I’m still in the middle, and later I’ll return to the Nangong Kenzo.

Is it a bomb explosion? Is it lucky that Chen Feng took the lead in running and shouting? Go and have a look.
The three men quickly ran to the explosion place and saw the mountain slide down due to the explosion. The huge rocks slipped down and buried the slopes at the foot of the mountain and piled up into a rock pile, but no one was seen around.
What’s going on? Chen Feng approached the rock pile and Feng Yu shouted, Don’t go near it. Maybe the mountain will slide again.
There is still a wind feather here. Chen Feng shouted at the wind feather. When the wind feather rushed over, it happened in a rock pile. One hand was twitching, and Chen Feng then waved a hand to control the cyclone to form a wind blade, which destroyed the huge rock into pieces, and then waved a hurricane to blow the pieces away.
One foot was pinned down by a huge rock. The big fellow is now in front of three people, but it looks like it’s not working. Get Chen Feng, the rock that pinned his foot, and call out.
I can’t, said Feng Yu. Once the rock under his feet is destroyed, the mountain will slide down again. What Chen Feng found when he looked carefully was that the rock under the big man’s feet was propping up a rock column. Once it was destroyed, the rock would keep rolling down, which was more serious than the first mountain slide.
Just when Chen Feng tried to save the big fellow, the dying man found out that the three of them called out weakly who you were.
Passers-by replied indifferently, then the big fellow looked up at the ocean and found that the ocean was holding a baby in its infancy and shouted, "Who are you and what are you trying to rob my son?"
Your son, Chen Feng, told the big fellow to calm down and said that when we passed by the village, we found this still-alive baby because we didn’t want to watch it die.
What about my wife? What about the baby mother? The big man became more excited when he heard this, and he wouldn’t struggle to climb from the rock even though he was spitting blood.
Ocean walked up to the big fellow and put the baby in front of the big fellow and said, it’s a pity that the baby mother has
The ocean didn’t go on. The big fellow had already buried his head in tears. The big fellow shouted with his hands hammering at the earth. What are you going to die? The thief has been eliminated by us. What are you going to die? Who killed your hands and lost blood? But the big fellow is still hammering at the earth as if he wanted to convey his thoughts from the earth to the other side. The dead wife knows.
At this time, the thunder kept on and it rained in the dark, as if God was crying in this big fellow. It was as bad as Chen Feng saw the rain getting bigger and bigger. He shouted that if he went on like this, the heavy rain would wash away the mountains and make the rocks slide. Find a way to get this big brother out of here.
When Feng Yu cut off his feet and said that he was going to start work, the big fellow called to stop.
Stop it. I’m hopeless. Let me die here. The big fellow begged for rain to hit him and wash away his blood.
What are you talking about? Where’s your son? What will your son do if you die? Chen Feng cried.
Please bring up my son. Being a cow and a horse in the afterlife will repay you. The big fellow slammed into the ground as if he were kowtowing. Even if my feet were cut off, I would not live. I hope I can be buried here like my brothers. Even if we die, we can still guard this land and watch the land we love and rebuild our village.
We have come to the end of the world, and we can no longer protect this land village that we love, but that doesn’t mean that no one will protect this land because our grandchildren are here, and they will protect this land because this land belongs to us. I want my soul to be here and watch the next generation live in this land.
Chen Feng and others looked at the baby in front of them and smiled and said, My generation is nothing, but this time is the most brilliant moment in my life. Although the village has been destroyed, I believe they will definitely come back to rebuild the village. At that time, you must come back to this place, your father, I love the land, and our lives will guard the village.
I can do this. I have great power, so I can protect the people around me. Your mother will not die, and the village will not be destroyed. I hope you can become a great man in the future, and you can protect what you want. Don’t be like me, and you can’t even protect what you want.
At this time, the mountain slides again, and the soil is washed away by the rain. The big fellow cries out demanding, please raise this child and tell him that my mother has always loved him and let him live well.
Hao Haiyang picked up the baby and agreed to the big fellow’s demanding, then asked the child’s name.
Just call Nangong Dahan. Before he finished speaking, a layer of rock rolled to the ocean and immediately retreated with the baby in his arms.
After waiting for God, the big man has already been buried by rocks, and the mountain is still slipping.
Did the eldest brother say the child’s name? Chen Feng asked
En Haiyang said with a smile, Sword Nangong Sword has guarded what it wants to protect, just like a symbol of protecting Rapier. This child’s name is Nangong Sword.
When I came back, I went into the house with Nangong Ling and called Nangong Jian to come from my memory, only to find that the sun had almost set.
I didn’t expect it to be so late. Nangong Jian got up and found that the old woman was asleep. She was afraid that the old woman would catch cold. So Nangong Jian wanted to carry her into the house. When she went into the house, Nangong Jian saw a pile of wood piled up by the back door. At this time, Nangong Jian suddenly appeared in her mind. Nangong Ling took a heavy axe and sweated and split wood, and then piled up pieces of wood together.
The nangongshan sword looks at the piled wood that hasn’t been split yet, and stares at those piled wood. Don’t cut it into pieces in an instant, and then Kiki is placed in a pyramid shape.
Nangong Jian went into the house.
Mr. Nangong can have dinner in a little while. Nangong Ling smiled at Nangong Jian and then ran outside to prepare for chopping wood and cooking. When she got back, she saw that the wood was chopped and piled up one by one, and Qiqi Nangong Ling knew that Nangong Jian was afraid of living here for free.
He is a good man. Nangong Ling picked up the wood and smiled. Nangong Ling knew that splitting wood was a very fortunate thing, but Nangong Jian split the wood well, and she would laugh at the thought of this word.
Nangong Jian was awakened by Nangong Lingnanguang when he was sleeping in the hall, and found that I didn’t know when it was raining heavily outside.
Sister, I’ll do it.
Of course, I’ll pull this dangerous thing when you are young.
But my sister is a girl and I am a boy. Of course, I will pull it.