But from Mrs. Min’s mouth, she also smelled something.

Min Jing has been treated unfairly in the detention center, just as she was treated herself at the beginning. The purpose of her second uncle’s doing this is naturally to treat her humanely. She dealt with herself at the beginning and tried to deal with her.
She doesn’t know exactly how much Min’s family knows about the back and forth of this matter, but according to her guess, Min’s family should not know that this matter is rooted in Lengxiao’s deliberate setup.
The living room was silent for a long time in Mrs. Min’s sob.
Finally, the old man Min sighed for a long time and looked imploringly at the cold owl. "I know my daughter is wishful thinking because she is wrong about what kind of legal sanctions she should suffer for what she has committed now, and because Uncle Min hopes you will not neglect the law."
Ignoring the law? !
If he means something, the meaning of his words is obvious.
Treasure and pure heart sobbed a little annoying and worried about juwan.
However, Xiao Ye is always calm.
Whether it’s the old man’s mandarin or Mrs. Min’s cheating and whining, he sits there quietly like an outsider watching the play, with a cold, serious face and no sympathy or other emotions.
Hearing this, he frowned slightly and refuted the cold feeling with expression.
"Min Lao Law Tells Evidence"
"Owl can do whatever you want …" I didn’t expect him to say anything. He still didn’t want to do anything. The old man bit his teeth and nodded his head and looked at the cold old man. "What do you say about the old cold thing?"
Cold old man was silent.
As Mrs. Min said just now, his friendship with this old Min really came out during the war years. I think they were trapped in the enemy sniper line during the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. If it weren’t for the old Min, maybe he would have died in the battlefield. Where would there be today?
But what should he do?
Cold old man is feudal and stubborn, paying special attention to his comrades’ friendship, but he is also a man who is very particular about principles and laws.
There was a long silence before he looked up at Min Lao. "Old Min, if Xiao Jing really committed something, no one can protect her. Everyone should bear the responsibility for what you said … I think our second child is right. The law emphasizes evidence …"
"Old cold you!"
The eyes are heavy and heavy. The old man’s face suddenly swelled red.
Then his eyes swept coldly at Leng Xiao, and a word was inscrutable: "Xiao Xiao, don’t be aggressive, I just want her life!" I asked someone to ask her. She was not treated fairly as an ordinary suspect in the detention center. This is extremely unfair to her. Think about it. It’s nothing for you to lose a father. I don’t think I can ask too much! ….. but it’s not good for you if she dies! "
Don’t say he’s threatening
With a cold finish, he got up bitterly. He grabbed and cried, and Mrs. Qi Min was leaving.
"Min Lao Walk Slowly" gave him a cold wind, and his faint words were polite and rude.
However, sen’s cooling oozing from the bone made the people who listened to it a little tremble.
Leng Xiao is getting more and more cruel!
On the spot, there was no place to put the old man’s face.
Looking at him, he blushed for a while and muttered his lips for a long time as if to say something.
But in the end, he turned away without saying anything.
"old man!" A deep call was made to the cold old man, frowning, and he got up. A word was very eloquent, and he was quite sincere. "Old Min is home today, and after dinner, we have been in love for decades. I don’t want these little misunderstandings to affect our friendship."
His back was stiff, and the old man’s words to him seemed to have touched a little and his face eased a lot.
Thoughtfully touching his eyes, he hummed and sat down again.
People who are in their early decades all attach great importance to this kind of comrade-in-arms feelings, but their daughters are equally important, but the friendship between comrades-in-arms is even more important. What’s more, they can’t solve anything on impulse, and there may be room for manoeuvre if they stay.
I sat down again and added new tea. The topic dominated by the cold old man was revealed from the embarrassment just now.
Others are so-called, and the Min couple have to follow the steps in this embarrassing situation.
After climbing the steps, your mind will gradually clear up.
He knows that no matter whether he is old or young, his father is a hard nut to crack, not just a few threatening words.
Once he calmed down, he remembered another thing, so while everyone was chatting, he officially recommended the young man who came with them.
"Old cold, this nephew of mine is the only child in my eldest brother’s family. Well, you know what I have learned from a daughter of Xiaojing. He is the only male in our old min’s family."
Daughter’s marriage can’t be changed.
This old man Min’s abacus has made him want to have feelings with the cold old man on the one hand, and his daughter on the other hand. On the other hand, the influence of the cold family has been in full swing over the years, and the officialdom situation has forced him to curry favor.
No matter for what reasons, the Min family will make a profit and not lose money.
Dazed dazed cold old man looked at the treasure and pure.
What happened just now has made Lao Min embarrassed. Now he can’t brush his face and sip his lips. He seriously said, "Xiaoqi, this is the brother I told you about. He is a brilliant student in the field of biology. You two should be able to have a common topic. Young people should know more about it."
Treasure and pure froze.
What do you mean! ? The second time, the old man hinted that it was even more cruel this time. It was too much to say it in front of everyone in the hall, wasn’t it? Her generation to become their comrades-in-arms friendship?
Glancing coldly at a man who looks quite gentle with glasses, she picked her eyebrows and laughed.
"Grandpa, I’m really sorry. I’m not interested in mosquito blood!"
With that, her eyes glanced at Lengxiao, who was impartial and cold, and looked at her with a cold thorn in her eyes.
Touch each other for a second and move each other.
She wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. To be honest, she had a hard time suppressing it.
There are two people who know about this mosquito blood allusion.
Min Xue mosquito blood …
The guy’s surname is Min. She took a radical and renamed him mosquito blood.
But also so lose face directly refused.
At that time, the atmosphere was deadlocked.
The cold old man coughed gently, fearing that the Min couple couldn’t stand the stage, and then he laughed and prepared to ease the atmosphere. "Our little seven is so direct in speaking. Don’t mind if you have this heart. Can’t you thaw the ice?"
"That’s that’s … that’s that’s that’s …"
Repeating these two words, Min Xue wore thick glasses at the bottom of a beer bottle, and his face was a little red with anger at the bottom of his eyes.
Also from a noble family, he played with women, and everywhere he went, his daughter came looking for him. Where did he receive such a direct refusal without face?