"But studying the resurrection of Poké mon is that Poké mon …" May asked.

"That is to say, the earth Poké mon Gulado was created," Diane replied.
"That’s right, Poké mon!" May was surprised.
"At the very least, it has to be something of this level, otherwise the Fire Rock Team wouldn’t pursue it so much." Aaron echoed the sentence.
"But in the end he found Jirachi in Faos," Diane continued.
"Looking for Jirachi? Do you want Jirachi to help realize your wish? " Xiaosheng immediately got up and asked May to press Xiaosheng again and again. Now he is in the car, and the ground is uneven and he is uneasy.
"No, he wants Jirachi to manipulate the huge energy of the Millennium Comet. The resurrection of Gulado needs a lot of energy. According to Butler, a failure is due to lack of energy." Diane said, "And in order to wake Jirachi up, there must be a Jirachi partner juvenile hall. We will perform magic shows everywhere to find this teenager."
"And this boy is a small victory," said May, looking at a small victory.
"By the way, where is Faos?" Small wins and looked at lying in the chair Jirachi then asked.
"It takes four days to drive," Diane replied.
"It’s my partner’s mission to leave Jirachi for a while," Xiaosheng said. It should be said that it is rare to see Xiaosheng speak so seriously
"My words are not the original plan. I didn’t finish working directly for seven days. At most, I didn’t add another two or three days when I came back." Aaron looked at Xiaosheng and said Xiaoshengyi smiled happily. May naturally went and nodded at Xiaosheng
"It’s been so long, let’s go to Faos." Diane said that she didn’t want Diane to act together with Aaron.
"There are two days left." Three nights after departure, May closed the "Seven Nights wishing star" as usual, and one of the small victories suddenly shouted "Don’t be like this, sister!" And ran away.
"Small victory …" May muttered should say don’t know what to say.
"He doesn’t want to be separated from Jirachi, right? Because of May, you are counting down the victory." Aaron said next to May that May looked at the wishing sunflower in his hand and didn’t say anything about silence.
"Don’t worry, everyone knows that May is very clear about your heart, but you really want to be with Jirachi. That’s the mood. Forget it, May. You go to sleep quickly. Leave it to me. It is estimated that you will arrive in Faola one day or the day after tomorrow." Aaron said and then wanted to walk to Xiaosheng.
"Aaron" May suddenly called Aaron Aaron and turned around.
"What’s the matter now?" Aaron asked with a smile
"No … thank you," said May, and Aaron laughed. "Well, thank me, then go to bed quickly. Keeping up the spirit is the best reward for me." Aaron laughed and laughed, and May nodded and got into the car.
"It’s almost time for Xiaosheng. You should go to bed quickly." Aaron went to Xiaosheng and sat down.
"But the horse won’t see Jirachi," replied Xiaosheng.
"But even if you are so depressed, there is no way to delay the time longer. If you sleep late today and get up early, you will have no spirit to play. 1+1 is the same as 1+5+5. The answer is the same. Your happiness may eventually be equated, but now you are depressed when you lose and create happiness." Aaron said, "A thousand years is really a long time for people, but for Jirachi, it is just a moment in sleep, but now Jirachi and Xiaosheng are together. It is definitely not a moment. For it, Xiaosheng, these seven days with you must be longer than the Millennium. "Aaron continued to say that Xiaosheng is incredible. He looked at Aaron and then at Jirachi.
"If you know each other, there must be separation, which is inevitable. Whether it’s people and Poké mon or people, you and Jirachi are good friends. Since they are good friends, Jirachi certainly doesn’t want to see you so unhappy. It’s a day to be able to play. I’m more happy that you and Jirachi can go to bed now, otherwise you will have to worry about you when you go to May like this." Aaron finally said that it is actually difficult to win a small victory, but it is also very simple like these times.
"There are still two days to go. We have to find a Poké mon Center on the road and find another guy to come over. I’m afraid the words of Three Gods Birds alone can’t deal with that guy." And Aaron has his own abacus
Thirty-seven real eyes! To "draw"?
From the sixth day, we will move forward in the forest. There is no way to drive in the forest, so four people will walk instead.
Finally, it was the last day of the seventh day. Four people were walking along the road when Absuolu suddenly appeared in front of Aaron and them.
Absuolu gave a cry and walked forward.
"Tell us to follow," Aaron said, and then followed.
Walking behind Absuolu, many Poké mon appeared on both sides.
After walking into a cave for a while, Absuolu suddenly ran away. What happened?
"The stars are calling me," Jirachi suddenly said. It seems that it should be the destination.
Jirachi wanted to fly away, and then Xiaosheng suddenly hugged Jirachi.
"I really don’t want to be separated. It’s hard to be friends. I really don’t want to be separated." Xiaosheng cried
"The stars … are calling me." Jirachi once again said that Xiaosheng should be said to be transfixed, and then let go of Jirachi and flew.
"Xiaosheng, don’t cry. Jirachi thinks the same as you. Jirachi certainly doesn’t want to be separated from you, but it’s something that has to be done." Aaron patted Xiaosheng on the shoulder and then sank his head. "Yes, it has to be done or something that has to be done consciously …" Aaron muttered May, but he looked at Aaron’s slightly sad expression. May didn’t see much.
"Aaron, you’re all right …" "But it’s precisely because of this that you can’t be sad if you don’t let your leaving friends worry and Jirachi worry, right?" May just wanted to say that Aaron continued to look at Xiaosheng and said that May should say that the horse smiled and worried that it might be a bit redundant. "Aaron can cheer up." Almost May thought so.
"Jirachi is going to open his eyes," Diane said.
"Real eyes?" May naturally puzzled.
"The real eye will only open when Jirachi summons the energy of the Millennium comet," Diane explained. "In the Millennium sleep, Jirachi will inject part of the comet energy into the earth, which is why the Faos environment is so good." Diane said that Xiaosheng also nodded. "It turns out that the earth here was bred by Jirachi." It seems that there is some understanding.
Suddenly there was a sound coming from the surrounding rock wall, and then four purple rays hit, and Jirachi became a ball and wrapped Jirachi to catch Jirachi.
"What is it?" Xiaosheng shouted in a hurry
"I think this road is going too smoothly," Aaron shouted. He immediately took out Poké Ball from his waist and pressed it to enlarge it. No response?
"Here really also put that kind of magnetic wave? I don’t know if that person can catch up, "Aaron said."
As soon as Jirachi was caught, he was alone in a high platform.
"welcome to the real butler magic show," said the man. "it’s butler!"
"Butler, what are you here!" Diane seems puzzled?
"In order to open Jirachi’s real eye, although illusion can only get it, your friendship is the best. You are the biggest and last trick I prepared." Butler looked at Diane’s question and said, "You will understand me after Diane’s experiment is successful." Butler said, and then four purple lights hit Aron’s side. Aron May defeated Diane, and the action of four people was blocked.
"Everyone * * is about to start now. Please enjoy this great magic!" Butler said and then disappeared from Aaron and others’ field of vision.
"If I could call out Poké mon, I wouldn’t make you so crazy. Haven’t you arrived yet?" Aaron said
"Aaron, what are you talking about?" It’s strange that May noticed.
"Well, a friend of mine, if he arrives, I’m sure I can release Poké mon." Aaron replied to May. It should be said that he didn’t understand it very well, but he knew that a very powerful person was coming …
Then a light came out of the huge platform where Butler was located. Aaron knew it was from Jirachi, and then there seemed to be an explosion in the comet. Then a light immediately hit the platform, and then he saw a ball at the lower end of the platform protruding from three angles, and then light appeared from these three angles respectively, and then converged and emitted at one point, hitting the ground. Aaron couldn’t see it here, but it seemed that the light was constantly changing angles, and what patterns were being drawn.
This is ABSOLU’s arrival. He used a test knife and fired it in the form of a wave blade. A dozen hit the wall and emitted this purple light. The machine exploded, and then another one exploded, and one of them also flew in the desert. Dragonflies were Aaron. They saw that one trampled on the way here, and then hit a dead light and exploded another one. All four mechanical things were killed.
Then the desert dragonfly landed next to Aaron and his party.
"Do desert dragonflies want to help us?" Aaron said that the desert dragonfly nodded, and Aaron nodded, and then climbed to the back of the desert dragonfly.
"I’ll go, too," Xiao Sheng told me.
"No, it’s too dangerous. You stay here." Aaron refused.
"But … I also want to save Jirachi …" Xiaosheng bowed his head and said.
"Forget it, hurry up if you want to come." Aaron finally couldn’t refuse Xiaoshengyi for the second time and smiled and climbed the back of the desert dragonfly.
"Caught Xiaosheng" Aaron said to Xiaosheng, "Desert Dragonfly, please." Then Aaron said to Desert Dragonfly, the desert dragonfly nodded and flew.
"Be careful, Aaron Xiaosheng" May said that Aaron answered "Yes" with a smile and flew with his thumb up. Suddenly, a Poké mon stood in front of Aaron and Xiaosheng.
"It’s violent!" Xiaosheng said
"Did you release Poké mon before you released the magnetic wave on your side?" Aron said, "What skills can desert dragonflies have?" Aron took out an illustration of his side. Although it can be seen from the situation that desert dragonflies destroyed the dead light just now, this desert dragonfly is very excellent. First, it is very strong. Second, it has been many times. After destroying the dead light, there are very few deputy.
"Bite, bite, break, dig a hole, earthquake feint, ground crack, plot against sonic wave, quicksand, hell throwing sand, ultrasonic dragon breath noise, dragon claw dust storm destroying the dead light … Are you really a wild poké mon? Can desert dragonflies learn skills?" Kojiro’s first plug-in can check skills, but when he saw the wild, he didn’t need to look at skills. If he was interested, he could just grab it and watch it at any time, and those poké mon were able to learn those skills in the wild. I memorized it, because I didn’t look at those English grammar classes at this time, Aaron used those hours to study illustrations. To tell the truth, there is no need. This time, Aaron is going to prepare a messenger to fight wild Poké mon, which is attached to this desert dragonfly. Aaron himself has a small victory. If he can’t lose, he should prepare as much as possible to win.
As soon as the salamander let out the jet flame, the desert dragonfly fluttered its wings and rose to avoid Aaron. There was no small victory. It seemed that there was no way for the horse to adapt to this situation and clung to Aaron’s clothes.
"Use ultrasonic desert dragonfly!" Aaron said that the desert dragonfly was stupefied and then shouted. Aaron didn’t bring earplugs for a while.
"Although you can’t hear the sound, the frequency of desert dragonfly is just as uncomfortable. Holding back the ultrasound has a greater impact on human beings than on Poké mon," Aaron said, but you can’t respond when you don’t hear the response.
"Good dragon breath!" Along ling