"Mom?" ChuRui looked up at the poem and tried to say something, but Chen Li squeezed his palm hard.

Chenli thinks it’s better for ChuRui not to talk at this time because he saw her hatred for ChuRui from this woman’s eyes …
"Auntie, do you hate her so much that you want to kidnap us to get back at her?"
"You’re a smart child, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. When I’m done, I’ll let you go." Poetry has no hatred for Chenli, and she only has reason to tell her that it’s best not to do anything about Chenli, otherwise her home may be ruined.
Personal vendetta. She doesn’t want to implicate the family.
"Yes, yes, aunt, let me talk to you. It’s all because of this idiot Chu Rui that I was brought here." Chen Li’s little face is like a pure angel, and even poetry looks at him and thinks the child is really beautiful.
"No, just stay there and I’ll let you go when I want to."
"The aunt when will you let me go? What are you going to do? "
"What am I going to do? Ha ha ha! Si will definitely regret that she took my man, and I will make her regret a generation! "
be over; be doomed
Chen Li’s heart thumped. It doesn’t look right. Is this crazy woman going to be right?
No, she can’t get what she wants …
"Now I have to wait for them to find me, make them anxious to find me, and make them panic … when they find me, I will be in front of them … ha ha ha ha ha …" Poetic arts don’t know what they think, but they look up and laugh wildly.
Rui Rui is a little scared and dare not speak. He can try his best to get close to Chenli.
Chen Lili’s novel "Don’t be afraid that you will be fine"
Rui Rui nodded his head, and he was not so afraid with Chenli beside him.
This garage is closed on all sides, and the only window is drawn with thick curtains. It is also possible to know the outside situation and judge whether it is day or already late.
Poetry looks very relaxed, sitting in a chair, I don’t know what to think, my eyes are deep, but I’m up to no good
Chenli thinks this woman must be thinking about how to hurt ChuRui.
Yes, as she said, she seems to be waiting to be found.
"Oh, it’s almost time. I can wait for them to find me on my mobile phone." Shiyi smiled and called the mobile phone. In the moment of her phone, the mobile phone rang one after another, and the sound department was full of various indications.
"My mobile phone hasn’t been so busy for a long time. It’s a rare thing for so many people to find me together." Shiyi smiled very much when the voice just fell and a call came.
She looked at Rui Rui before answering the phone. "Would it be your mother or your father? If it weren’t for your thoughts, how could that bitch take Ning Zhao from me? She’s just so arrogant because she gave birth to you? But if I can’t get Ning Zhao, I can’t be happy, and I want her to be unhappy. Then I’ll punish you in front of them. She will remember a generation, right? She might even blame NingZhaoCai for letting you get caught by me … "
Poetic art has said a lot of things, and Rui Rui can’t listen to it, but everything is white in Bai Chen.
It turns out that this kind of thing happened among their adults …
"hello? Thinking or Ning Zhao? You should have been looking for me for a long time. Remember to have a drink of water before you continue. "
Chu Ningzhao sounded as cold as ice. "Let Rui Rui go of poetry and other things can be discussed."
"To discuss what can be discussed? Ning Zhao, I love you so much, but you abandoned me again and again. You all lied to me! " The poetic tone is full of sadness. "In that case, I will let you taste what it is like to be hurt."
"Don’t be impulsive. Everything is negotiable."
"Hum, it’s not negotiable. Don’t worry, I will treat your children well." Then I hung up and said to Rui Rui, "It’s your father. He’s really nervous, but you are. What are you nervous about? I won’t let you go. "
Rui Rui bit his lip and raised a little fear in his blue eyes.
"How to locate successfully?" ChuNingZhao gaze to the side is fuck the robot police.
"Well, we’re no more than five kilometers away, so we can locate it accurately."
After the investigation of all parties, it has almost been found that the poetry art is hiding in this area, but the exact address has not been found yet. Now after the word poetry art, they can find the poetry art.
Shi Yi was still threatening Rui Rui when she suddenly heard the door of the garage ringing. She was shocked and turned around. They had already looked for it.
It can’t be so soon!
After seeing the visitor, the poet was relieved. "It’s you. How did you know I was here?"
Xia Lang slowly walked in and looked at the surrounding environment. "It’s good to find such a place. It will take them a little time even if they want to storm in."
"how did you get in?" Poetry suddenly feels strange.
"How can I come in? Because I have the key here, "Xia Lang waved the key in his hand." You may not know whether you found this place or I gave it to you. I am the boss here. "
Poetry can’t help but frown. "What do you want to do?"
"Of course I’m helping you. It’s silly." Xia Lang shook his head and chuckled. "You’re not helping you in secret. How can you implement all this so smoothly?"
"You help me?" Poetry is ridiculous. She can’t trust people anymore, especially Xia Lang.
"Well, it seems that you don’t understand my kindness. What I did to you in the past was to stimulate you to make such a choice, so that you can really be cruel." Xia Lang said, "Because I know that Chu Ningzhao doesn’t love you, no matter how hard you force him, his lover has thoughts, but you won’t want to believe this. You will always have illusions. I will make up my mind to retaliate against them only after you give up completely. You see, you can’t get them anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to destroy them?"
Poetry suddenly felt a chill from the heart, because she felt as if she had been cheated by Xia Langli all the time, not only to help her do things that were bad for Chenchi and Qingchen, but even now she was kidnapped by Li Xia Lang to borrow her hand and come to Chu Rui and Chenli …
Suddenly, I realized that the face of poetry changed greatly. "Xia Lang, what are you going to do?"
"What I’m going to do is very simple." Xia Lang made a gesture and someone rushed in and held poetry.
"Poetry, don’t worry, I will avenge you and make them regret what they have done to you now …" Xia Lang’s face is twisted like a demon poetry in the depths of hell, and he has never been so afraid.
"I’m surrounded by Chenchi people. If I do something, he will know immediately, but it’s different if you do it. They don’t guard against you like they guard against me." Xia Lang said to those people, "Take them to my place and I’ll come back later."
Those people sneaked away from the back door of the garage, which didn’t even know there was poetry.
Shi Yi watched them take Rui Rui and Chen Li away and finally found himself falling into his trap from the day he joined Xia Lang.