The first attack didn’t hit the driftwood, and it became more disorganized. Yunmingyuan moved fast enough, and even if there were a large number of branches out of the driftwood, there was no way to take Yunmingyuan.

The two sides were deadlocked for a moment, and Liumu didn’t get the benefits, but he didn’t say anything, and he was also got by Yunmingyuan.
Yunmingyuan didn’t expect it to be like this. He could get a part of this tree full of fruit after the original Liumu shot. Who would have thought that Liumu turned out to be a slag? Not only did it not take away the fruit of Liumu from his hand, but it also helped Yunmingyuan to get the fruit of Liumu. The process became simpler.
Yunmingyuan "…"
He didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Liumu is going to explode!
But it also realized that its fighting capacity is not good, even a human monk can’t deal with it!
It was only because of the weak fighting capacity that I found such a place to take root. I didn’t expect it to be rooted in the natural materials and treasures. I have been relying on the breakthrough of the turbulent people outside to create the illusion of my own strength.
This human comes in and tells it again that it is really not strong at all.
Flow wood first stopped moving.
Yunmingyuan also listened to it.
The two sides stared at each other face to face very quietly for a moment.
There’s an energy coming from Liumu Yunmingyuan. I heard a sound in my mind.
"You’ve taken all my fruits. Why don’t you leave?"
Liumuyin sounds … very young.
Like a cub
Yun Mingyuan didn’t bully the cub at all. He felt that his face was expressionless and calmly stated the facts. "I noticed that there is a natural resource here."
Flow wood tone panic a "what did you say? I don’t know anything! "
Yun Mingyuan "… I haven’t said you know."
Liumu "…" So it is without being pressed?
Flowing wood has opened up spiritual wisdom, but there is no cultivation to be able to take shape. Through it, the essence is not so strong for a while. When I really face human monks, I find that I am no match for human monks.
"What do you want?" Liumu is a little scared.
"I want to know what that natural treasure is."
"no! Impossible! " Even if Liumu has a bad brain, he knows that if he tells the name of that thing, it is impossible for this human being not to be moved!
No one can refuse to be lured by natural resources and treasures.
Less in the eyes of Liumu, it attracted attention at a glance, and no one can resist it!
Yun Mingyuan said something for a moment, "What is impossible?"
"Give up, human. I can never tell you what it is!"
"I can find it myself if you don’t tell me."
Yunmingyuan light way
He took out a compass.
Of course, he didn’t forge this compass, but he got it at the contribution point of Xianyun Zongli brother to detect the natural materials and treasures.
Although he is not so accurate occasionally, he may make mistakes on a large scale, but he is already here and can’t find what that thing is. He will go back and give a good talk to the refiner who is refining these arrays.
Liumu knows that the human friar always has some strange means. I really want this human friar to find it.
Chapter 7 Go to Hongyuan
"Brother, do you think you need a spiritual pet?" Liumu’s posture is very low, and his tone is also cautious, and he also takes a few minutes to please.
Yunmingyuan doesn’t know whether he should feel that Liumu is flexible or should feel that Liumu is so ashamed.
As the saying goes, black cats and white cats are good cats if they can catch consumption.
Liumu doesn’t care whether he can meet people by his own means or not, and he is shameless. Anyway, it’s just a tree with no face!
Yun Mingyuan didn’t know that he was going to be attacked by a tree. He glanced at his hand and he didn’t know that he should react at the moment.
Ice Excalibur is not responsible for answering his doubts. After absorbing the stone, Ice Excalibur directly returned to Yunmingyuan Dantian without leaving a word.
Yunmingyuan "…"
Suddenly I feel that none of these things he got from the God King are reliable.
He turned to look at the "eyeing up" to himself-actually, there is no eye to wonder that the trunk is facing Yunmingyuan’s flowing wood in a dull tone. "Sorry, I don’t need a pet now."
It’s ridiculous that he has already raised so many small ancestors, so why not raise any spiritual pets?
Yunmingyuan thinks he won’t do such a stupid thing.
By no means will the contract flow wood.
I’m not annoyed that Liumu was rejected and somehow turned into a palm-sized sapling. I eagerly asked Yun Mingyuan, "Do you still need leg pendants? I can also pretend to be a decoration. Do you think I’m cute now? It’s also wonderful to send my heart, right? "
Yun Mingyuan couldn’t help looking at a driftwood when he heard this and found that it looked really cute when it became smaller.
Yunmingyuan shook his head "…" He was really crazy and almost brainwashed by a tree.
"You don’t follow me" YunMingYuan will flow wood aside to Han Xiu ink location in the past.
Although the turbulence-causing stones have disappeared, the turbulence stones in this area will not disappear when the gangfeng is short.
Going back, Yunmingyuan still has to go through several Gangfeng winds and random turbulence, regardless of the roots jumping behind him.