The prince of integrity frowned. This is a family matter. What did he say?

Even looked at him with a sincere look. "Let me tell you this, no matter how family is like a male and female servant, it is impossible for my grandfather to make up. Even if my grandfather finds that male and female servants don’t hate male and female servants so much, he will cross the rubicon …"
When this was said, Qi Mu was slightly stunned. What did she say in front of the prince of clean government? Declare war? If it’s not a declaration of war, it’s gone too far
The prince of incorruptible government frowned, and even if he suddenly said such a firm word, he would not cross-examine a piece of wood, whether he wanted to punish him face to face or whether he was to blame someone, but he still kept the royal blood and even made trouble with his family. Will you help Qi Mu? Impossible, but how much loyalty will the royal family fight with loyal ministers?
"What’s the reason?"
"There are not many reasons to really say reasons. There is a saying that I haven’t even been home once in ten years." Even the strength of Jian Jian is unexpected, and even Ru Yan Qi Mu can’t pick up this sentence. He has been watching from beginning to end, but if he doesn’t talk now, he may really be enemies with the prince of clean government.
"Uncle Huang has a good temper because even the old general framed her for letting people bully her half-brother, mother and brother, and chose to buy off her grandnephew, an official’s child and grandnephew. She rebelled against each other twice in a row. First, her mother and brothers and sisters. Second, her husband was just trying to maintain the family’s face. It is impossible for people to hold back."
You Yan Qimu, the prince of maintaining a clean government, is even more sullen. "Even the old general is your grandfather. Even if you wronged you, how can you make a second mistake? Even the old general was once a pillar of the imperial court. You said you would cross the rubicon with him? How to break the law? If you can’t tell me clearly today, I’m afraid I’ll tell you something about you. "
"Naturally, he exposed his lies. He is a celebrity, but he has made such a self-destructive thing. Uncle Huang, I have now found clues through these two officials and bought off other people’s servants, found the source and traced it out."
"Then you won’t go after you get the evidence?"
"The male and female servants dare not report that the report is about the family and the Wangfu. They can wait until they are expelled from the family with me. The worst thing is that the younger brother comes back, but it will make people think that two people who have been expelled from the house are taking revenge."
The prince of incorruptible government looked at Lian Jianji and felt that he was dressed as a pig to eat a tiger. This feeling was too strong, but I have to say that Lian Jianji was very cautious in doing so. In the case that he knew little about her, maybe he could ask more, "I’d like to see your evidence."
"I hope that the male and female servants can still take it out ~" Lian Jian shook his head and continued, "But the male and female servants feel that it is already late. She should be because the prince of integrity has evaporated, which will be a trap, and all clues will be broken. But if she is still alive, the male and female servants must do things first and then prove themselves like the emperor and uncle."
"How dare you? I can’t help but believe that your grandfather said that you are not a simple person and did not do simple things."
"So-called but I still hope that my uncle can help my mother say a word, even if it’s such a great sentence. My parents can’t afford to beat Yuanyang, and my four own children can’t afford it. I beg my uncle to help me." It’s a gift to kneel directly without hesitation.
You Yan Qimu and the honest prince frowned and couldn’t understand …
Chapter 234 Kindness goes before a fall
The prince of clean government can’t help talking when he is away from you. Is it good to confront the prince of clean government head on? Although at last when he left, the prince of integrity agreed to the request of Lian Jian, it made you more worried.
"Do you think Wang’s situation is not critical enough now?" Although you have no strength, the pressure on Qi Mu’s shoulder is particularly high.
"Report in angry what? Didn’t the prince of integrity help me? If I want him to help me, even the old people in my family will not dare to move Aunt Sunny. If the prince of integrity is smart enough, Aunt Sunny will die. That is to cover up the truth and let him step on his own trap. "
You Yan Qimu shook his head. "I don’t think the prince of clean government will believe you. He won’t take the lead. At that time, he won’t be less brave than him. Are you making up for it? I let it go because of Yuheng’s affair before, but I’m trying to determine whether she’s alive by the honest prince. If she’s alive, do you want to make sure she’s alive? "
"The report guessed right. After all, the three people were bought by Aunt Sunny, who happened to be from three different courtyards. It can be seen that even the old people in the family are smeared, but it is also possible to make them look like we are smeared in the eyes of others and do the details. Now we have to let the mother go back first to make the people in the mother’s courtyard become someone."
You Yan Qimu frowned and was not prepared to agree, but suddenly thought of sending someone to say one thing yesterday. "You stuffed a woman for your brother? Or are you alone in my house? "
"Well, Frost, to be honest, I can’t fathom him. It’s best to find someone to look after him, and I don’t want to know what happened in this house before I entered the palace. How many lovers did the sovereign have? But Yuheng may have a big place in my hand now, and I want to keep her."
"What do you mean by suddenly saying that?"
"Nothing, it’s the woman I gave to Frost. I didn’t ask her about the past in this house, but Yang wouldn’t think so. It’s not necessary to bear a life because I asked a word. After that, it’s hard for me to find someone to ask questions in this house, even a small question."
"Yang wants Yu Heng to die?"
"I don’t want me to leave her in the house."
"Suspected the king touched the two sisters? Wang Yuheng admitted that she was sold in a closed brothel when she made a false identity, but Wang never touched Yang. What did she not want? " You Yan Qimu looked at the door position, and he could hear what he said, and this is not just for Lian Jian.
"It’s not because of this, but because the maid said one thing. I agree that loyalty is needed in this palace, not family. This is the reason why my prince is married. Even now he is a real husband and wife, but I think I have proved to the prince what I call this kind of thing. I really don’t want to bear any feelings."
You Yan Qimu’s face is a little worse. He held out his hand and rubbed his hair. "The king wants this throne, but now he has a little concern for you. The king wants to try whether you will bear the debt of love. After all, you have to have it in your hand. This time, we passed the Prince of Integrity. After the draft at the end of this year, the king and your base can wait for the death of you Yan Qimu."
"This kind of thing report or wait to sit tight after the throne"
"The king is not afraid of beauty, but he is afraid that one thousand kings can’t get through it, and the beauty doesn’t even have a mouth," said Ruyan Qimu, stirring up her hair and smiling lightly. As a result, she looked at him quietly like a seven-year-old girl, and she was a little at a loss.
"Report want to go with me to see the jade scale? I don’t know if she woke up. "
You Yan Qimu shook his head. "Wait until she wakes up before you go to see her. Someone is bound to inform you that what you have to do now is not to find a way to find evidence for the prince of integrity?"
"One-hundred-day husband and wife, even if she is an identity report, you shouldn’t be so cool thin to her, but it’s also good because she has a triple or even quadruple identity now. The emperor once loved the descendants of the royal family of Chikage Shunguo and saved her by accident."
"It is because of this last article that Wang Cai doesn’t want to see her. You have checked some news about Shun Kingdom, right? They are very dangerous. Wang told Yu Heng that my goal is that this day is not limited to this small Geng Kingdom. Here is"
Even a light smile feels like hearing something to laugh at. "Male and female servants don’t have such great ability, but let’s just hear your great ideal, but if there’s nothing else, I’ll go to see Yuheng. I’ll find a day in the afternoon …"
Even when I saw you in Qi Mu’s eyes, I was dissatisfied with her. These days, she was busy looking for Shun Guo’s things. She had forgotten what she had done before and realized her gaffes, but she couldn’t make a pair of "forget it, report. You can find him for me. Let him go to Lianjia Xiuniang Village the night after tomorrow to catch Aunt Sunny. I went to beginning of spring today to get Aunt Sunny’s family to Bieyuan first."
You Yan Qimu still looked at her with great dissatisfaction, but even Zhanjian bowed directly and went out. You Yan Qimu shrugged his shoulders and looked at the door for a long time without thinking about talking. Well, it seems that smoking is to find a way to make this company change a little, or when it is necessary to win over the control minister through marriage, only loyalty can’t make Lianjian work so hard.
At night, beginning of spring took people to Aunt Sunny’s Daliang’s home. It was dark in the house. beginning of spring picked up the stone and hit this inferior wooden door. It was very dry and made a noise much louder than beginning of spring thought.
"In the middle of the night … is it Brother Liang?"
The door came out and a comely woman in an official coat walked out. She looked around. It was dark. beginning of spring narrowed her eyes slightly. They came to catch this company Daliang, but they could hear that it seemed to be this company Daliang on duty tonight. beginning of spring hesitated slightly.
Beginning of spring looked at the woman for a while. How could she be wearing this man’s coat? Although catching her will startle her, if you catch her and stay in the house the next morning, the train will be full of firewood, but when it is carried away in front of people, beginning of spring will shake a little, but if you return home …
Beginning of spring thought for a long time, but with a wave of his hand, the four men in black appeared at once. The young woman didn’t react, and even the sound didn’t come out. She was already under control. beginning of spring rushed into the room. There should be another person, but not necessarily even Daliang went in and saw a man wearing clothes in a panic.
"Take it away together!"
Chapter 235 Threats
Even sitting in Ruyan Qimu’s room, rubbing her temples and reposing, she didn’t dare to sleep well until beginning of spring came back. It has long been a habit to stay up late the next morning, and she also gave this matter to Ruyan Qimu.
Beginning of spring came in carrying two people in one hand. "The princess caught Lian Daliang’s wife … but …"
"Didn’t catch even Daliang caught his wife and brought it back. If you say so, get punished." I didn’t even open my eyes for a long time and didn’t hear beginning of spring speak. When I opened my eyes, I was a little bit stunned. What are two people? And unexpectedly, this man is wearing a woman’s coat, and even a good wife is wearing an official’s coat?
"Ah, it’s so clever to help this fine aunt catch a rape? Hey, did you stay? "
"I wish I had left two people behind to find a scooter and smuggled it to Bieyuan."
Even nodded beginning of spring took the cloth that was stuffed in these two people’s mouths and looked at this even Daliang’s wife’s clothes. "You are also a chief? If so, do you know which street Lian Daliang should change shifts on duty now? "
"Princess?" This was conveniently caught chief was livid, if not tied hands, it is estimated that "Wang … Princess Empress! Daliang Daliang is that even the family members are directly in the government until the shift is changed? "
"beginning of spring sent this woman directly to Bieyuan. There’s no need to be polite to her …" Even Jia Jian hesitated slightly to get rid of him, but she wanted to think about whether this person was anywhere else.
Silence is scarier than anything, and this intention is frightened by being involved in it.
"Are you even good?"