As soon as the two of them came from the tunnel, the dwarves blocked the mouth of the cave again, and the mouth of the cave disappeared quickly when Vanessa inspected the surrounding situation.

So what are we going to do now? Stade asked. Climb there
He said that the mountain in front of him could be seen even in the dark, and there were steep stone walls hundreds of feet from the foot of that mountain, and the elves did their best to see a hole, which made her confused. Lome spoke before and asked her that they could find the entrance quickly.
She looked back to ask Lome, only to find that the mouth had been filled almost without leaving a trace. Wenleisha squatted down and put her ear close to the small gap, but she could not hear.
Forget about them, my fairy lady. They must have gone back to hiding. Farstad obviously has a hint of disdain in his tone.
WenLeiSha nodded, and finally remembered that Krasus told her to uncover her cloak, reveal the pendant hidden in her face and put it on her chest. WenLeiSha assumed that the mage should be able to see in the dark, otherwise he would be of little help now.
What is that?
I hope that will help us. Krasus warned her not to tell anyone, but he certainly didn’t want to hide Farstad from us, because the dwarf would be crazy if she saw Vanessa’s words.
Visibility is not bad. The mage suddenly said that she jumped up in shock. Thank you.
What’s the matter? Why did you suddenly jump up?
Farstad, did you know that Kenrito sent Ronin to carry out this?
Of course I know, and I know it’s definitely not him who said what happened to that idiot
This pendant is decorated with a mage, who chose Luo Ning to send him to carry out this, and this requires him to enter that mountain city.
Then what are you doing in there? He doesn’t seem surprised at all.
So far, I don’t know about this pendant, which can let one of them call Master Krasus to contact me.
But I didn’t hear what he said.
This pendant is like this.
Typical hex The dwarf commented in the same tone as those mountain dwarves.
You’d better hurry. Krasus suggested that the soldiers should be quick.
What happened again? You jumped again.
Didn’t I just say that I can only hear him if you can’t hear him? Now he told us to go on. He said he would guide us.
Can he see things here?
Well, through this crystal,
Farstad came over and jabbed his finger at the crystal. I swear by Ying Chao that if you dare to play with us, I will become a spectre and haunt you forever. I swear.
Tell the dwarf that we are aiming at a similar goal now.
Wen Leisha repeated what he said, but Farstad reluctantly accepted it. In fact, the elf said that it was time to keep Incla Seuss, saying that their goals were similar, so maybe he had other goals.
Despite these questions, she followed Krasus’s instructions and continued to move forward. She felt that the mage rarely took them into the mountain. His instructions looked very long because he actually let them walk around the mountain for a long time. However, the mage took them to take a comfortable path and soon took them to a very high but narrow hole. Wen Leisha felt that they should have entered from here. If not, she would definitely have an opinion on this suspicious guide.
Krasus, an abandoned dwarf mine, explains that the orcs don’t know where it leads.
Wen Leisha carefully studied this hole, so Lom is not good for others, so attack here.
Because they are waiting patiently for the opportunity.
She wanted to know when it was, but Farstad suddenly grabbed her arm.
Do you hear what the Griffin knight novel says is approaching?
They quickly retreated behind a protruding rock, just when no enemy was found. A terrible figure slowly strolled near the mouth of the cave and hissed constantly. Vanessa saw that it was a dragon looking around, and its red eyes glowed faintly in the dark.
It’s another reason for them to attack against this hole, Farstad spat
The faucet suddenly stopped and then it turned to the direction where the two men were hiding.
You must keep quiet. The dragon’s ears are sharp.
The elf didn’t bother to tell Farstad this. She clenched the hilt and watched the beast take a few steps towards their hiding place. Its size was far from that of Death Wing, but it was still easy to send her away, Farstad.
The wings at the back of its head suddenly opened her night vision ability. Vanessa saw that it was a pair of deformed wings. No wonder it is going to be an orc watchdog here.
What about its master? Animals never let a dragon alone, that is, a dragon that will never fly.
A shouting horse answered this question, and a torch floated behind the dragon. As it approached, it was gradually recognized that the one holding the torch was a tall orc. In the other hand, he was holding a huge sword about the height of Vanessa. The guard shouted something at his dragon and it hissed back, so the orc repeated his order.
Slowly, the dragon turned and walked back. Vanessa held her breath and hoped that the orc dragon would leave here quickly.
Just then, the jewel in the pendant suddenly shone brightly, illuminating the ground around the protruding stone.
Cover it quickly, cried Farstad.
The ranger did it at once, but it was too late. The dragon immediately turned back and the orcs responded. He raised all his torches and swords in front of them and walked slowly towards their hiding place. The red dragon followed him and asked the orcs to rush at once when they gave the order.
Take off the pendant. Krasus said he was ready to throw it at the dragon.