"Hey, what do you want!" The winding research was startled by the sudden temperature, and suddenly he stepped back with his hands around his chest and a face of alert.

"Help you change your clothes. Do you want to wear this dress all the time?" He said, of course, with an evil smile at the end and amber eyes scanning her around. "Of course, I don’t mind very much."
I was a little hairy when I looked at this eager sight. Only then did I find that my body was exposed and my face was flushed. She grabbed the white shirt and stopped it on her chest. "I’ll change it myself when you go out."
"All right, then." Mojingfeng stood stand hand rather regretfully.
When the gorgeous door was opened and closed, Xiaoyan breathed a sigh of relief. Her face flushed and a heat spread from her face. She touched her face and then dumped it.
"Luo Xiaoyan, why are you shy of a wool? He kisses you less often. Calm down, calm down!"
After doing a good job in psychological construction, she picked up the white shirt and looked intently at it, only to find that it was a men’s shirt or a dress at first. She looked black and blue with convulsions in her eyes.
"What can Mojingfeng cover with this dress?" She shouted at the door.
Listen to the sound like running water. "It’s more interesting if it’s looming."
"Go to hell, you pervert!" Although she knew that she couldn’t hit him, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door. After close contact with the door, the white pillow fell vertically to the ground.
Xiao Yan is obviously in a much better mood. She can’t always wear wet clothes to change that shirt. After that, her face is a little dark, and the neckline is very big, revealing her delicate collarbone dress. It’s really looming just to cover her hips!
"Cat" looked at the mirror when her face was dark, and there was a deep voice outside the door.
"Forget it, it’s nothing. I’ll get you something to eat. You haven’t eaten all day. You should be hungry."
He didn’t say it was okay, but she really felt a little hungry, and she didn’t doubt that she should say "Oh, good" if she had him.
After that, she heard footsteps outside the house. She found that although he looked unruly, his footsteps were unusually calm, just like the timbre of the grand piano was low and melodious.
Mo Jing Feng can’t understand this person.
Luo Xiaoyan, don’t try to escape. I will make you realize that you can’t live without me.
Chaper can learn.
Luo Xiaoyan looked out of the window with a sad face, just like being locked in a cage. The canary’s gorgeous life was lost. Before she should have freedom, she admired the rich people’s well-fed life, but staying here every day did not make people feel bored.
"why is my dear kitten so sad? Do you miss me?" Ink scene seal pushed the door and came in. As usual, the tone was not bent and the corners of the mouth were very charming.
"Mojingfeng, I told you that I can work and pay you back. You are so stuck with me … why are you dressed like this?" Winding small research walked out of the back room and said that he was dumbfounded when he saw the ink scene seal today.
"I’m going to learn to wear school today. Is there a problem?" Mo Jingfeng turned around. "How to wear it on my body is also very handsome."
"Handsome and handsome" Luo Xiaoyan replied without thinking that the door to freedom was about to open to himself and leaned over and said wryly, "Then can I learn?"
"Of course," Mojing smiled like a gentleman.
"Really?" Collateral Xiaoyan obviously doesn’t believe that this freedom comes too fast, but it is not true.
His four words "with me" cheered Xiao Yan up, and his brain immediately plummeted like bungee jumping. It was obvious that Mo Jing Feng didn’t care about handing over a suit "Nuo Your School" as expected.
Luo Xiaoyan was ordered to take over this set of black and red photo schools. When she saw the luxurious school badge, she looked up and asked, "Is this … Andrelie School?"
"I’ve already completed the transfer formalities for you, and you don’t need to worry about learning anything. I’ve already arranged it." Mo Jingfeng handed her a mobile phone with a white metal case that is the same model as himself. "You can call me when you have this mobile phone. The shortcut key 1 is my number."
Collateral Xiaoyan took some puzzled look at him in a school. Why do you need a cell phone?
Like seeing her mind watching her DengYuan eyes, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rubbed her hair. "You and Jingchen are in Class A, Grade One, and I am in Class A, Grade Three."
"Ah, aren’t you in my class?" Winding small research curious asks.
Chaper1 You can’t escape from tight encirclement alone.
"I’m glad you want to be in my class," Mo Jingfeng shrugged. "But I’m two years older than you, so I’ll stay in senior three for the time being."
"Who wants to be in your class?"
"Kitten" is a rare ink scene seal. Instead of teasing her, it is a deeper voice than a gentle tone, and no one can help but soften it.
Luo Xiaoyan was also a little flustered by this sudden sound. She swallowed and asked, "Why are you so disgusting?"
"I can’t stay with you all the time when I get to school. Do call me if you need anything, okay?" He put his hands on her shoulders and said solemnly
"You’d better not be here."
"Okay, I know. I’ll call you if I have something to do, right? It’s annoying."
"Well, it’s lovely." Mojingfeng smiled softly and gently, reflecting her delicate lips. The tip of her tongue described her beautiful lips carefully, and she inadvertently leaned in and tasted her sweet taste.