Yu Xin, "I said no"

Xu Ling "…"
Yu Xin said quietly, "I may have spent that night with you except for the company. Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Xu Ling "What do you think is boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Yu Xin "less like each other"
Xu Ling froze.
Yu Xin, "Mr. Xu, I still formally resign from you. I will hand it to you face to face when I come to work the day after tomorrow."
Xu Ling "Do you want to leave Xu Shi so much?" Leave me
Yu Xin: "I don’t think I can continue to work around you well, and I want to do something more suitable for my major. I am about to graduate and just want to prepare my thesis and defense after I resign."
Xu Ling "Resignation will be discussed when you go back to the company … Shen Chu asked if you were my girlfriend, but you can tell him yes."
Yu Xin, "Manager Xu, what do you mean?"
Xu Ling "as you heard, it means literally"
Yu Xin was silent for a moment. "Xu Zong, if you don’t do this, I won’t be responsible for the matter that day. It was an accident."
Xu Ling: "So you and I claimed that you were my girlfriend because we were responsible for that day?"
"Isn’t it? Otherwise, what else could it be? Don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything. I’ll rot in my stomach, and when I leave Xu Shi, I might leave S city, so Mr. Xu won’t worry about others knowing. "
Xu Ling really vomited an old blood. He was going to be angry with Yu Xin.
What, Yu Xin, is he just afraid that she will go out and talk nonsense and block her mouth to lure her?
Who does Yu Xin take him for?
Xu Ling took a deep breath. "What on earth are you thinking?"
Yu Xin, "am I wrong? If it’s not for this reason, then why did you do it? "
Yu Xin is trying to force him to say he likes her.
She knew that Xu Ling should grow so big and never said she liked it to others.
It should be difficult for him to say it himself.
But she’s going to be forced.
Xu Ling awkward words to the mouth how all didn’t say it.
Yu Xin, "I know Xu Zong, you don’t explain that I’m a little busy hanging up in advance."
Then she hung up quickly.
Xu Ling holding a mobile phone expression "…"
Yu Xin has put on her makeup and talked for fifteen minutes, just pinching it just right when she finished her makeup.
At this time, Shen Yutang has sent a message that he has set off.
Yu Xin replied, "I’m going out, too. See you later."
Shen Yutang [Well, see you later]
When Yu Xin was sitting in the car, Xu Ling’s words came again.
But Yu Xin didn’t pick her up. She was in the car.
Today is to brush Shen Yutang’s goodwill value on Xu Ling. Everything is planned. It is estimated that he will deliver the door himself soon.
Yu Xin and Shen Yutang only said a few words after meeting, and Shen Yutang confessed.
He took out a diamond bracelet as a present to buy today.
Shen Yutang’s voice is shy, but his tone is firm. He asks Yu Xin if he wants to be his girlfriend. He will treat her well, even though he hasn’t graduated yet and is a student, he will make great efforts to make her live a good life later.
This kind of commitment is the most for Yu Xin.
Who can tell what will happen after that?
She already knows Shen Yutang’s situation very well. Teenagers are full of sincerity and can represent him. If you listen to his words and believe in him, you are likely to end up disappointed.
Maybe Shen Yutang likes her now, but … What can he do for her?
Yu Xin wants to know clearly that although Shen Yutang is pure and serious in her eyes, the more it is, the more impossible it is for her to leave Shenyang.
Yu Xin is already ready to talk to him.
She was moved to see Shen Yutang’s eyes filled with tears.
Shen Yutang was still very nervous to see her cry. I don’t know if I scared Yu Xin.
"Why are you crying? Did I scare you by talking? "
Yu Xin shook his head. "No, I didn’t expect you to like me so seriously. I’m very touched."
"You are so kind that many people should like you and me … I know my brother Shen Chuyan likes you, too."
Yu Xin, "That’s different. You are different from them."
Shen Yutang looked at her with delight. "Don’t you like my brother?"
Yu Xin shook his head. "I don’t like that he likes to look like me with Xu Susu rather than the real me."
Shen Chuyan is estimated to grieve when he hears this sentence.
The dog ate my affectionate confession yesterday.
"So … would you like to be my girlfriend?"
Shen Yutang looked at Yu Xin expectantly.
I didn’t expect Yu Xin’s tears to flow more fiercely
"I can’t promise you."
Yu Xin’s teary-eyed appearance has a different kind of beauty. Delicate and beautiful, with pure feelings, Shen Yutang looks at her and wants to hold her in the palm of her hand to stop crying.
"What? You … don’t you like me? "
Yu Xin shook her head again, but she didn’t talk, but she bowed her head. Shen Yutang was in a hurry.
"Will you tell me?"
"Actually … actually, the man said yesterday that I was with Xu Xinghan before."
Shen Yutang said in surprise, "But …"