Xingtian let see Yang day also carry the king not sink a way

Hehe, punishment manager, I let Xing Yu go, which is enough for you. The king of the West is not from your God’s house, and he wants me to let him go again.
Yang day evil laughed red eyes swept in the face.
Hehe, Yang Tian-ren doesn’t talk in secret. The real name of West King Xingtian is our brother, but he still shows leniency.
When Xingtian smiled, he directly said the true identity of the West King. It seems that he also knows that he can’t hide it from Yang Tian.
It’s really strange to come to the heaven. The king of Luo Cha gate is a man from the deep and remote mansion. I still have a question to answer, and I’ll solve it.
Yang day shook his head and sighed when a face of confusion way
If Xing knows, of course, it is true.
Xingtian put cool way
I really want to know what the Luo Cha Gate of your house is, and you came to the Emperor City with great fanfare.
While saying this sentence, Yang Tian’s two bloody eyes were shot directly into Xingtian with two evil swords, and he put his eyes deep to capture every change.
At this moment, Yang Tian clearly felt that Xingtian put a trace of forbearance in the depths of his eyes and passed away in murder.
Hehe, King Menxi of Luo Cha is from Shenyoufu, and the owner of Lei Xiao is a friend of Shenyoufu. When we came to Tianhuangcheng, I think this must be explained, because it’s not unusual for us to come to Shenyoucheng here, but Yang Tian. Are you satisfied?
Xingtian’s answer can be described as watertight without any flaw
Haha, I’m sure I’m satisfied with the answer. I’ll let you go
When Yang Tian suddenly laughed, he threw the West King directly. This time, it was extremely insidious to add a golden light to the West King, and this golden light directly linked the West King by the seal.
Yang Tian fully grasped this golden light, and even if people can save the West King, they have to pay the corresponding price.
In the West King’s life, Yang Tian couldn’t even knit his brow once. When he ambushed himself in Xilingxuan, the West King didn’t show any mercy.
The direction in which the West King was thrown was Xingtian Hao Xingtian, and putting his brothers in position meant holding them.
King Xu, that bastard, was frightened and showed the king together, hiding in Leixiao’s side to join him and bring a helper to stay with him.
But what Yang Tian hates most is that the virtual king Lei Xiao got such a vicious trick to lure him to the Emperor’s City to kill for money, but he still wants to steal the spirit bead altruistically, and he simply doesn’t take Yang Tian seriously.
Clay figurines are still three points hot, and the situation is biting than Yang Tian.
At the same time, Yang Tian threw himself at the virtual king Lei Xiao again.
This time, Yang Tian took precautions against Prajnaparamita’s divine power operation when his figure disappeared, and prevented Lei Xiao from telling the truth and destroying Lei Guang, which was also condensed in the boxing front.
Lei Xiao and others had been on guard against a binge drinking when more than a dozen people attacked at the same time. They were all black Luo Cha, and the targets were all sudden flashes of thunder in the virtual.
When the thunder exploded, Yang Tian was also shocked to retreat sharply, while three of Lei Xiao and others sprayed blood and fell back.
Yang Tian smiled grimly, relying on the divine power of the body to pounce again.
However, at this time, Xingtian Hao brothers Qi roared and took a group of masters to pounce on Yang Tian.
Later, their brothers joined hands to finally catch the king of the West, but as soon as they met that golden light, they felt a strong threat and had to work hard to resolve it.
But just as they were preparing to dissolve the golden light, the West King was suddenly scattered in the body and directly stunned.