Yang Tian, a more advanced energy source this time, that is, the treasure house of seven yuan.

You can’t refine the seven yuan force when you come to Yang Tian, but after being transformed by Raytheon Force, Yang Tian can refine the water yuan force.
Although the speed is extremely slow, it is enough to cultivate yourself. After all, it is also divine power.
In addition to the source of mana, Yang Tian also has one, that is, the feeling of six robberies of Jin Dan Gan Kun Jing.
Gankun is heaven and earth. What is heaven and earth like?
Heaven and earth are actually the universe. If it is controlled by the universe, it can be moved around in the universe. This is what Yang Tian needs to understand.
But does Yang Tian still have a feeling? Who in the world can understand the nature of heaven and earth more deeply than Yang Tian?
The miniature metaworld is the embryonic form of the universe.
After the Taoist mind planted the magic, Yang Tian knew that the meta-world, including the celestial world, was all in the universe.
The Godsworn of the Universe can cast the moving avatar, which is the lowest level. It can be cast in a vast world and at a distance.
At this time, Yang Tian can see that the great avatar can’t move freely in the meta-world, but can also shuttle.
Imagine how exciting and fascinating it would be to be able to travel in the universe with a snap of your fingers.
That’s right, the fingers are flying in the universe. This is the meaning of Yang Tian’s perception of Gan Kun.
I don’t know if I want to complete this Upanishads, but at least now Yang Tian has found the direction and faith.
However, Yang Tian seems to forget that the world of Jin Dan Yuan contains more than the power of Gan Kun.
The operation of the meta-world is the combination of yin and yang of Gankun, so reincarnation is born, and then the creation of the divine light is born by reincarnation. This is the perfect meta-world.
Through the ages, it is precious to cultivate immortals and control Gankun Yin and Yang. It is only a genius who can touch the edge of reincarnation, let alone create a magical light.
Yang Tian is now bent on sinking into the metaphysical meaning of the meta-world. In fact, he is not only realizing what Gan Kun can achieve, but it depends on his nature.
This time, I fell asleep completely, and my perception of the outside world was reduced to a minimum.
Only Xiao Hei Xiao Bai has been loyal to him all the time.
Let Yang Tian expect that after he closed, the two little guys have not been idle and are quietly working.
Their cultivation method is extremely simple, that is, they eat a lot and then have a good sleep. When they wake up, they find that Xiu has risen a lot.
However, Yang Tianliu, who didn’t sleep a few times, was eaten by the little black and white and had to eat purple jade spar.
Purple jade spar is no more impurities than then, and it consumes less and less quickly when it is eaten by two big eaters.
I don’t know from time to time, the little black and white divide the work, one keeps the guardian and the other goes to find the senior spar.
Because they are highly sensitive to the spar in the abyss world and they can reach places that others can’t find.
Purple jade spar, black and white won’t even look at it, which can make them start work. The lowest is purple jade spar.
At this time, their strength is sufficient, and they can be found by people who follow them.
After Yang Tianguan’s death, he never gave up, although for a great reason, but he didn’t leave and lived in a ghost tribe to remain anonymous.
Juebu will come to the back of the mountain once a month to see him. Yang Tian will be slow for a year and a half this time, which is the limit for ten years and twenty years at most.
After all, Yang Tianxiu didn’t believe that he couldn’t break through to six times in 20 years.
But twenty years passed quickly, and Yang Tian showed no more signs than Du Jie.
I don’t know why Yang Tian hasn’t broken through for such a long time.
Never admit that Yang Tian is possessed and the cause of death is always faintly felt by his master.
Maybe it’s a difficult knot in the process of uniting.
Juebunai comforted himself and waited patiently.
But it’s twenty years later, and Yang Tian hasn’t moved yet
Extraordinary people do extraordinary things.
Juebu had to find a new reason.
Then the second, the third, and the fifth. Twenty years later, Bubu finally despaired.
It’s been a hundred years, and the master hasn’t broken through it yet. He would rather believe that he is a pig.
Chapter four hundred and twenty Samsara
This day is going to the back hill again.
As usual, Juebu came to the back of the ghost tribe and silently watched the familiar position that could no longer be familiar.
I’ve been waiting for more than a hundred years, and I look a lot older.
In addition to the avatar secret method is more be adept at, the repair has not made substantial progress
This may be because his potential has been exhausted, or it may be because he is fascinated by Raytheon.