"Machamp’s positive challenge makes Machamp!" Aaron shouted and showed a momentum of not being afraid of Ah Jun.

"Then we will also use Machamp!" Jun is very cooperative and seems to be infected by Aaron and Machamp!
Aaron Machamp rushed to Slaking quickly. From here, we can see that Aaron Machamp didn’t train strength and speed, and so on. This is the most fundamental difference between Aaron Machamp and Ah Jun Slaking. Machamp stretched out his hands from his back and held Slaking’s hands together in an instant. However, it seems that because both sides made Machamp, Aaron’s disadvantage here was not manifested by a horse. In an instant, it was a stalemate!
"It’s melee boxing now!" Aaron immediately ordered
Although Machamp’s back hands can’t make it, Machamp’s front hands have not yet acted! Hands quickly alternate began to attack the Slaking! Punch the abdomen! Without a punch in and out of Slaking, his expression trembled. Aaron didn’t think that after strengthening his strength, Slaking could endure Machamp’s fist attack. Now he is relying on abdominal muscles to resist the attack, but it is definitely not going to last long!
"Throw Machamp out!" Jun said immediately shouted.
Suddenly Machamp’s feet were off the ground, and then Machamp flew sideways! It was thrown out by Slaking, and the height gap and disadvantage appeared as soon as it was thrown out, but the strength gap was also very obvious. However, Machamp got up at once, and it seemed that it was no problem to continue playing, while Slaking frowned and then shouted and began to beat his chest with his hands. It seemed very angry.
"It’s very uncomfortable to be attacked by the fists of opponents who are smaller than themselves." Xiaoyong looked at Slaking and said.
"Slaking attacked the ground with broken rocks!"
Slaking heard this command, the horse shouted again, then extended his left fist and slammed it on the ground, and the horse cracked and the ground around the center of Slaking collapsed! I have to say that it is quite horrible and destructive! It gives people the feeling that whoever got this trick was either killed or maimed … After hitting the ground, Slaking raised his left hand to Machamp and then confessed to his side, which was a provocation against Machamp.
"Machamp, don’t be provoked to make a jet flame!" Aaron knows very well that breaking the surrounding ground across the street must have a purpose, but it is certainly impossible to attack rashly.
Machamp immediately erupted in flames and then hit Slaking. Slaking horse grabbed a big ice stone from the ground and lifted it to stop the flames.
Slaking thumped on the ground again, but this time he beat all the rocks up, and then Slaking grabbed a few bigger rocks and threw them directly into it! It feels as simple as a child throwing a basketball in the middle … The rock directly fell to Machamp, and Machamp immediately opened the green protective cover to carry the rock falling attack! However, Wang kept throwing rocks, and there was a backlog to slowly bury Machamp inside …
"One move and one move will decide the outcome!" Xiaoyong said Xiaoyong and Ah Jun have been companions for many years. Naturally, his words are very credible, and Ah Kang is also very careful to watch the game, but his face is still confused.
"See how you block this Slaking air boxing!" Jun-ling really made a cruel move!
Slaking jumped in front of the pile of broken rocks and waited for a while. It seems that he had to "wait" because of his laziness, and then asked Wang to retract his left fist to do Xu Li.
"Dig a hole!" Aaron immediately made it clear that confrontation was better than confrontation, but at this time Aaron suddenly had a question-he knew that he was better than strength, but Machamp had strength, so why did he send Machamp?
"Unconsciously, it seems to have deviated." Aaron’s heart told Machamp to fight and not win. That seems to be what Aaron should pursue in this battle … it is indeed a contradictory fruit
"Forget it, we’ve already dug a hole. Let’s start with one move." Aaron said that repeating the order would confuse Poké mon.
At this time, the rock was suddenly shaken open! Inside, Machamp exudes a faint red light … or it can be said to be red gas.
"It’s bodybuilding." Aaron immediately recognized that skill. "How come my Poké mon are all disobedient guys?" Aaron said with a smile that it’s so-called to be a little naive.
Slaking’s Aiko Boxing didn’t make a horse, as if waiting for Machamp’s bodybuilding to be completed? And Ah Jun didn’t make an order to ask Slaking to attack quickly, so he waited.
"All right, let’s do it together!" After Machamp’s bodybuilding, Jun won’t wait any longer.
Suddenly something cracked. And it was not until this time that Aaron discovered that Machamp was still wearing the Machoke belt! Just fighting with Slaking has been tied! Aaron didn’t even look at it carefully, and he never found it. He had already unloaded it!
"Actually, you have won the attack just now, Jun, but since you chose not to attack, the result of this game will be changed." Aaron said, "Machamp should live up to Nidoking’s legacy to stop this blow! "
Confrontation! Wang’s left fist goes straight to Machamp Machamp’s right hands and catches it! But it was still shaken out! This gas-boxing blow is really extraordinary! But this time it didn’t fly, but it was beaten back several steps. It seems that the strength is no longer so different?
"So that’s it. I’m white!" Kang suddenly got up. "Xiaoyong Ajun Slaking is really right-handed, isn’t it?" Kang asked Xiaoyong Xiaoyong to do a sudden awakening immediately.
"By the way, I also white! Slaking’s right hand was wounded by the last blow of the double-edged hammer before fighting Nidoking! Only then will it look a little twisted, and most of the attacks in Slaking will be left-handed to make right-handed remarks. The strength of the left hand is much worse than that of the right hand, and it is impossible to be as perfect as the right hand because the right hand and the left hand have always used their skills! And Slaking’s left-handed strength, Machamp, is barely able to rely on both hands after bodybuilding! " Xiaoyong also immediately said, "But even the left hand is superior and strong enough to block the left hand attack. The strength of Machamp is also unpredictable. At first, it should not be so strong."
"If you untie your belt, you will naturally become stronger." Xiaojing muttered at a side and didn’t join in the dialogue, but continued to watch the game.
232 Machamp’s last trump card?
"So that’s it!" Jun seems to be a white bitten to grind.
"But it’s really very unwilling to come to me. I, Machamp, have already untied my belt, but it’s a big blow to me when I was crushed and killed by you in Slaking. But I just found out that Machamp wore a belt or Machoke’s belt, and I suddenly felt a little confident and had a fight for hope, but I didn’t expect to calculate how strong Machamp was when he untied his belt. I can’t even imagine that the situation here is still the enemy of you, Slaking," Aaron said. "If I changed my right fist, I wouldn’t be able to stop Machamp by stepping back a few steps, but even if Machamp, it’s our turn to attack the burst fist! " I don’t know what gives people the feeling that Aaron is beginning to return to normal.
"Avoid coming to Slaking to make an arm strike!"
Machamp let out a yell, jumped high and punched Slaking! Aaron asked for leave and Wang couldn’t move because of his laziness, but Slaking still moved away from a physical position, and Machamp also hit the right fist at that position and fell into the ground! Then the ground cracked …
Slaking hit Machamp with his arm. He opened the protective arm by himself. He hit the green shield and bounced off!
"Cross cross scissors!"
"Broken rock!"
Machamp didn’t pull his fist out and attack it as Jun thought, but directly hit the whole body! Then his left hand hugged Slaking’s waist, and his hands were raised, all in the shape of a knife. Then a split was all in Slaking’s neck. Slaking cried out in pain, but the horse’s left hand was ready to use broken rock, but the original fourth hand was also stretched out in the ground. Before Slaking attacked, he pushed Slaking’s right arm and pushed it in a very bad place! Machamp’s 4-handed advantage has actually limited Slaking, who is taller and stronger than himself!
"Don’t look down on me! Slaking hit the arm with his left hand! " Jun shouted
"Make a shoulder fall!" Holding your opponent is part of an over-the-shoulder fall!
Machamp to split in Slaking neck hands turned to embrace Slaking neck and then the younger generation jerked Slaking up! Slaking wanted to make an attack, but I don’t know whether it was because his right hand was seriously injured or because he was out of balance at the moment. Machamp tried to loosen his right hand and hugged Slaking’s waist with his left hand, followed by a perfect back fall! Slaking was planted in the whole fragile field!