Speaking of Yu Weiyang, she will think of the excuse of leaving at that time to see if she will miss him without him. Now it seems that she often misses him, but it always seems that something is missing.

I was busy saving people and saving souls all the way.
Natural disasters, especially now, the temple doesn’t face the butler, and many victims are destroyed by these disaster-stricken places. They are far from home, lack of clothes, food, medicine and medicine. Sick people are always more than healthy, and people will die every day, and it is by no means one or two lovesickness. Li Chunsheng, who is hired to save Lao Zhang while walking, is convinced that saving one lovesickness is the busiest one, even though she has to intercept those chores. He Yi Li Chunsheng is still the busiest in her temple. When she decides to do something, she will lead those souls all the way. She will intercept those unconscious souls, restore their consciousness, and send them to the shadows again and again. There are too many dead people, and she is getting more and more busy and tired.
However, she was happy because after all, she did not say that the refugees who were rescued by her revered her because of the ghosts who were sent to the underworld. This was a big gain for her. Carefully speaking, Yan Luowang saw that she had sent many people in the past recently. When she was happy, she went to the king of Tibet to call the king of wine and choke her fingers, and then she listened carefully. So she solved the temporary suffering of lovesickness. When Yan Luowang saw the distressed disciple of the king of Tibet, he decided to send two ghosts to help, and lovesickness was of course the boss.
When the two kids came over, they were startled by Acacia. After all, in this world, two awake kids are still very strange. After seeing the two kids come to her for a rest and take a piece of underground information, she asked a lot of questions. Immediately, she was happy and didn’t say anything. She just ordered the two kids to work hard, but the level of restraint was as good as Acacia’s, so Acacia moved directly.
Half a month later, Yu Weiyang sent Wei Shi to come over and Wei Shi also brought nearly 100 people and a large amount of food.
Wei Shi sent a letter saying that now the temple department seems to have a problem. Yu Weiyang said that it should be the small village in Fengchengguo because Yu Weiyang suddenly joined in to stimulate several kings to speed up their hands and feet, regardless of the old emperor’s idea. However, it was unsuccessful. Several kings actually joined forces with the old emperor, but the last layer of separation has not been torn. Yu Weiyang has taken some troops from Qingcheng to the imperial city and said that she should not worry about the future situation.
Of course, she is not worried that in this world, she can trust Yu Weiyang now, and he is really enough to convince her.
Wei Shi said that wars in various countries are now raging, but this chaos just happened to let Feng Cheng not participate in the war for the time being, but he must be able to hold up a situation quickly by himself.
The temple will suddenly return to the imperial city without informing the young lady beforehand.
Acacia gave a hand and didn’t care much about how the war suddenly broke out.
I don’t know if it seems to be a temple, because the temple seems to be very nervous now. Wei Shi doesn’t know much, but he knows nothing.
Later, Acacia pushed the rescue of the living to Wei Shi, the person in charge of Chicheng. She also entrusted Wei Shi to give him a good training, whether it is Wushu or other things. Li Chunsheng needs something heavy to do for him at this time, otherwise he is expected to collapse.
Acacia once again took Silver Heyi to the south, but this time it was no longer a slow ride in a carriage. The scenery was not to be seen all the way. At the sight of the white ghost full of refugees or bodies, the good mood was gone. The old man hired was put back by Acacia, and Lanniang’s coffin was directly taken to Sumeru’s ring by her. Silver flew all the way south, ten times faster than the carriage, and more than half of the way was less than a month.
It’s a pity that the village is no longer in the heart of acacia. She should have thought that the village is very close to the seaside. The tsunami came here, but it was the first place to be affected. At this time, the old site of the village could not even find a dilapidated house.
Blue Niang, would you like to come back here and ask yourself, thinking that she is blue Niang and wondering if she wants to come back here, she is willing to say nothing about deciduous roots. She is thinking that after death, people will always return to the original place, so will their husbands and daughters. It’s a pity that blue Niang, when you come back, it’s a bone soul, but you can’t come back. Isn’t it even more sad to think that one day blue Niang’s husband and daughter will come back but can’t find her soul? Just think that maybe they will meet in a temple of god one day and just don’t know each other.
After feeling it, it was a wish. Acacia found a high place to bury Blue Niang. She didn’t know feng shui and thought about going back to the tsunami. Don’t flush Blue Niang’s grave and found a highest place.
Silver, get ready. We’re leaving. We shed some tears in front of Lanniang’s grave, and our eyes are still red.
Miss is going to the imperial city because Yu Weiyang is there, so Silver asks.
Acacia shook her head lightly. No, I still want to go to a place first. Acacia turned to look at the beach. She vaguely remembered that it was a small village where she was born. She didn’t want to trace back anything or have any special feelings for it. She thought that since she was here, she wouldn’t go and see it. She just looked at it by the way.
Chapter 46 hidden dangers fifteen years ago
There is nothing special about lovesickness in this place. The landing point is from yin to yang, and she was forced to possess a baby here. She stayed in the body for less than a day, and then she didn’t open her eyes at that time. It is convenient for her to look at this place. Now she has also found a secluded small depression closest to the sea to commemorate it. In fact, she is not sure that this must be the former site of the small fishing village.
It’s beautiful. Acacia sucks in a mouthful of salty smell, but it’s more comfortable. Maybe it’s because the sea is vast, it surges, it makes a person feel shocked and love it.
Silver in He Yi two people behind Acacia across the distance watching Acacia at the top of the mountain facing the sea for nearly half an hour. What do you mean, they didn’t quietly look at the sea in vain?
Silver acacia suddenly cried
Miss Silver walked behind Acacia in the first two steps less than one meter away.
Let’s go. Acacia sighs.
Acacia finally took one look at the surging sea and the roaring seagull, and finally sighed deeply and turned to step here. She will never come again.
Miss, we’re leaving like this. It’s silver’s uncertain. We’ve been watching the sea for a while, listening to the tsunami for a while, smelling the salty smell for a while, and we’re leaving. Is it miss? Look at the sea.
Well, when he left, Acacia smiled and left without looking back at the leader.
Who suddenly yelled at Silver coldly? At the same time, her body had shot away. At the same time, the novel He Yi had swept to the front of Acacia, keeping Acacia tightly behind her and looking in the direction of Silver.
Acacia wondered if there would be people here. Think about it and feel that it is impossible. They have come all the way, but they have never seen anyone who can be a monster beast if they are afraid.
Listen, a little silver is flying back soon, and there’s another one in his hand, er, it’s not a fish, that’s right, it’s a fish that stands taller than acacia, or it’s a strange fish monster, because it’s different from ordinary fish, and it’s standing upright and holding a wooden fork in its hand, and its head will be replaced by a beautiful woman’s head, so acacia will definitely be. Unfortunately, this fish head is really ugly.
What is this? Acacia frowns and asks fish monster beast?
Humans, you’d better let me go quickly, or our king will kill you. You’re still arrogant.
Acacia asked who you are.
I’m a sea patrol general, and I’m also a fish demon, and I replied proudly, at the same time, I grunted, put the general back into the sea quickly, or the king will definitely make waves and flood your world.
Acacia was shocked but puzzled, and then asked you what you were doing when you were a general patrolling the sea and eavesdropping on our conversation.
Hum salmon four hum a head up and refuse to answer.
Acacia turned to Silver with annoyance and smiled. Silver, you come.
Silver nodded and turned the fish head directly to her. When her eyes looked at each other, she saw a gray light flashing in her eyes. The fish head was confused and delirious. Silver turned to Miss Acacia’s way. Well, she turned to look at He Yi’s eyes and worried about something meaningful. But it also passed and she stopped looking at him. He Yi seized the moment and gave her a sincere smile. Acacia’s eyes immediately settled down and stole a little bit.
Acacia didn’t notice that their interaction was to look at the fish and ask Silver what it was called.
Silver, what’s your name?
The fish, the demon and the salmon look stunned.
What is the identity of acacia?
What is silver’s identity?
Pioneer officer of the general department of salmon six patrol sea.