliberately alienating him, he grew up alone in loneliness. Few people understand that he is now a group of friends who are sincere and sincere. Can Chen Feng not care?
Zhang Lie, do you remember when we ruled Lily of the Valley? Chen Feng suddenly remembered what happened six years ago.
Six years ago, Chen Feng was a freshman who had just entered Lily of the Valley. At that time, Lily of the Valley was ruled by a group of juvenile delinquents in Grade Three. Almost every day, students were blackmailed and blackmailed. The failure of education made teachers turn a blind eye to this kind of thing. Finally, Chen Feng couldn’t stand it. She rushed into the classroom of Grade Three alone and knocked over more than 20 junior students. They were forbidden to continue to bully others.
However, a few days after the incident, Zhang Lie Fang Chen found Chen Feng. At that time, the two of them were already good stalls and big names in the juvenile delinquent circle. Now they say in front of Chen Feng that the third grade boss has called people to prepare to ambush you in the road.
And then, Chen Feng didn’t think they would be so kind. When Leifeng woke up, Fang Chen walked over and said, How do you join hands with us and ask the three of us to kill those guys together? We will be the boss in the Lily of the Valley. From then on, we have the final say in this school.
Chen Feng is dismissive. What about after ten percent of the boss? Do you want to be like those scum?
No, we’re not used to being in trouble. It’s just that the third grade boss has been trying to win us over. We’ve been bored for a long time since his hand arrived. Zhang Lie smoked a cigarette and gave it to Fang Chen Chen Feng. They had already smoked on the first day of the first year. This is a sign for juvenile delinquents. But Chen Feng doesn’t belong to juvenile delinquents. He refused.
If we can be the boss of Lily of the Valley, then no one will bother us, and you can be the boss to stop the extortion in the school. Are you happy? Fang Chen walked over and smoked a cigarette.
So after that day, the three of them completely defeated the third grade boss of Lily of the Valley and naturally became the boss of this school. At first, Chen Feng was still wary of Zhang Lie and Fang Chen, but after a period of getting along, he found that the two of them were not like delinquents or that they were not delinquents at all except fighting and making trouble.
This is how friendship is established unconsciously. The friendship between Chen Feng, Zhang Lie and Fang Chen is slowly produced when dealing with the enemy together.
The three of them became the oldest in the Lily of the Valley, putting an end to the extortion of the school, but all over the world, other schools put their hands in. After all, extortion of money by a school is very rich, and no one wants to let such a big sheep go.
In this way, Chen Feng, Zhang Lie, Fang Chen, three people protected their school from being bullied. They overturned the names of these school bosses and gradually became louder and louder in victory. Finally, when Chen Feng was in high school, she inexplicably recited the title of n1 in Crossroads, and from then on, he was respected by the juvenile delinquents.
Chen Feng didn’t want to accept such a title, but Fang Chen’s words made him change his mind, which made him win the n1 title of Crossstreet to challenge nearly 100 duels and try his best to protect this title.
Fang Chen said, do you still remember the purpose of your fight? You have always hated those bullying behaviors, and now you have become a juvenile delinquent n1. You can stop fighting between the two schools by your own words, or you can ban extortion from all schools because of your words.
Now Chen Feng’s goal has been achieved. All the delinquent teenagers in the school in Elo follow his rules. No one will blackmail and bully the weak again. Chen Feng said with a smile, you know that I am born with a dislike of bullying by others. I probably left my mother’s character. She used to supervise and protect this city in Elo, and now I just want to do my part to protect this city.
But now, isn’t it a heart-warming thing to supervise the city of Elo? It’s his duty to destroy the beast and demon. You don’t need to mind your own business. Liu Yue has heard something about supervision from Chen Feng earlier. Since Chen Feng has confessed his abilities, he won’t keep some things about the world from his friends.
But the problem is that my heart didn’t show up. Chen Feng wry smile way, just because my heart didn’t show up, I would get there. But in the end, I was late, and the maglev train people were killed. At last, Chen Feng revealed his responsibility, as if to say something, I couldn’t get there earlier.