Smell speech Zhou Lizhen was silent for a moment before saying, "It should be, Susan. Someone specially recommended it to me. The man and Changle should not deliberately use means to fool me, but I can’t guarantee that I will check it after today."

Warmth never wakes up.
At this time, the screen will be boiling with the appearance of that person, and the whole show will be warm. If you don’t have it in front, you can feel the enthusiasm and excitement and crush all the amazing strength.
That person is Xuan Xuan.
What should I do if I hide my face and don’t write about swelling? Muhe wants to pave the way for perfection so as to set off the warmth and strength, but the girls beat me.
☆ Chapter 4 Warm appearance He is still tempted.
Xuan Xuan is the goddess of shame, radiant and beautiful, forcing her face to be exquisite and perfect to a dead angle of 360 degrees. No matter which side she faces, it is a gorgeous blockbuster exposed to a lens.
Her hair is exquisite and perfect, and her jewelry comes from a top brand. Her dressing atmosphere is more powerful. It is a evening gift. The design of tube top is choppy and magnificent, and the forks on both sides are slender and white. * * A bunch of waist is the most tempting ups and downs, while the white background is full of carefully embroidered peony flowers. It should be gorgeous but a little tacky. On the contrary, it is full of extravagance and elegance
There is still a trace of domineering!
Peony and Hundred Flowers King, she kills all the former women in this elegant way, whether it’s charming roses or beautiful white lotus, peony can be a foil.
When she comes, the flowers turn pale.
This is a sentence that reverberates in everyone’s mind, or a sense of affirmation. Some people are amazed at being absent, some people are infatuated, and some people are obsessed, but all men are killed, surrendered and dedicated their knees before her powerful lethality.
Zhou Hanhan and Fu Yunyi may be the two exceptions.
Zhou Hanhan glanced at it or moved his heart to despise Zhong Hanlin’s eyes. Anyway, he didn’t think Mary was good, and that dress wrapped in sheets dared to set something up!
If those designers hear this, they will vomit blood. It took them months to design the finale baby sheets. Poof, are there such expensive sheets?
Fu Yunyi is a little longer than Zhou Hanhan when staring at the stage, but it is not the fiery eyes of other men, but a cold look at his original Mary. She is a gentle illegitimate daughter and tied up with the interests of Zhinv Pavilion. Now it seems that something has changed, but Zhinv Pavilion is still a Lin family, so that is, the two families have not turned against each other …
An idea flashed through his mind and his face gradually changed.
Section 345
Taiwan Xuan Xuan has finished the show, but everyone’s mind has obviously not been recovered until another Taiwan painting style changes, and they suddenly wake up and give birth to disappointment and disappointment.
A few people in the background looked at the silence just now, and even Qi Nianmei didn’t see Mary, so she couldn’t help ringing Qi Nianbai, and she didn’t have any thoughts at all, but she had to admit that Mary was really strong.
Ji Shuang also sighed, "This Xuan is really worthy of the name, not a model, but better than all famous models."
Zhou Lizhen echoed with a wry smile, "Yes, there are other models who are simply compared to the dust. She didn’t participate in the event, and there are also concerns about this, fearing that others will scare away when they hear her name."
Ji Shuang shook her head and didn’t know what to say.
Zhou Lizhen and complex sighed, "She really helped Changle and I don’t know how Lin Mei thought of holding out a cash cow to cheer for other families …"
Warm at this time light way "maybe there gave her more benefits, or maybe the big tree Lin has not her."
Zhou Lizhen’s face changed and he nodded. "Anything is possible."
Warm didn’t continue this topic. She looked at the screen and casually asked, "Aunt Lizhen, do you know who the mythical media has another finale?"
Zhou Lizhen shook his head. "I don’t know that mythical media has a great influence in the imperial city. It is said that there are big people behind it, and the boss behind it rarely comes forward, but I know it is also a woman."
Warm heart vaguely has the answer, even the mysterious finale. She is a little surprised, but she feels that she should not be surprised to leave the tribe for some time. It is time to show up.
Today, the order of catwalk is to draw lots in advance to decide that the monthly porch row is very backward. Now that more than half of it has passed, it’s the turn of Zhou Lizhen to get nervous and make a conversation. He ordered the models to wait outside for a few words to get ready for the stage, and then personally make a final inspection of the warmth.
Ji Shuang also came over and tidied her clothes again. Although two people surrounded her, they didn’t say anything, but the suffering mood could be concealed and handed to their hands, which made them tremble.
JiNianMei more nervous fists are holding a deep breath.
Warm this leading role is more than calm to see three people, so I can’t help laughing. "Don’t worry, I will perform well, and I can’t guarantee that I will try my best to live up to this dress and your expectations."
Smell speech Zhou Lizhen hold her hand eyes some wet "warm son that’s enough".
Ji Shuang also looked at her emotionally and said, "Yes, sister-in-law, can you wear this dress to Taiwan so that everyone can see me and regret this trip? Is it the top three?"
Qi Nianmei nodded fiercely. "I still think that warmth will be a blockbuster, and even if there is a Mary in front, she will not warm up."
Warm heart "You are blind and confident to me."
Qi Nianmei clenched his fist. "You must wear this wedding dress and I will be your brain powder."
"Fuck you!"
Two people play with a few words to ease the tension. Zhou Lizhen and Ji Shuang smile at each other and feel relieved. Yes, they should believe in warmth more. This wedding dress is unique, warm and unique. It is better than Mary in terms of appearance and temperament. Mary is a big star and a goddess, but warmth is a warm lady, and she is the helm of a Wen-style hospital. It is more expensive and decent.
The demeanor and bearing of a century-old family are far from that of a star who works hard in the entertainment circle. How can Xuanxuan be more beautiful and compelling, and how can it cover the phoenix momentum?
After the appearance of Xuan in front, it was like a dinner party. After that big meal, we can see that others have lost their appetite. Everyone doesn’t look perfunctory. Why do they think these mediocre powders are tempting before the review?
Zhou Hanhan couldn’t bear to see Fu Yunyi sitting still as steady as Mount Tai. He couldn’t help but say, "Does Fu Shao like watching it?"
This is a bit of ridicule.