Huo Cang’s face sank. "If you are not afraid of losing your life, take her. I’ll tell you the truth. If you lose your life, don’t blame me for not waking you up." In his opinion, Di La and Xiao Na naturally don’t want to go out with her if they can’t disobey orders.

When Dilla heard Huo Cang’s words, she hesitated for a moment. She had not made a decision yet, and she heard Huo Cang say "someone is coming". The words just fell and Xu Zhongyong appeared in front of them. He wanted to rush to the front of Fengzhu, but he was stopped by a group of wolves.
The man was still wounded in the abdomen and the dagger had not been pulled out. At this time, a group of wolves stopped him. He did not hesitate to pull out the dagger and a group of wolves fought together.
After the first two or three seconds of pain passed, Fengzhu slowly regained consciousness. Whether it was brain or dull pain made all her reactions particularly slow, but she knew one thing very well, and she not only encountered it, but also experienced it herself.
Phoenix bamboos slowly rose from the ground. She took a look at the flute and then at Xu Zhongyong, who was already covered in blood. It is impossible to kill a group of wolves without being injured. The wolf has strong teamwork ability. It is not impossible for Xu Zhongyong to avoid their attacks without being injured, but he can’t hurt the wolves at all.
So his hand is a fatal blow to one wolf and attacks on other wolves. To avoid important parts, he doesn’t care whether he is injured or not, and soon he becomes a bloody man.
Di La said to Huo Cang, "Kill her." Huo Cang came at Feng Zhu but was stopped by Xu Zhongyong who was desperate to rush over.
Fengzhu took another look at the man and turned away without hesitation. She didn’t help much if she stayed. She was passively beaten for the flute brain wave attack, but she left the man herself to get away.
But before she went far, she heard Huo Cang shout, "Flute attacks Xu Zhongyong’s brain, and wolves and I are no match for him." If the man pauses for a moment, he can wring his neck.
The first volume 37 Zhang Wu Zhongyong Go to your heart
Fengzhu has a moment’s pause. The first moment of the crisis can kill people. Fighting with Xu Zhongyong is still a group of wolves and a master. She knows that at this time, a man will die if he wants to play flute.
But what does it matter if she stays? Although she has just hypnotized Deborah, although she also remembers the brain wave attack method, she doesn’t think she can learn it instantly and then attack Deborah!
But after thinking about it for half a second, Fengzhu turned and walked back. She didn’t want to owe her life to be a killer. She owed nothing to her in this business, because there is a rule in this business that she owes her life to the Yan, and if she owes too much, she will be collected by the Yan sooner or later.
Killers come to do ghost jobs and decide other people’s lives at will. This business has not died, whether it is retribution or not, but Fengzhuxin has never killed anyone. When he was born again, he secretly vowed that he would never be a killer again and would not kill people easily unless his own life was in danger.
The phoenix bamboo turned around purely because she didn’t want to lose her life because Xu Zhongyong saved her. She went over to Dilla. She didn’t know if she could stand another brain wave attack. It is normal to know that once the brain is damaged, it will become a vegetable or an idiot.
Feng Zhu walked over to Di La and Xu Zhongyong suddenly pushed and was sharp. Many huocang shouted at Di La, "What are you waiting for? If something happens to me, you can’t walk out of the dome country alive. "
Dilla was pale and shouted at Huocang, "You are quick to let the wolves protect me. I can control her regardless of the soul control attack. I can control it once." If she could keep making the phoenix bamboo, she would have killed it.
In fact, Della Soul Control has never been able to attack people. Maybe it was just in life and death that she was so powerful. At this time, she can’t make it again.
Fengzhu can see from Dilla’s expression that she is not lying. Dilla really can’t do it. She said, If such a strong attack is like eating casually, the dome country has long been defeated by the Great Cang country. Obviously, such an attack cannot be done by anyone.
Xu Zhongyong didn’t threaten her life. This time, Fengzhu turned and ran away without hesitation, but this time she didn’t run far. She was stopped again, and this time the person who stopped her was the county magistrate Zhang Wu.
"Sister-in-law, I also can’t help it because of me. I have to take care of my sister-in-law, whether it’s brave or not? Do you know him? If those people are not dead, Zhongyong will haunt them until they are dragged to death, and he did this to make you have no threat. Zhongyong can do this. Can you really leave? "
Fengzhu definitely said, "He won’t die." He still has Xu Zhi to take care of, and he won’t die easily.
"That sister-in-law know what brave agreed to hold you shrines? He decided to do this because he saw that you were disturbed by the villagers these days. He hoped that your life would not be affected by the past. "
Life is not affected by the past. Has Xu Zhongyong noticed something? It seems that this is nothing strange. After all, she has never concealed anything. She has never intended to live instead of her original body. She lives for herself!
Zhang Wu went on to say, "He and I didn’t know you would be so disgusted. If we knew, he wouldn’t have done it, and I wouldn’t have forced you. Now that we know that my sister-in-law is wrong, just give me a chance to make up for it. I promise I will do it according to her wishes."
Phoenix bamboo indifference said, "If you want to make up for me, then you can save Xu Zhongyong even if you owe me a write-off." Say that finish and turn around and leave. This bastard magistrate can turn people into demons and convince the city people that he can definitely save Xu Zhongyong with his tongue.
Zhang Wu couldn’t have appeared in front of Fengzhu at this time. Maybe she will go back and see if Xu Zhongyong is worried about him. What on earth is an outsider mixing two people?
Zhang Wu followed Fengzhu. "Sister-in-law, I can’t help it. If I hurt Zhongyong without a daughter-in-law, I will feel guilty for a generation. Can you bear to see me in pain?"
Fengzhu nodded firmly. "I’d love to!" Zhang Wu still wants to play the bitter drama, and he can’t play it anymore. He choked and almost choked. Should we be so heartless? At least we have two sides. Can’t we get along well?
Zhang Wu is still pathetic to follow Fengzhu, like Fengzhu. If he doesn’t go with him, he will stop with a generation of Fengzhu and say to Zhang Wu, "Do you want to follow me? Xu Zhongyong won’t last long, but you should be able to tell the priorities! "
Zhang Wu saw that Fengzhu was determined not to look back, so he said seriously, "No matter whether you believe it or not, he will definitely fight with that group of people to the end, and he will control the orcs. If Sister-in-law is really from ruin, then go back to Fengsha Village in a few days and take Xu Zhi away, because I’m sure Zhongyong will definitely be gone at that time."
Zhang Wu thought that your daughter-in-law is brave, and I can persuade her to come here. Can you look back at your weight in her heart?
Zhang Wu finished and left. He really knew that Xu Zhongyong would never run away when he didn’t completely solve those people. Zhang Wu shouted at Xu Zhongyong, "Don’t try so hard. Fengzhu has already left. Do you really want to leave Xu Yong alone?"
Zhang Wu let the chief behind him sprinkle a circle of exorcism powder around them. The people he brought were ordinary chief, even if they went to help, they just went to die. They all finished behind Zhang Wu, just like their county magistrate, to watch the fun.
"Isn’t there still you?" Xu Zhongyong returned
Zhang Wu couldn’t wait to slap himself. He was really wrong. He shouldn’t have gone out. He shouldn’t have advised Fengzhu to appear in front of Xu Zhongyong. Maybe he will come back to save Xu Zhongyong regardless of his words. Xu Zhongyong will also have scruples because of Xu Zhi, but it’s all his fault that these two people saw him go completely and desperately.
Zhang Wu asked the chief behind him, "Can you convince Xu Zhongyong that the person who just talked to him is not me but his illusion? If you can do it, I will give you more money. "
The chief behind them shook their heads. "Your honor, don’t be difficult for us. We don’t have adults to say that Xu Zhongyong won’t believe us."
Zhang Wu hated iron and said, "What a bunch of idiots can’t even do this little thing well. This money is deducted by one person."
Zhang Wu felt at ease and said to Xu Zhongyong in the stupefaction of the officials, "You will marry someone else after you die, and you will have children with others, eat others’ meals and call others’ husbands to forget all about you."
"If you really die, I can’t let my brother’s wife be widowed. I will pursue Fengzhu. I will take good care of her brother. Just go with peace of mind!"
The first volume 38 enlightenment tricks
Xu Zhongyong’s face is getting more and more ugly. I don’t know if it is because of excessive blood loss or being angry by Zhang Wu. If he has a third hand, he must have torn up Zhang Wu’s mouth.
However, Zhang Wu still added fuel to the fire and said, "Zhong Yong, tell me about Fengzhu’s hobbies before you die. What does she like to eat? Who is closest to you in the village? If you want to break her heart, you must get the approval of her friends. You can’t hide it from me or our wife will be abducted by others! "
Our wife … Let’s … My wife Xu Zhongyong’s veins stood out and punched a wolf head and rushed to Zhang Wu in an instant.
"You’re right. Nothing is as important as a wife. I’ll leave it to you here. Don’t worry, if you are torn to pieces by wolves, I will definitely help you collect the body when I get my wife back. You should expect me to get my wife back soon, or you may be exposed to the wilderness."
Xu Zhongyong said a flicker and disappeared. Zhang Wu wanted to grab his clothes but it was too late. "Mama really left?" I really don’t care if I live or die? "
As soon as Xu Zhongyong left, the officials pushed hard behind Zhang Wu. Because of the crowd, they accidentally pushed the adults out. One official grabbed the adults’ clothes by the load, but because the adults dressed up as clean clothes all day, one patch after another, the official dragged back and was composed of patches. The official failed to withstand the tension and completely fell apart.
Instead of being pulled back, the adult was stripped naked, and the chief hurriedly apologized with a sad face. "Adult, I didn’t mean it. I am willing to take the initiative to accept the punishment and deduct ten pence more."
Zhang Wu’s naked figure shouted at the chief, "Do you still have salary money this month? I have already deducted all my money, and now I have no money left. "The chief regretted it. If I had known he wouldn’t have’ saved’ my adult, he swore that he would never care about important people again.
The chiefs looked at the adults and looked at them with contempt. Zhang Wu threw a sharp look in the past. "And you just pushed me. You all had a month’s salary deducted."
An official muttered, "Why don’t you be fierce at the enemy behind you?"
Zhang Wu gas pointed to the chief "you dare not? The adults will let you see me. "
Zhang Wu turned to Dila and Huo Cang and said, "You are guests from a long distance. Let’s be polite first. Are you going to follow the official honestly or ask for it and let them carry you back?" Zhang Wu didn’t even give it to two people. Obviously, he didn’t put two people in his eyes.
In his opinion, Xu Zhongyong’s desperate efforts in person like that are hopeless. Isn’t it demeaning to deal with wild animals and want people?
Dilla looked at Zhang Wu with no material at all and said contemptuously, "I overreach myself." Huo Cang was injured by Xu Zhongyong. At this time, he also looked at Zhang Wu. Why do you still want to stop them with such a few people? Wolves can tear them apart in an instant.
Zhang Wu looked at the two men and said, "There’s nothing the officer can do. Since you don’t come with me, the officer will be welcome." He waved at the officers and "smashed them to death." He looked at the officers and said, "Idiot, open the black bag for you and throw it at them and run, okay?" Zhang Wu rewarded them with a kick and told them to act quickly. They had already run away.
The officials didn’t know what was in the bag given to them by the adults, and they didn’t want to feed the wolves. They unpacked the bags and threw them out without looking, and turned around and ran away.
However, before we ran far, we heard buzzing and wolves howling in pain. "Oh, my God, adults let us take a hornet’s nest. No wonder adults ran first!"
The officials rushed to an official doorway near the adult in the distance. "When the adult just left the city, he asked the people to send these black bags. They used to be filled with wasps. How did the adult think?" Why do you always come up with these strange tricks?