next day

Early in the morning, the Wen family mansion is busy, especially in the kitchen, where the ingredients are prepared several days ago. Xiao Yulan also specially invited a super chef from the outside to show his skills and ask for a decent scenery for today’s banquet.
It warmed up early and made a few simple breakfasts. When several people ate it, she looked at it strangely. She was still a little angry about last night, but she just wanted to get down to business and pretend to forget for the time being.
"I’ve found all the staff of the martial arts school, and then they will go to take a look at you. You can meet them and get familiar with each other. I think their conditions in all aspects are very good. Don’t scare people away …"
She thought she was very calm and told the bear child not to be impatient when she stared at her eyebrows. "Come on, come on, didn’t I tell you not to whine? I forgot what kind of brain you were after one night?"
Warm a choke secretly grind your teeth "I am kind enough to wake you up …"
Sacred interrupt "when you are always a three-year-old child, do you still need to wake up?" Hum, you have the potential to be a mother, and you still can’t stand it! "
Warm breath, shortness of breath and bad tone shouted at him, "Amazing, did you take the wrong medicine early in the morning?"
Magic cold hum with poke a bowl of food "old and nothing wrong with what medicine? If you eat it, it’s also because you secretly give it to the old man in the food. How stupid do you think you are? "
"magic!" The warm face looks like a storm. What if she wants to hit someone?
Fu Yun covered her face and couldn’t bear to look straight at the magical IQ. What about pick up hot chicks? Miss so * * shall not be angry?
"Why are you yelling? Women should be gentle, okay?" The magic is like saying that you are in a very annoyed mood and licking chopsticks. "If you don’t eat, you will be full of gas, and you will go out to eat."
He just turned and left.
Sanzang shouted, "Remember not to eat too many cucumbers and tomatoes when you eat outside. One has a ripening agent, the other has a sex hormone, the other can stimulate your false development and disturb your secretion …"
Amazing. A stumble. Almost fell.
The warm expression is messy, staring at the sacred is like looking at a rare species.
Holy surprise with a smile, "Warm son, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a small son. I’m as close to him as you are. I mean to say that. Small son’s wonderful rebellious mentality is particularly heavy since he was a child. The more he is not allowed to eat, the more he will eat. Then his aunt and dad will be disordered. Maybe he won’t yell at you if he doesn’t come once for several years …"
Warm can’t listen, get up and run away again.
Touching the nose in a sacred way is not embarrassing to the longing eyes. He mused, "Don’t say that Xiao Er’s pick up hot chicks method is a little brain-dead, but it’s not a place."
With longing, I asked "Where"
I’m sorry he didn’t see the harm, but it’s obvious that it’s not worrying to eat a chicken and jump a dog for breakfast.
Sacred is a matter of course. "Brush in the feeling. Didn’t you find that Xiao Saner was crushing you and me recently?" He has succeeded in this abnormal way to make warm children feel all about him. "
"Is it because of him that the warm son is angry?"
"Anger is also a kind of fire. It would be nice to kiss the dead, eh? How did I spill the beans? Second brother, you won’t steal my routine, will you? "
"… no"
"Well, in fact, I’m not afraid that you can help warm children put out the fire in another way because of my horse. Hey, hey, hey … ah, I let it slip again. You won’t be jealous, will you?"
The longing is also depressed.
The remaining A Dai expressed dissatisfaction under great pressure. "Didn’t the Grand Duchess and Uncle tell you to take good care of your brother? Why do you always like to cheat them?"
Holy white his one eye "or I pit you?"
A Dai was so busy that he left with his job.
Sacred just sighed and stared at half a bowl of porridge in front of his eyes and said to himself, "There are more wolves than meat. Of course, I have to eat before I can have the strength to take care of others. What is that no one can understand me? Alas, indeed, heroes are so lonely since ancient times …"
Then god flew in excitedly and shouted, "I understand you!" You have to be hungry and full if you eat only a little meat from your wife. If you don’t let them eat meat too early, then you three brothers can’t be hungry. That’s really hard! "
☆ Chapter 35 Attack
As soon as this is sacred, it sounds like seeing a bosom friend clutching its wings tightly and tears welled up in his eyes. "Long live understanding!"
God’s grasp of his wings hurt and he struggled to come out quickly. "Dagong is calm and calm …"
"How can I be calm when everyone else has a good heart for me?" Said the sacred hold on to its wings again, and it looked like excitement and I couldn’t wait to pull it.
God grinned with pain. Now he has every reason to believe that the archduke is not excited. This is revenge. Woo, it is just gloating that he doesn’t have enough to eat, but it is true!
Warm doesn’t know that God is bullying and crying. She simply changed her clothes in the bedroom and planned to go to Yuexuan first and then meet people at the airport. Just as she was about to go out, her cell phone rang.
She looked at the phone number of Zhong Hong’s office. She picked it up. "What can I do for Dean Zhong?"
There is a kind of eagerness in the voice. "Miss Da came to the hospital early in the morning. Many patients want to see the doctor …"
Warm interrupt "Dr. Shen has something to hang up with other doctors today?"
Zhong Hongnai said, "That’s what I arranged, but those patients don’t want to. Their families are crying and crying to help them. Now they are kneeling at the gate. It’s really …"
Warm frown "is it a real patient or a trouble?"
"It doesn’t look like trouble, just in case I personally went to see if those patients really have symptoms and they are all very difficult to treat. I asked the chief doctor of the department, and they were not sure about it and it was not good to take it over."
Warm meditation didn’t speak.
Zhong Hong tentatively asked, "Miss, what should I do? I also know that doctor Shen will accompany you to receive the distinguished guests today, and the old lady has told me that if I don’t have to, I really don’t want to sweep you and doctor Shen Xing Ke to save lives is the first responsibility. You also know that this is our Wenshi hospital. No matter who enters this hospital, we must abide by putting patients and workers in the first place. No matter what private affairs we are doing, we must come back to the hospital if necessary …"
Speaking of the warmth here, it’s clear what Zhong Hong meant. Actually, she doesn’t say sacred first. She is entertaining with her. She is doing something very anxious and important. If there is a conflict with the hospital, it is also necessary to sacrifice personal interests, not to mention that perhaps in Zhong Hong’s view, entertaining guests is really not very important. Less things are much less important than saving lives.
I understand warmth, but she knows that it’s not just that. Someone in Lee Hospital wants to support something sacred to her purpose. Her lip corner evokes a sneer, and it’s convenient for her to leave, right?
"Big miss …" Words there and urged a.
The warmth has calmed down. "You tell the patient to wait a moment and be sacred for a while."
"Well …"
Hang up the phone and warm the building, and you will see that the divine is holding God’s arm and telling something excitedly, while God’s eyes are full of tears. Listen, don’t be too sad. Only when you see her lovely expression will you suddenly come back to life. "Ah, little lady is here."
As if her coming was something that could save it.
Sure enough, this success made the sacred shut up and let go of his hands. He quickly hid far away and rubbed his wings pitifully. "Don’t show off in an ostentatious manner when you are a bird …"
Warm didn’t hear it whisper and looked at the sacred way, "The hospital asked you to go to class."
"hmm? Not asking for leave? "
"Say you have a patient."