Jiang Zhichu’s "Don’t be blind to milk"

"No more milk, no more milk." Xie Ji sighed that his luck plummeted after he entered the altar, and even Xie Quan was frustrated by him. "Did you see this red snake with Siyouwu in the forest?"
Jiang Jichu shook his head. "There are purple snakes and ordinary snakes."
There are human beings in the village of Sheguokabulang. The villagers didn’t even see a bss, and there were either trees or mountains around the village. This is the only place where the canyon sounded so abrupt that he wanted to find out.
Although dangerous, it is somewhat rewarding.
I just met a red snake or a red python, which looks like a purple snake. They are all "specialties" of Chenjiacun. They are not less aggressive than the purple snake and lie in the cliffs in the east.
There must be something wrong with this.
The cave is deep and long, and the red python is in the hole, leaving a dark tunnel in front.
Thank you for sending me an old-fashioned hand from the hostel before exploring the cave. At this moment, it’s just time to send a party.
Red pythons lie prone on the ground and look at them from the hole like lanterns, and the scarlet letter keeps probing in.
He shook his hand and spared the letter. He flashed the light into the depths of the cave, "I can walk in and see."
The two of them have a minimum of one meter, and the height of the cave is about one meter six, so they have to walk short.
Xie Ji doesn’t like such a depressing atmosphere, pulling Jiang Zhichu to chat. "Little comrade, this may not be my poison milk, but your cheating on the organization and not telling the truth."
Jiang Jichu rubbed his eyebrows. "I have something in my hand that she always wanted to go back, but I didn’t give it."
Thank you for sending me "Why don’t you give something back to someone’s girl?"
Jiang Yunchu was silent for a while. "I can’t give it to her for the time being." He rarely hesitated and regretted doing things, and he never knew whether it was right or wrong.
Xie Ji asked, "What?"
Jiang Yunchu was silent for a long time this time. When Xie Ji couldn’t answer, he heard the young man’s indifferent voice again. "My father disappeared a few years after my mother gave birth to me. She loved my father deeply and searched for his trace all over the world. In the process of searching, she seemed to be a different person … from a beautiful and elegant rich girl to a haggard, paranoid and crazy one."
Xie Ji heard a little bit from Xie Quan’s mouth, but Jiang Zhichu said it was more meaningful or shocking. He cooperated, "What happened later?"
Jiang Ji early continued
"Later, I accidentally learned of my father’s death. He went abroad to pick scenery temporarily and didn’t come to tell my mother.
"When he arrived, he didn’t contact my mother, and he was hit by heavy rain and landslides. His face was smashed, and his identity card was lost. It was more sensitive to go to the place. He didn’t go through formal channels and couldn’t find effective information. He vaguely recognized that he was a Chinese and was posted on a foreign oil painting network because he carried a painting tool with him.
"I recognize his wed ring with his moth."
Xie Ji vaguely guessed what "you told your mother?"
"When I was nine years old, I didn’t know if I should say it until my mother found out the middle stage of cancer." Jiang Ji’s Hatsune Hatsune began to sink. "I advised her to go to my father when she died …"
"She boarded a plane to fly abroad and held her father’s urn to commit suicide in the place where he had an accident."
At the beginning of the dark tunnel, Jiang Ji bent forward like a hole in the dark, and the light from the hand barrel reflected on half of his face, and his lips were slightly sipped.
At the beginning of that year, Jiang Ji could clearly realize that the death would have bad consequences, but his mother was suffering from cancer and he wanted her to receive treatment as soon as possible and return to her normal life.
If he were older, Jiang Zhichu might have a better solution, but at that time he was nine years old and wanted his mother to go to the hospital.
Thank you for listening, feeling distressed and angry. "It’s too irresponsible, isn’t it? You didn’t care about the novel at that time? ! What will you … do with your brother? "
Perhaps the past was heavy. Jiang Yunchu didn’t notice the pause of Xie Ji. He spat out a foul breath. "It doesn’t matter what happened in the future, but I’ve lived until now. I want to tell you that I took something similar to’ death’ from Siyou."
Live in the unknown or die in the truth.
Parents’ ashes are buried in their homeland across the sea, and they are always pressed in the heart of Jiang Ji.
Thank you. "Are you going to never give it to her?"
Jiang Yunchu "I will give it when the time comes"
Parents are dead, Siyou is still alive.
He has doubted whether his choice is correct several times, but the best time to send it to the altar is coming.
Jiang Ji-chu counted how long it would take to hang his hand by his side and be caught off guard by Xie.
The strength is gentle and firm, and the body temperature is too hot to dispel the cold in the whole cave.
Xie jihe said, "it’s not your fault what happened."
Jiang Jichu didn’t respond to shallow smile.
Because the cave was too low, they had to bow down and walk at a slower speed. After a long time, they saw the light.
Outside the cave is a view of the sky in Yuan Ye. The blue grass is as beautiful as a painting.
In the middle of the painting stands a red fruit tree.
This is the only red fruit tree they saw in Chenjiacun. It is not higher than other trees, but it is quiet and lonely, but it gives people a kind of peace of mind.
After leaving the cave, Xie Ji stretched himself and bowed for a long time, which made him uncomfortable anywhere.
They approached the mangroves, big and small, and the red fruits hung on the branches, round, full and fresh.
Xie Ji picked a fruit. I don’t know if he has been exercising for a long time and is thirsty. He has a desire to taste it.
Thank you for sending "I think this should be more delicious than Fuxiu"
Jiang Zhichu also picked one and played with it in his hand. He simply replied with a positive thank you.
Mangrove is so remote that no one will water it to repel insects. It naturally grows tenaciously in the original wild fruit without any dust.
Purple Fuxiu purple snake
Red fruit red snake
Xie sent a guess
"Chen jiacun should be in the purple and red camps. If we ate Fuxiu, we might not be attacked by purple snakes. If everyone eats Fuxiu, we will not be rejected by the villagers.
"If you eat red fruit outside the canyon red snake, even just red pythons may not attack us.
"We didn’t eat a fruit tree, which was temporarily neutral and would be attacked by both sides.
"But choosing one side of the camp is equivalent to being confronted with more fierce attacks on the opposite side of the other camp, which may become the first place of hatred."
Xie Ji never likes to be forced to team up, and he often doesn’t choose one side when he is in the mall, but acts as a subsequent party to wipe out other forces.
But just like hating Fu Xiu, he has a natural affection for the red fruit in his opponent.
This feeling is very subtle. He searched repeatedly in his vocabulary and finally chose "identity"
He agrees with it.
When they looked at the fruit tree, the red python wagged its tail and pursued it from another road.
They were infected with Fuxiu in the forest, and the smell was blown away by the wind, and then covered by the smell of red fruit, and there was nothing left.
In front of people, the python can cover the sun. Before it changed, it was ferocious and honestly lying on the ground, with its head slightly raised as if waiting for them to choose.
Xie sent the fruit in his hand and threw it at the red python without malice.