However, in less than a hundred feet deep, Yang Tian was no longer pushing forward. In just a short moment, there was no place in good condition, and all of them were cracked by the thunder of the Seven Yuan God.

Raging thunder without any mercy, scrambling for Yang Tian’s wounds, invading his body and wantonly destroying all of them.
At this moment, Yang Tianqiang resisted the tragic cry impulse, clenched his teeth and silently transported his armor to cooperate with the rapid solidification of the flesh.
However, the raging thunder went deep into the Yuan God after bombarding Yang Tian’s body to pieces.
Yang God knows that this is a lightning-proof robbery, and he must survive the baptism, but the intense pain will soon make his consciousness gradually fall into a state of confusion.
I don’t know when Yang Tian was lying quietly in the thunder prison, but he didn’t move. He was wrapped in a beating seven-yuan thunder and sewed like a big cocoon.
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Meet
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Halfway up the mountain, the fire element, the big bird and the dark element lizard monster at the top of the mountain are as calm as ever. They know everything about this mountain and everything is under their king’s control.
But on this day, a strange roar suddenly came from the thunder prison on the top of the head, and a mountain was boiling instantly.
They can hear this roar, and their master has enough strength to rival their king.
This means that a big war is coming, saying that one mountain is not two tigers, and how can one mountain have two kings?
Damn it, where did the invasion come from?
The big bird lizard monster felt angry, and the lizard king had already flown for half a day, and he took his own commander in chief to look for the bold invasion.
It wants to kill the invasion in front of the mobster, which proves that its status is inviolable.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Another roar, mixed with strong pleasure, like a rebirth
Damn it, get your ass here
This time, the lizard king finally heard the invasion position and rushed to the thunder prison, cursing angrily
It didn’t directly rush into the thunder prison to kill people, not because it didn’t want to, but because its commander-in-chief couldn’t enter the thunder prison. Once it entered the thunder prison, it meant that it had to fight alone, which was the lizard king’s unwillingness.
Perhaps the invasion will be scared and flee when it sees the arrival of its own name department.
After the doctor denounced the lizard king, he thought proudly.
But just then, a young man dressed in a black robe suddenly flashed to Lei Prison with a relaxed and calm face and an excited smile on his mouth.
Yang Tian was in a good mood at this time, because he felt that he had just slept. When he woke up, he saw that he had not only developed a golden body, but also broke through the fifth realm of Shenlong.
Now the transformation is not a four-claw dragon, but a five-claw dragon, which is a hundred times more powerful than this. It is a qualitative leap.
The bones of the flesh have turned golden, but they glow with colorful light. It seems that the body is vast and boundless, and Yang Tian wants to find someone to fight at once to try new strength.
If you are sleepy, you will send pillows. When you are in a thunder prison, you will see nine ugly lizards, and all of them are not weak. One of them seems to be the king here.
Kill him
When Yang Tian was full of heart, the lizard king had given an order.
Lizard grand marshal without hesitation qi qi a roar each a black mans directly came at Yang day.
Although these guys haven’t reached the level of robbing the golden body, every body contains Jinghua, and its converging strength is not underestimated at 500,000 yuan.
But in the face of the lizard commander’s attack, Yang Tian didn’t even look at them. His eyes were still staring at the lizard king’s mouth and he was still smiling with excitement.
Is in the black mans attack to Yang Tianshen a foot, Yang Tianshen suddenly Yao up a circle of pale halo will they firmly refused to stop in front, this lizard had to show shape has been unable to move because of the pale halo has covered them in.
The lizard king was completely stunned for a moment because his body was actually transforming fly ash at an extremely fast speed.
Lizard king Han is not afraid of death. At this moment, he exposed his legacy and roared. At that time, the black mountain crashed into Yang Tian.
Yang Tian ao however smiled unhurriedly, stretched out his hand and grasped five white light horses, and immediately practiced five-finger maser, and instantly locked the lizard king.