"Very good a ghost! I am a girl! Girls and girls! "

Listen, Itsuka Kotori said that Wu Heshi’s woven face suddenly blushed, and the girl said in such a flurry that she looked at a loss.
"Who says girls and girls can’t do such things? Girls and girls love is the purest."
"Don’t show that expression. This is to make the elves feel good about the world, but also to make the elves shy to seal them. Then the way to make the elves shy is to have love!"
A clear-headed analysis of the benefits of this method made Qin feel very satisfied with the reason why he was ready to deal with Wuhe Weaving temporarily or long ago, but he didn’t say’ I really am the cleverest’.
"I … I know, if it can protect that girl."
I remembered the sad appearance of the purple-haired girl I saw. Wuhe Shizhi couldn’t help but have a slight quiver in his heart.
That ….. is the feeling of love.
Chapter 379 Invitation
"Speaking of which, what happened to Priness and that man over there?"
"Princess Priness?"
Five rivers and weaving slightly leng leng while Itsuka Kotori is gently nodded his head.
"Elf code names are based on their physical characteristics because elves have no names. They take all kinds of nicknames."
Itsuka Kotori said so, Wuhe Shizhi was silent again, but Chin didn’t seem to notice and began to ask questions.
Tracking shows that she still hasn’t returned to the critical point, and she doesn’t know what happened. Now she and that man are staying in a remote shrine.
"Well, let’s observe for the time being and see if there is a possibility of direct communication."
At the same time, on the other side of the shrine, Yu is worried that the eyelids of the girl with ten incense are getting heavier and heavier, and it seems that she will fall asleep at any time.
"What happened suddenly? What happened to Shixiang? Are you okay?"
"No … nothing is sleepy … want to sleep"
"Sleep? Is it critical? "
"Well … it looks like I’m going back. Goodbye again, Ye Yu."
So obsessed with saying this, ten sweet sounds became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared directly in the arms of Ye Yu.
"Back to … critical?"
Looking at ten incense so disappear in front of your Ye Yu some loss so to speak.
But what on earth did you come to this world for? I haven’t understood it yet. Naisha Naisha hasn’t told herself. Is it the same as the original world?
But where should I go now? Ten Xiang said goodbye once, but when will she go back to the critical sleep this time? How long will she sleep? And she didn’t say where she will appear when she returns to the present world.
Well, there will be earthquakes before the elves appear. At that time, we can know where the ten incense appears by the location of the earthquake.
Just as Ye Yu was thinking about going to town to have a look, there was a sudden noise outside the door.
"That … is anyone there?"
The door of the shrine was suddenly pushed open and came in. Ten incense saw Ye Yu appear in front of her and made a lovely sound with a slight leng.
"Ah how … how the elves disappeared? !”
A face of don’t understand looking at swinging shrine and Ye Yu five rivers and weaving in front of your face, saying this is also saying this to the ear micro communication device.
Before being sent to the shrine, Wu He Shi Zhi was encouraged by her sister Qin to persuade the elves through dialogue, but to her surprise, when she came in, she found that the elves were gone.
Hey, hey, hey, what should I do now? Why is there a man here when the elf is gone and the elf is gone? What should I do now? It’s embarrassing.
Wuhe Shizhi looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, while Ye Yu looked at each other curiously and soon found something unusual about the girl.
Interesting … Is this girl with those girls who attacked at the beginning, or is it …
"What should I do now! What elves are missing? What a situation this is! "
"How do I know? It seems that Priness should be back to the critical point?"
"What should I do now? What should I say to this man?"
"Well, this man is also very important. Ask him a little bit about what elves will leave with him when they have elf information."
"But how do you ask this question? Isn’t it exposed? Didn’t you say you couldn’t let the elves know about me and you? "
Wuhe Shizhi asked so inexplicably, while Qinli answered with a face of so-called samples in the headphones.
"So what? Anyway, he’s not an elf. It’s a big deal to absorb him into the organization when the time comes. It’s just easier to match with you."
Jean said that Wu Heshi’s face expression was even more corrected. Looking at the curious man in front of your face, he didn’t know what to say.
"What about … what about this gentleman elf? What are you and elf?"
"Interesting … Are you with those people?"
"What … what people do you mean those who attack elves? I’m not with them."