Anyway, Lu Zhenyu’s own money can make him squander his life even if he throws it at the company.

After the afternoon class, Lu Ji-nian stopped by and asked Chen Chi to leave together. For Lu Ji-nian, he didn’t appear in school recently and didn’t go out with Chen Chi. A Datong University is very concerned about this matter.
When everyone saw Chenchi reunited with Lu Jinian today, they all paid more attention than usual.
Lu Jinian’s peach-blossom eyes are scattered everywhere, and his vampire-like pale skin is glowing in the sun. He said, "Why are so many people watching us?"
Chenchi walked forward without looking at anything else and was not interested in those staring eyes. "They are probably looking at you, and they are still personally surprised."
"What do you mean I’m still a person?" Lu Jinian squinted, "I think your Chinese teacher will probably regret teaching you such a student."
"Really? What does she regret having with me?"
Lu Jinian timely changed the topic "How did things go last night?"
"It is agreed to deliver the goods next week."
"I’m in a hurry this time?"
"He will give more money if he is in a hurry."
Lu Ji-nian tutted that "giving more money is the most important thing"
"Make enough money to rest for a few years this time" Chen Chi smiled.
Although they all know that root can’t have a rest to talk about.
Men are very ambitious in their careers, and the growing money is a sense of security and a symbol of ability.
Section 26
Especially for a man like Chen Chi, his environment is either a dude who eats and drinks with money at home and can’t do anything serious, so he just needs to spend money at home.
The other is Chen Chi Chu Ning Zhao, so their achievements far exceed their parents’ achievements, which is a new height for the whole family.
"If you can rest, you will be a ghost." Lu Jinian took out sunglasses from his clothes and wore pointed jaws, which made people feel palpitation and apathy. "Just earning this money can also enrich my coffers."
"Your coffers are not small at all."
"Who will dislike more money?" Lu Ji-nian sneered and then said, "Hey!" "Did you change trains again?"
"This is only a few days, you have changed three cars. It’s enough. The same car was used year after year. Now you know something or what? But it’s not right-your car is all in the past, isn’t it? It’s not a new car. What’s there to change? "
Facing Lu Jinian’s doubts, Chen Chileng replied, "I was rear-ended this morning."
"Rear-end collision?" Lu Jinian’s eyes condensed a few minutes after sunglasses and then swept back and forth in Chen Chi’s body. "So you won’t be dragging a broken body and insisting on post education at this time, will you?" Really touched me. Hey … "
Chenchi really wants to sew Lu Jinian’s mouth for him. "Can’t you see how healthy I am now?"
"I can’t see that I think you’ve probably been a little kidney is not good lately-you’ve gone too far."
Chenchi snorted, "It’s better than you have no place."
Lu Jinian "…" He was insulted again!
"It’s just an ordinary rear-end collision. The car was sent to be repaired." Chen Chi simply explained that a dozen doors were taken by car and Lu Ji-nian no longer stepped on the gas pedal and galloped away.
In fact, Lu Jinian was really worried about whether the early accident had any bad influence on Chenchi, but now he can be sure that he is all right.
Rest assured, Lu Jinian made a message before leaving.
Lengli’s cold sound is particularly spiritual in the words, which seems to soften Lu Jinian from some mystery.
However, no one can see Lu Jinian’s expression at the moment because of the dark glasses cover.
"Where is it?" Lu Jinian usually doesn’t like to ask Lengli what she’s doing. Just ask her where she is, and she won’t care what she’s doing anyway … in the end, it’s always with Lu Jinian.
The cold chestnut sound suddenly became smaller, in which shyness meant "home" which passed by.
"Go back so early?"
"I have a holiday today."
"Why didn’t I know?" Lu Ji-nian asked naturally as if Lengli should know everything.
Lengli said, "You didn’t ask me either."
"What are you going to do later?" Lu Ji-nian’s voice is very pleasant, not mature man’s magnetism, and occasionally a little makes people feel sweet and clear.