This stone pillar is the beginning of Xerneas’s seal, and the veterans Poké mon worked together to rebuild it so that they could meet Xerneas’s return here one day.

Although many Poké mon were dead of old age …
Cheerful Xerneas has liberated himself from color change.
It flew back to Qiuyuan, and then a force threw Qiuyuan on its back and took off again.
"Ahhh! Wait! ! Fly slowly! ! Brother! You are my big brother. Fly slowly! !”
Qiuyuan clutched Xerneas’s neck and felt the strong wind blowing on his cheek caused by Xerneas’s high-speed flight.
After gradually adapting to the flight rhythm of Xerneas, Qiu Yuan did not feel happy.
"This brother went out and had a big day to blow." Qiu Yuan proudly thought, "I have ridden a beast or this top beast."
Flying by Xerneas, Qiuyuan was discovered by all the Poké mon, which made the bottom talk.
"Lindsey miles Lindsey miles? (Who is this human being? What’s riding a big man in Xerneas? )”
"gung? Isn’t this the human that Gengar brought in? )”
"roar! Ho ho! (What about Gengar! Come out and explain one! )”
"Ah ha? Whoo-hoo! (what is it? No, I’m not my business! )”
"Wave Keith! (Stop arguing! )”
Chapter 5 hermetic
Xerneas landed on the stone pillar with Qiuyuan and looked down at the poké mon who gathered together.
I don’t know where my family grew up. Togekiss, with high prestige, flew to the stone pillar respectfully and excitedly
"Lord Xerneas welcomes you back!"
All the Poké mon in the field burst into a huge shout to welcome Xerneas back.
I feel that everyone is deeply moved by their hearts, and even Qiu Yuan is infected by their warm feelings.
"Yes, I’m back."
At this moment, Xerneas calmed down and let go of the sigh. There was a sigh of joy in the light tone.
Cheers again in the field.
For the Poké mon present, waiting for Xerneas’s return seems to have become their common vision. This is the wish of Poké mon from the older generation.
But at this moment, they finally ushered in how can they not be excited and happy when they admire and love God!
"Speaking of it, the human beings around me rescued me."
Smell speech all the Poké mon are surprised to see Qiuyuan.
Gengar is also a face of surprise "blare ha? Woo-hoo-hoo? Hey, hey, hey, hey … (What? Is he the one who rescued Lord Xerneas? That I also have a lot of credit hey hey hey …) "
"What’s your name?" Xerneas looked at the pillar Togekiss way
"My name is Xerneas’s adult," Togekiss replied respectfully.
"Well, don’t be so careful about the trough. Is it terrible for me to let go?"
Perhaps most of the Poké mon present have never seen Xerneas, who is looking forward to Xerneas’s return, and now he has seen it, saying that Lord Zhongzelnias is still in awe.
But before Xerneas was sealed, it and Poké mon were more like friends. Now the reaction of Poké mon makes it a little uncomfortable.
Xerneas’s long horn frets, and the soothing power falls in all the Poké mon shapes, and the Poké mon people’s mentality is much easier.
"It’s Lord Xerneas."
The trough expression is also much more natural.
"Will you still practice occultism in the beginning?" Xerneas asked.
Qiuyuan is listening. It’s strange that you still have unique cultivation skills.
Without thinking, the valley replied, "Every newborn Poké mon will be taught occult skills after meeting the requirements, just waiting for the moment when the adults return!"
Xerneas laughed when he heard this. "Then please lead them to use secret skills!"
The trough should then turn around and look at all Poké mon.
With its command, a group of Togekiss stepped out of the formation and commanded some Poké mon.
See them sit in order, slowly close their eyes and enter a state similar to meditation.
"Are you ready? Qiuyuan "Xerneas way
"Prepare what?" Qiuyuan is at a loss about what your occult cultivation has to do with me. I’m not a poké mon.
Xerneas didn’t speak any more, so all the Poké mon were in a state of readiness.
Xerneas’s head root horns shine in unison, and the energy comes from it, and the core of the chest source also bursts with bright light.
As if Xerneas echoed the general field, Poké mon’s body also issued a dark light.
Seeing this Qiuyuan, I suddenly remembered that this is not the mural Xerneas Poké mon cultivation scene.
At the moment, I see thick pure white silk threads from the stone pillar Poké mon body slowly gathering together in the middle of Xerneas’s power package.
"Qiuyuan feels this power and integrates it into the core of I give you the source."
Xerneas sounded in Qiu Yuan’s mind and looked curious. Qiu Yuan was at sea with himself.
"How do you feel? Hey, I’m not a Poké mon! !”
"Hold the source core and feel it!" Xerneas’s sound soothed Qiu Yuan’s impatience. "Then integrate this power into the source core so that you can make it."
Got instructions from Xerneas Qiu Yuan hurriedly took out the Xerneas source core from the unified warehouse and held it in his hand.
According to Xerneas’s mind, Qiuyuan’s successful feeling is condensed with strength, and pure strength seems to have no attribute.
Slowly pulling the core strength of the source, Qiu Yuan also successfully integrated the cohesive strength of Poké mon into the core that Xerneas gave him.
At the moment of successful integration, Qiu Yuanxian felt a little bit of vibration in his chest.
Silent vitality has some tendency to be awakened!
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
With doubts Qiu Yuan said, "What is this force in Xerneas? I seem to feel the vitality! "
Xerneas was silent for a moment and thought about it.
"I don’t know what this power is. I have mastered this secret since I was born. Through it, my source power can be stronger and purer."