"But it is impossible for me to have a perceptual error."

"Is it that the ninjas in Xingren Village are practicing" stars "?"
"That piece of extraterrestrial meteorite Murphy …"
"Is it with bijuu?"
In the Red Star, the off-road people who just went to Xingren Village had a delicious meal. Soon, because it was getting late, the off-road people lived in Xingren Village to entertain the guests. It was said that Red Star would let the off-road people have a good rest for a day and then personally entertain the off-road people.
It’s not bad to entertain people in Xingren Village.
It is whenever the cross-country is turned on, the mind’s eye finds that the wisp of bijuu is surrounded by Xingren Village, and the cross-country is somewhat depressed and becomes more anxious as soon as it is turned on.
In particular, carefully recalling the scenes in the original plot, I found that Xingren Village did not have bijuu’s cross-country vision in the plot, but I couldn’t help but focus on the "star".
Because that piece of extraterrestrial meteorite "Star" is obviously the only suspect in cross-country
However, when I continued to recall the original plot, I suddenly found out that the description of "Star" in the original plot was actually rarely explained at most, that is to say, "Star" was an extraterrestrial meteorite that landed in Xiong’s country more than 200 years ago and was discovered.
When I studied here, I found that my clues were broken.
But just because the clue is broken doesn’t mean that the cross-country brain hole can be broken there!
Once again, I recalled the dribs and drabs in the original plot, and with the breath of bijuu, I soon had a bold assumption!
That hypothesis is that the real source of the "star" is Ootutuki Hagoromo, who sealed ten tail’s body and the moon!
In that case …
Isn’t it chakra, ten tail, in the practice of "Star" in Xingren Village?
Wouldn’t it make sense that the "star" surface is accompanied by the breath of bijuu?
"If … just if!"
"If Xingren Village’s cultivation of" stars "is really a little strength of ten tail, then the effect of" stars "cultivation in the original plot is that bijuu and chakra are self-absorbed?"
"Ordinary people can’t control the strength of every bijuu column in bijuu chakra Institute. Only after repeated screening and hard training can they master the strength of bijuu and chakra to transform the column."
"Isn’t the practice of ninja in Xingren Village like the practice of pseudo-column strength? In fact, it is actually the practice of" star "power to create one by one with abundant pseudo-column strength in chakra, but in the original plot, they can" star "the red star Xia Rixing. They can always practice" star "because of their special physical ability to withstand bijuu and chakra?"
"Like the rest of the stars endure the truth of death because of the" star "uniting the weak body …"
"I just can’t bear bijuu and chakra to bite back?"
I had a preliminary idea in my heart and nodded silently. Finally, I could sleep peacefully.
In my mind, I have an idea before I go to sleep with the breath of bijuu. I want to find a time to get in touch with a "star" and see if the breath of bijuu is a "star".
Is the cultivation of "Star" by Xingren Village something special in chakra, ten tail?
If the "star" is really the product of ten tail and chakra, there is not much fruit. Even if it is to eradicate a scourge, it must be solved secretly.
Unless the "star" is not a product of ten tail and chakra, it will have nothing to do with cross-country if it endures the death of the village.
People in Xingren Village and cross-country are unrelated. Is it necessary to wake them up to the harm of "star" cultivation?
People’s greed is poor, and if there is a "star", then no one can give it up easily.
What’s the point of waking up when you know that you are awake?
Anyway, the purpose of the cross-country trip is to test whether Xingren Village is rebellious, isn’t it?
If the cross-country can be successfully completed, the ninja in Xingren Village is dead. What is it with him?
Early the next morning
Because of thinking too much, the quality of cross-country sleep is not very good, but based on long-term practice habits, cross-country still gets up early and finishes morning exercises, and is ready to take Akai Ri to visit the host of the party.
And let off-road feel the accident is not long after they just get up, the figure of Star Endure Red Star appears very coincidentally.
"Did you have a good rest?"
"Thank you for taking a good rest."
Nodded off-road staring at the red star so early and asked, "Excuse me, is the head of Xingren Village able to meet us after practicing?" Otherwise, Red Star Jun, you are here so early … "
"Ha, ha, ha, there’s still a long time for the village head to practice. Come to me so early …"
Red Star smiled a few times and said, "I came here so early mainly to see if a few people have a rest. You are from Muye Village. That’s why our guests in Xingren Village can’t be neglected." Just now that you are all up, I will show you around our Xingren Village! "
"By the way …"
"Please ask your distinguished guests from Muye Village to give us a little advice on practicing in Xingren Village?"
"oh? Give directions? It should be a discussion! "
I found that Red Star was somewhat inebriated. Cross-country also smiled and immediately quietly gave Ah Kai and others a wink and returned to "Red Star Please"
"Cross-country please!"
Red Star leads the way in cross-country for fear that Akai and others don’t see him, which makes the shadow communication once again emphasize the need to be careful of Xingren village ninja.
Akai and others are not just debuting, and they must have taken it to heart to listen to cross-country warnings many times.
But after the cross-country woke up, Kai and others should be careful, what happened later was that the cross-country was unexpected.
Because people who lead the way in Red Star and cross-country really never thought that Red Star would take them to the first place, which turned out to be the practice place of Xingren Village!
He wants to show off-road people around, and it turns out to be a "star" practice!
Chapter 41 Red Star Plot
Every practice of forbearing the village is the secret of the secret.
Suddenly, I heard that Red Star was going to take himself and others to visit Xingren Village to practice cross-country. The first feeling was that it was either courting or stealing!
It is true that the cultivation of Xingren Village must rely on the power of "Star", otherwise, what if it is a strong movie?
Not to say that all the movie-level strong people can have a bijuu like Hoshigaki Kisame in the original plot, right?
Just holding a small amount of chakra in your body, like cross-country, you can’t cultivate the peacock magic method, let alone show the mystery of the peacock magic method like the ninja in Xingren Village such as Red Star.
However, due to cross-country, I really want to know whether the treasure "Star" in Xingren Village is contaminated with the breath of ten tail. When Red Star proposed to visit Xingren Village’s cultivation method with cross-country people, although there was a little vigilance in the cross-country heart, he finally agreed to Red Star’s proposal and went to the most secret location in Xingren Village.