Fang Xia asked Yang Jiahui Wang Yi to give some advice, and the two of them also frequently called Fang Xia to measure the conjoined dress and asked how much it was.

The boss’s wife’s face is full of smiles, saying that big sister will give us an affordable price if she sincerely buys it.
How much? Fang Xia is in a hurry
1 ba Bao Jia
Three people stare big eyes looked at each other, finally Fang Xia mercilessly asked 1 how much money can be sold.
The boss’s wife still smiles brightly and says, Big Sister, look at this workmanship, style and fabric.
How much money is Fang Xia impatient?
Only then did the proprietress seriously think about it. Please give me some money, 8 yuan.
As she spoke, the proprietress looked at Fang Xia out of the corner of her eye.
Fang Xia scoffed and said that the one over there wanted 18 yuan just now.
Boss-in-law said with dismay, no way.
Fang Xia took Aunt Wang of Yang Jiahui and said, Let’s go to that house. This seems a little better.
Two people are funny in their hearts. This Fang Xia is really a vengeance will be mine.
They came to a cold drink stand and asked for a few cans of cold drinks. Wang Yi looked at Fang Xia and had a good time. Yang Jiahui followed the music and said that Fang Jie was not angry with you.
Fang Xia didn’t cheep, but gulped down the drink.
Come here for a while. Fang Xia’s face turned cloudy and sunny. Three people were joking. Suddenly, the people around him groaned in pain. When they turned their eyes, they almost enjoyed it. A young man didn’t pay attention to his head and hit a glass door handle in a small pavilion. Seeing this young man rubbing his forehead and groaning in pain.
Ouch! Ouch!
Inside the kiosk, a fat woman has bent over with laughter. She pointed to the guy and said, You just know that you hit the road without looking at the beauty, and then you looked at three people drinking cold drinks.
Three people immediately took one look at Wang Yi and Fang Xia, followed by one look at Yang Jiahui. It is no wonder that you are heartthrobs.
The two beautiful women didn’t say anything, but their hearts had already blossomed. Who doesn’t want to listen to compliments? What’s more, the two beautiful women are real. Yang Jiahui is young and charming, but Fang Xia is more mature and beautiful.
They walked all the way around and watched the costumes all the way, which was incomparable to women. In this power, they drove them to stop and go. After reading this one, they looked over it. At that time, the stall owners were impatient, but they enjoyed it. It may be women’s nature to choose among thousands.
Hey, it’s a good one. Aunt Wang has a good look at a coat hanging on the wall. This coat is a tulle with a pale yellow tone. Some big collars at the neckline and patterns look refreshing.
Yang Jiahui stretched out his hand and took the coat and put it on Wang Yi’s body. Wang Yi smiled and said, I’m showing you this semi-permeable low-cut shirt. Which one am I wearing?
It was also Ha Yang Jiahui who walked to the front of the big mirror and took a good look at the boss’s wife. She came over and pushed Yang Jiahui to change clothes and said that she didn’t buy it for a change.
Go and change clothes. Yang Jiahui is radiant. What white bra can be seen vaguely in the pale yellow coat is very obvious. She came to the mirror and carefully looked at herself. Whether it was Fang Xia’s aunt or the proprietress was full of praise. Yang Jiahui was also flattered. She asked the proprietress how much it was.
1 The proprietress replied
Box it, Yang Jiahui said, and went into the clothes and changed this coat. He was in high spirits and just bought clothes.
Fang Xia looked happily. Yang Jiahui said that he had come for nothing today and had not bought a suitable dress.
Let Wang Junlai buy Yang Jiahui’s novels for you.
Damn it, Fang Xia hammered a Yang Jiahui hard
It’s no hurry to walk around. Wang Yi interjected while watching.
The stalls on the floor are square blocks, and the aisles are densely arranged, and the width is not about one meter. At this time, there are quite a few people. After all, it is not a fine area like the second floor. The people are more willing to buy those cheap things. They are wandering around on the first floor.
Yang Jiahui suddenly giggled.
Fang Xia looked curiously at what she said she saw.
Look at that one-piece dress over there. Yang Jiahui is leading her finger.
Oh, they followed their fingers, but when they looked closer, they saw that one-piece skirt hanging in a booth, which was almost exactly the same. But this is a low-grade clothing area, which is called a low-grade area. In addition to being lower, it is just an impression. In many cases, the same business price is very different
The price is extremely cheap, boss. 1 yuan Fang Xia put the conjoined skirt in her hand and carefully examined it. Even Yang Jiahui Wang Yi was helping to find faults. Unfortunately, three people didn’t find anything different from the beginning. Fang Xia looked at the stall owner for a long time. The stall owner was a middle-aged woman who was seen with some hair and quickly said that she sincerely bought 1 yuan and took it away.
Wang Yi, an older woman, took the one-piece dress and examined it carefully again. She nodded at Fang Xia, and Fang Xia knowingly took out a hundred-dollar bill from her small bag and handed it to the stall owner.
Let’s go to the children’s wear section over there, said Aunt Wang.
I bought clothes for your grandson again, Yang Jiahui said