Zhou Hanhan couldn’t speak any more, so he hung up. It turned out that everyone had already planned it. Funny, he was still nervous for her. He was so stupid that he made a fool of himself.

Sacred really didn’t care about jokes. After thinking for a while, he sent a message to Fu Yunyi and asked, "Why did you suddenly confess to that Uber? What is the stimulus? "
Fu Yunyi swept the warmth. When she saw that she was watching the game, she bowed her head and quickly replied a few words, "He made people stare at me and hit him if he was not comfortable. Anyway, he had already seen it."
Section 424
"Aren’t you afraid of him spreading it around?"
"He won’t!"
Holy pie-pie. Well, just rush at the excitement of Uber. I also know that people won’t betray others, but I am more angry and nervous than him.
☆, Chapter 49 Fan you don’t want to?
"By the way, what about that flower?" Speaking of Zhou Hanhan, you have to have a garden full of spring scenery. It is simply a common pain in several people’s hearts. The more they show off in an ostentatious manner, the more they look at their eyes.
Sacred and relaxed, "Don’t worry, everything is under my control."
Fu Yunyi didn’t believe it when he looked after him, but he couldn’t let his guard down for 24 hours. "Are you sure? If you neglect to let him steal flowers, you are a sinner. "
Sacred or sneered, "How could I do that stupid thing? Come on, I put him on Wuzhishan and put a spell on him. He won’t think of it for 500 years. "
Fu Yunyi corners of the mouth smoke "… that’s good. I won’t talk to you after watching the game."
"Wait!" Divine eager to type the past two words and then sent a crying expression "It’s so cruel. It’s unfair that you watch the game with Wener and I have to be alone and work hard in the hospital."
"I want compensation?"
"… tell your second brother and third brother that they are really enjoying themselves. I just arrived in Beicheng last night, and I was even more miserable than you. You can’t complain with me."
"Coco, after all, you are one step ahead of me. It is reasonable for me to be jealous."
"I didn’t do anything with my arms around Warm Son last night."
"ah? You can’t? Oh yeah! "
Fu Yunyi couldn’t help sneering when he saw the screen exploding with fireworks. "If you think too much, even if you can’t do it, I won’t be unable to do it. My physical strength is several times better than yours, especially if my waist muscles can explode you."
Divine immediately sent an angry expression, and then a series of show-offs.
"Hum, I have medicine."
"I still have technology."
"I know sensitive acupoint stimulation and massage."
"I’ll wait afterwards."
"Oh, my foreplay is great, too."
Fu Yunyi waited for him to finish and send a sentence, "When you are warm in bed, you will call my brother. Every time you listen to it, it’s like taking an aphrodisiac. Don’t you think it’s so irritating?"
"I’ve been hurt by crying blind for 10 thousand points, and I’m begging for a cure tonight."
"I’ll keep warm tonight!"
"Didn’t you accompany me last night?"
"I didn’t do anything last night."
"That’s your problem. Who told you not to do it?"
"It’s your third brother who is a demon. If you want to blame him, blame him."
"eh? He still has the heart and means? "
"Hum, he’s good at practicing double major with Warm Son. He’s been squeezed dry and we’re not allowed to sleep with Warm Son."
"ah? He and Nuaner double-repaired? Oh, this is a good thing. You can bear it even if you are jealous. "
"Hey, hey, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you know"
After the chat, Fu Yunyi turned to look at the magic. Is it true that after the double repair, Wener is not only strong in martial arts, but also strong in some ways? If so, well, I can bear it
But the dharma can’t be lost
The magic was seen by Fu Yunyi with a sad face. Is this calculating yourself again?
When he saw this, he smiled in a straight way. Alas, I pity the three fair people. This is to be sacrificed to the young lady by my big cousin. Hahahaha, the most painful thing is that this yang mining is still so pure and there is no one.
Hearing the magic of laughter is even more uncomfortable for Fu Yunyi. He is a little afraid of being out of his mind, but he is bold and gives it a bad look. "What are you laughing at?"
God shrank his neck "? I’m in the middle of a game. Hehehe, it’s wonderful! "
I can’t wait to choke it when I hear the magic. "Wonderful?"
I was dumbfounded when I looked intently, huh? It was the match between the Knights and the brother of Shenshi martial arts school that Fu Feng won. The audience cheered and thanked Fu Feng coldly. The media cameras aimed at him, scratching and flashing.
It’s a tragedy when God comes out. I have to laugh and say, "Winning or losing is a common occurrence in military affairs, isn’t it, big cousin?"
The winner is Fu Fengchang, and of course it’s this guy.
Fu Yunyi doesn’t cooperate with it leisurely, saying that "strength determines everything"
God pouted, "Cousin, you will really lose me."
Fu Yunyi sneered at "I can’t ask for it"
God turned to warmth for help. "Young lady, you see that they are not gentle and considerate to ladies at all. You have to take care of it. Isn’t this a heart planted in your face?"
Warm, angry and funny, but I can’t help it. "Come on, watch the game and it’s Zheng Nan. Is it true this time?" After all, Shenshi martial arts school brother is not a vegetarian.
This topic change was successful, and several people focused on the game. One game was that the Knights and the Shenshi Martial Arts School lost two games in a row, which is very rare.
Because Shenshi Martial Arts School has never lost from the first day of the competition, it has been praised by the media that the general always wins or the team wins, which is amazing. Finally, the record was broken in the final, although everyone could have expected it and witnessed it with their own eyes, they were still excited.
It’s ugly to have a magical face. He taught my brother to lose. Isn’t that cutting his face?
But it’s too short. Even if he is gifted, he can’t turn them into peerless masters in an instant. Now the situation is actually very bad, but it’s still too unpleasant to watch his brother play.