JiZhao direction just greeted with step Ye Cheng positive step Ye Cheng tall and straight figure came up when she saw him at a glance.

Four eyes look at each other, one is cold and the other is lax.
Step Ye Cheng walked over and the cold iron handcuffs seemed to hurt his eyes. He shrank his eyes and looked at one side coming towards him. A face of flattering police officers was as cold as if they had been soaked in ice water. "Officer Mo, what crime did my wife commit?"
Officer Mo hasn’t spoken yet, and his soft voice has come up. "I tried to kill people in Buye City, and I committed murder."
He turned his eyes back to Ji Zhao’s face when Bu Yecheng heard that his body gave a good shock. "Don’t deceive me," he said with a gentle voice and a slow smile. "Tell me what happened?"
Ji Zhao looked at him with a smile, and his tone was normal and natural. "Well, I ran over to find Ge Shu on purpose, but I didn’t have the strength to hurt her leg. She was just pushed into the operating room. Don’t you go and see her?"
Step Ye City closed its eyes and muted the line "I don’t believe it". He insisted on saying that the side head was facing the police officer’s mouth just now and "beat the handcuffs"
Mo police officer one leng eye dew difficult "this ….."
Buyecheng’s veins stood out violently. He seemed to be trying to keep back his words and almost spilled out of his teeth. "I told you to beat the handcuffs!"
"You don’t want to be a difficult police officer in Buyecheng. I made a mistake. You asked Officer Mo to handcuff me in front of so many people?"
Jizhao gently curled up his smile and stimulated his nerves endlessly.
Officer Mo is a genius at first sight. In this case, his brain still reacts and quickly calls Mrs. Ji Zhaoyi.
Jizhao looked aside. When Officer Mo saw that Officer Mo was winking at her constantly, it was business and asked, "Mrs. Step, let me ask you again what happened at the scene? Are you sure you are not hurting people in self-defense? "
"No," Ji Zhao smiled and didn’t want to answer, "I killed someone intentionally. I had this idea for a long time, but it’s a pity that I didn’t kill her with a knife."
Panic flashed from the bottom of the man’s eyes. He didn’t want to hug Ji Zhao in his arms. It took him a long time to calm down and his black eyes were unusually scarlet. "Ji Zhao, do you know that attempted murder is punishable?"
Ji Zhao echoed "Yes" with his eyes open.
"Ji Zhao, don’t be silly, don’t try to punish me by yourself." He gritted his teeth and spoke with a little bit of pleading for comfort. "Ji Yang has been released from prison. If you don’t believe me, call Ji Yang now and let him come over. I beg you not to hurt yourself to punish me."
"Well, I called Chen Yanting on my way. I thanked Chen Yanting." Ji Zhao quietly leaned back in the man’s arms and laughed. "I’m a success in Buyecheng, and I congratulate you. You did protect Ge Shu, but at the same time, you have lost me."
Step Ye Cheng felt as if his taut string had been broken until Ji Zhao was taken away by the police, and he felt as if his heart had been dug out.
Do you want to protect Ge Shuzhou in Buye City? I’m not as good as you … "
In the early morning, her heart-rending words rang clearly in her ears as if something had just happened.
She told him about Jiyang in this way, and he chose to stay out of it and oppose her.
He’s also in jail, punishing him, telling him that Jiyang was in jail, and he stayed out of it. Now she’s in jail, and he wants to control her and let him control it!
This woman, how hard is she to be so cruel to herself …
He couldn’t step quietly for a long time until Ge Shu was pushed into the ward from the outside.
Ge Shu’s pale face once got out of control and choked several times after seeing him "Ye Cheng …"
Step Ye City looked down at her bandages wrapped around her thighs for a short silence. He whispered, "Did Ge Shu say something to stimulate Ji Zhao?"
Ge Shu stared at the handsome face of the man. "What did you say?"
"I said, did you say something to stimulate her when Ji Zhao ran to you just now?"
Ge Shu didn’t expect Bu Ye City to question her anger after seeing her leg wound for a long time before she stabilized her mood and turned her face away. "Are you saying that I deliberately said something to stimulate her to let her cut me with a knife? Do I look so stupid in Buyecheng? "
Step Ye Cheng Adam’s apple rolled "Ge Shu" and he called her voice without ups and downs and without much emotion "Jiyang came out"
GeShuWen body gave a shock suddenly lift eyes looked at him "what did you say? Is Jiyang out of prison? "
He nodded, "Yes, Jiyang came out."
GeShu good-looking eyes suddenly tightened "step Ye city is you? Are you looking for it? "
Section 171
"It’s not me but Ge Shu" Step Ye Cheng calmly said "Chen Yanting is just a little faster than me"
Ge Shu suddenly widened her eyes and could hardly believe "Step Ye City, you-!"
Step Ye City slightly pulled the lip. "Well, I can’t raise a wild cat at home. I have to do what I should or shouldn’t do. I’m afraid she will scratch me with a careless heart."
But this time he was scratched by her, and his heart was almost suffocated by her biting and scratching bloody breathing …
After he finished this sentence, his face turned and walked outside the ward, which seemed to remind him. He suddenly paused and turned to look at it. I don’t know whether it was because of anger or illness. Ge Shu’s face turned white.
"By the way, the police will come and take a message later. I hope you can see that I have taken care of you for so many years and try to say as little as possible that is not good for my wife."
Ge Shu stabbed herself in Jizhao, and she almost won the game.
But what did you mean by what Ye Cheng said just now?
She didn’t react until step Ye City was away from her ward. What just happened?
Step Ye city should not run to her heart and then be disappointed with Jizhao after seeing her wound instantly?
I don’t know how many times I came to see Ji Zhao in the prison before going to court. No matter what Step Ye said to her, she turned a blind eye to him.
Step Ye Cheng felt that he had never been so desperate about one thing.
Two people, one outside and the other inside, communicate almost all the time.
He thought this woman must be blind. He loved her so much that he couldn’t see how much he loved her.
Now he understands that she is actually the clearest person. She knows that he cares about her, and she will punish him by herself. His attitude of staying out of Jiyang makes him feel guilty and regret to death!
The day before the court, Yecheng went to see Jizhao at the same time as usual.
He looked in his eyes and barely looked at her. Ji Zhao later called the prison guard. He went in and looked at Ji Zhao’s Adam’s apple rolling and dumb. He called, "Ji Zhao will be in court tomorrow. Can you talk to me now?"
Jizhao light lift eyes saw his one eye, and then dropped his eyes.
Step Ye City sighed, raised her arms and held her in her arms. I haven’t held her like this for a long time and hugged her for a while. It’s hard to tell.
"Jizhao, you have lost weight again."
Jizhao motionless, he held a word.
"Ji Zhao, if you want to get back at me, you don’t have to hurt yourself." He hugged her tightly as if she could feel her presence. "You said I would do whatever you want me to do."
"Step Ye City, your male chauvinism is too serious." Ji Zhaoba leans on the man’s shoulder and his eyes are slightly distracted. "You always decide for me that I want to do it according to your own ideas, and you never care about my ideas. You think that I want you to think that you have imposed your ideas on Jiyang and Ge Shu where I am."
He paused to adjust his tone and continued, "You think it’s Jiyang’s fault, and you realize that I should think so, too. I never put myself in the shoes. I think you think Jiyang should be punished for making a mistake? You hold me by the handle and do what you want and feel at ease that I dare not resist you, right? "
"JiZhao …"
As if listening to the man’s voice, she felt a headache and closed her eyes as if nothing had happened. "Do you want to persuade me not to admit that I killed someone intentionally when I was in heaven?"