Nowadays, Li Yueling can’t move at all. He has been lifted thousands of feet by that soaring flower, and everything has become extremely small. For Li Yueling today, every life-long pursuit of ascension is the last thing he wants to experience.

I can’t live this fucking day, and thanks to Li Yueling’s sudden wits, she took a jade pupil and simplified it before being led to the cloud. At the very least, she can know where she has gone after she succeeded in Du Jie, and this is the only thing Li Yueling can do at this moment.
After waiting for days, he came back quickly. When Li Yueling smiled bitterly, his feet suddenly accelerated toward Qingyun.
That speed is ten times faster than Li Yueling’s limit, and then Li Yueling can’t see clearly in front of her eyes. After a strange light flashed, her vision recovered, but Li Yueling also knew that she must have crossed a certain channel, which must be the purple mansion channel in the human world.
The reappearance of the scene in front of me is not coming to the world, which makes Li Yueling somewhat uncomfortable.
And his feet on Qingyun suddenly dissipated, and a copious aura filled his whole body. This place contains the powers of heaven and earth, which is a hundred times stronger than that of the human world.
It seems that it is still on the earth. Look around, the scenery in front of you is continuous and beautiful. Except for the abnormal aura of the Zhou Dynasty, the scenery in the human world is very different
Fortunately, as early as in the exploration of the underworld, Li Yueling had learned a lot about the purple mansion boundary from Yamaraja’s mouth in the Ten Temples. It was a surprise and she woke up for a moment.
It seems that if you want to return to the human world, it may not be as simple as you think. Qin Guang’s brother once said that after rising to the world, it was a fairy star that randomly fell into 33 days away. I don’t know which fairy star I landed in.
Now that it’s done, let’s find out about ourselves first. After all, it’s urgent to find a way to get back to the human world
The only thing that makes Li Yueling feel a little comforted is that at this moment, Jin Nuanyu must have been promoted by Du Jie Mahayana and Master Jia, and they were all repaired by the soul beads, which should be more than enough.
Even if it is difficult for people to tie the knot together, it is not so simple for them. Her intelligence should be arranged properly. She wants to mix mountains and rivers. Yuan Zong also has four demon brothers, the nine-tailed fox king and the nine-headed Hiderigami dragon Tibetan Buddhist monk. Such a terrorist force is not to send those guys to bring down her and ask her to leave jade pupils before she soars.
Let the master, their sister Cher and others meet in one place, even if both Buddhism and Taoism attack, they are not afraid.
I think so, but Li Yueling’s idea of returning to the human world quickly is still firm
Feel the whole body full of fairy spirit force in the meridian transit Li Yueling mood is also slightly better. Looking far away, I found that the east is like a giant city, and I immediately wanted to give a golden light to escape.
Near the giant city, a great forbidden force hit the body, which made Li Yueling have to drop his body and light up four giant words in front of him.
In addition to these four characters, the huge inscription on the side of the erected city gate also lights up a line in the right corner, which is thirty-three days away from the old gentleman of Oriental Anbao Qingling.
Emperor Cang, isn’t that one of the five old emperors? Li Yueling’s ability to accept has always been very imposed. He learned a lot from the mouth of Yamaraja in the Ten Temples before he soared. After a long time, he floated up and wanted to go into the city to find out.
The immortals’ license plate is not allowed to enter the Emperor Xiandu. Two gods who are three feet tall are like shining guards who stopped Li Yueling at the city gate.
Is the immortal number plate an ID card after soaring to immortality? Li Yueling has seen many guys wearing fairy armor enter, but they have one thing in common, that is, they are all wearing a shiny green jade-like stone Guanghua hexagonal jade symbol, which must be the immortal number plate in the mouth of these two golden guards.
I’m the younger brother. I’ve just risen to the top of the world. Can you tell me where I can get Li Yueling’s immortal number plate? Asked modestly.
Look at you like this, even the fairy armor has never been refined. It’s really like a little fairy who just soared. A shining armor guard nodded and pointed to a towering jade corridor near Cangdi Xiandu. I saw that there was no one who went to the top of Chongxian, but you can get the fairy number plate after you registered.
Thank you, Li Yueling, for thanking your hands and feet. I’m on my way to Chongxian Building. If it weren’t for the cloth around Cangdi Xiandu, Li Yueling would have reached the top of the building without a Drew move.
Seeing Li Yueling go away, the two golden guards quipped, Do you guess this small strength can get the immortal order number plate?
He also got the three immortals’ license plate. Who is he? He got the immortals’ license plate once at the beginning of soaring, or the one with the long eyebrows of the originator of Shushan School, but he was the first person in the world at that time, and he barely got the immortals’ license plate.
But as far as I know, the steward of Chongxian Building is in a bad mood today, and the little finger is kicked into Chongxian Building if he can’t even get the fairy order. He was forced to do wild fairy things for a period of time.
It is said that after Li Yueling was forced to ascend to the world, she had to worry about the thunder and fire for nine days, and the double robbery of the fire and the furnace was finally successfully solved. Du Jie’s successful body, Zifu, gave birth to a little fairy root force and successfully promoted to Mahayana.
Got up, but Li Yueling’s trail was gone. To make Jin Nuanyu frightened, she found that Jane knew the ins and outs of her side, which really made Jin Nuanyu laugh and cry.
However, she soon recovered her spirit. After all, maybe Buddhist and Taoist people gathered in Wudang Mountain will soon have to deal with Kim’s mixed Yuan Zong. They must hurry to meet up with Li Yueling in the jade pupil slips.
Make up your mind. Jin Nuanyu hurried to the robbery hole. First, he found the people who read the heart. They told me what happened in the robbery hole again.