No, no, if it’s ruined and ugly, who else loves him?

Liu Yuan Bai was blind for half a face, bloody and bloody, and blood and tears flowed from the eye hole.
"I … my face …"
Liu Yuan Bai cried and laughed like crazy, stared at him as if he wanted to eat people’s flesh and roared, "Bitch, I’ll kill you!"
He said, "Hold the sword and cut it."
Lu Changyuan stopped frowning. "What are you making?"
Xiao Jing laughed so hard that tears flowed.
Listen to Brother Feng, and you can rest assured. No one can bully yourself from now on.
"Master, you want me to be the master!" Liu Yuan Bai’s face was covered with blood and she cried her heart out. "Uncle Shi ruined my appearance and I am not alive!"
Lu Changyuan frowned and asked, "What’s going on?"
Liu Yuan Bai cried like a backbone, "I accidentally saw a wisp of ghosts coming as soon as I caught Uncle Shi, but I have ulterior motives."
"I didn’t …"
"Later, the ghost couldn’t carry the daylights out of the sun, so Uncle Shi said it was dry."
"He insulted me and tried to kill me"
Liu Yuan Bai cried pear flower with rain and couldn’t breathe. "I … I really didn’t …"
Xiao Jing’s face was heavy and he took out three black beads.
Suddenly Liu Yuan Bai stopped crying and looked at him in horror. I never thought that he would dare to start work in front of Master.
"Come on, why don’t you say it?" Xiao Jing’s eyes are cruel, and he will not let him go easily if he holds the malicious strength of mutual destruction.
Liu Yuan Bai cried and hid behind Liu Changyuan and trembled and said, "Master, please help Bai Er. Uncle Shi is crazy …"
Lu Changyuan distanced himself and asked, "Brother, do you want to kill yourself?"
"What do you care?" Xiao Jing sneered and said coldly, "If you don’t get out of the way, you will die with him."
Liu Changyuan saw that his face was still covered with tears, and there was no song listening to maple ghosts around him, so he couldn’t help but guess.
Song Tingfeng is really past?
"Brother, calm down." Although I don’t know what’s going on, the black ball is too powerful and I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself if I accidentally take it.
Liu Yuan Bai poked his head out carefully and prayed, "Martial Uncle, don’t make a mistake again. I can let bygones be bygones, but don’t hurt Master."
Xiao Jing’s face did not change and looked straight at Lu Changyuan. "Do you let it or not?"
"You can tell me what happened to your younger brother."
"Tell you?" Xiao Jing sneered and asked, "I want to tell you something?"
He has experienced this scene too many times. If Liu Yuan Bai is here, he can be excused. Don’t talk. You can’t trust him. You have to agree to say more.
When Lu Changyuan’s throat choked, he felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to hold him in his arms, but he was disqualified.
"Do you want it or not?"
Xiao Jing is too lazy to talk nonsense with them. Today he will kill Liu Yuan Bai!
Moment Xiao Jing throws a black bead and is easily shot by Liu Changyuan.
The second and third are still the same.
Liu Yuan Bai hid behind Liu Changyuan and showed a ruined face. He said with a ferocious smile, "Do you dare to fight with me, punk?"
Xiao Jing read his mouth and immediately smiled.
Dare not fight with you? Then try it.
Then Xiao Jing took a handful of black beads and threw them regardless.
In an instant, the wrath of heaven split a thunder and smashed all the black beads, even leaving no fly ash.
The warning of another purple thunder wandering in the clouds is self-evident.