Two hundred and twenty … Where can I get this sum of money now? She gambled in a gambling house once before, and he ate a meal with Feng Jiang’s clothes left. Is it time for her to go to the casino again?

Thought of here, she raised her hand and stretched out her palm toward "borrow two hundred and twenty first!" I’ll pay you back when I see you later! "
"I didn’t expect … you are so poor!" Feng Jiang Yi seems to be in a good mood. He took out a few silver tickets from his pocket, counted two and handed them over.
At this time, the two young girls who were tied were brought out because the girls walked slowly, and the other party’s whip was about to swing. I often raised my hand and shook the other party’s whip angrily. "I have already bought it. If your whip is broken, I will have a whip of one hundred and twenty!"
The other party was so scared that the whip fell to the ground, but seeing Chang Xiangsi’s face was handsome and elegant, and the man around him was even more noble and knew that he could not be provoked and picked up the whip and retreated a few steps.
Now that you have paid for their indenture, you often miss them directly and take them away. You are obviously unhappy with the strange smell of those two people, frowning.
After crossing the report, it was renamed "Crossing the report, get out of here!" Welcome to read! Good friend Li Yan’s new article "The General Confuses Your Princess" is very good. Chapter 3, Woman, are you stupid again?
Lu often misses you. "Since I bought you, I won’t hide my identity. I am Miss Xiang Fu, and I always miss you. From now on, I need your loyalty. If you betray me, you will not be easily spared!" I, you are displaced by my side, and you are not slaves. I will pay you silver every month. If you are dissatisfied with staying with me one day, you can leave at any time, but you must tell me before you leave. This is what I asked. "And she tore the two indentures to pieces.
Aside from Feng Jiang Yi, listening to her say this several times, I want to scold her if she is stupid again.
Slavery status is lowly and can be taken away by lovesickness. It’s a blessing for them. From today on, they even went back to their slave status, and they have silver to pay every month. They want to leave at any time, but at this time, they impulsively tore up the two indentures.
The boy in rags looked up at her silently for a long time before saying, "Thank you, Huei-fang. It belongs to her sister. My brother and sister are willing to serve the Lord from today!"
With that, he pulled his hand through the snow and knelt down to her.
"It’s a cloud through the snow. May my brother serve the Lord." Cloud through the snow also nodded.
They call themselves slaves, not slaves, and they are still very satisfied. At least what she sees in them is not servility.
At this time, Feng Jiang’s clothes were a little shocked, and he seemed to see the longing for love. He smiled, "It’s your luck to be seen by Huei-fang. Let’s go, Wang is hungry for a long time."
Today, this woman has made him sit up and take notice, and simply gathered these two hearts.
In the restaurant, I often miss the moon and snow, but when I see the face of Feng Jiang’s clothes, I have to let the clouds step on the moon and snow.
The food just walked through the snow and looked at the clouds clearly for a long time before asking, "Can brother eat?"
Yun Tanyue lovingly raised her hand to caress her messy hair, and her eyes were a little moist. "Let you suffer. Eat well. bar owners should be an easy-going person. We will serve her well in the future."
Cloud through the snow nodded and looked at the table full of delicious food. How long has it been since she had such a delicious meal?
There is no woman who should be reserved. She picked up chopsticks and quickly put the food on the moon. She also smiled and picked up chopsticks and put the food on the table, but she didn’t eat it herself. Instead, she was caught in the bowl.
"Brother, you also eat delicious!" Seeing the cloud stepping on the moon and giving her food all the time, the cloud stepped on the snow and opened its mouth.
I often miss this scene in my eyes, smiled and raised my glass to Feng Jiang’s clothes. "I propose a toast to you. Thank you today!"
Feng Jiangyi raised his glass and laughed. "You need to be so polite!" Then he raised his glass and drank it off.
I often miss him so much, and I also raise my glass to drink sake, which is slightly spicy and has a fragrant smell of bamboo. This ancient wine is more mellow than modern wine, and many things may not be added. Everything is original. Chapter 4, Begging for marriage
Feng Jiang Yi put the glass on the opposite side and looked at Qing Jun beautiful and elegant as a woman disguised as a man. "There will be a banquet in the palace on the 16th of this month, when the time comes, unmarried men and women will attend. First, the emperor wants to choose a show girl from it, and second, unmarried men and women can also take this opportunity to choose a pleasing look from it. If two suitable ones are available, the emperor may even give marriage."
Chang Xiangsi asked, "Do I have this?"
She’s a crazy, stupid woman who needs to participate?
When you think about it carefully, she remembered the usual lovesickness from the memory of lovesickness, and she also attended such a banquet. At that time, lovesickness was a joke for everyone, and several people bullied and mocked the object. Every time she arrived at that daily lovesickness, she was thrown out in the middle of a palace banquet.
"You also belong to an unmarried woman, who will be sixteen in a few months. It is the right time to get married and naturally you need to participate."
"Crazy, silly, often lovesick and divorced. Do you think anyone will want to marry?" I am very confident that Bei Xuanyu’s engagement broke out before the emperor. This news went out on the same day. Now I am just a joke after dinner. She can still hear many people talking about it along the way.
Crazy, silly, often homesick, maybe no one wants to marry, but now the woman is smart and beautiful, and she is afraid of asking for relatives.
At this moment, Feng Jiang’s clothes frowned and felt that there seemed something strange in his heart.
"Anyway, the king just gave you a wake-up call to prepare, but … do you really want to play the fool?"
Chang Xiangsi smiled, "Let it be!" Said the bow silently eating.
She is not worried that someone will come and ask for marriage. Even though she is the first daughter of Xiangfu, she has been crazy for ten years and everyone knows it.
If she wants to marry her husband, she has two older sisters. Although they are concubines, they are much better than lovesickness.
Feng Jiang Yi chuckled for the first time and gave the other person a dish. He often looked at the extra food in the bowl with lovesickness. His eyes were obviously disgusted and there was a little coldness. This scene also made Feng Jiang Yi feel annoyed and thought that the first time he gave a person a dish, he actually got an expression of disgust from the other party.
"Eat!" He spoke coldly.
Often acacia frowned and put chopsticks "I’m full! You eat slowly! " She hasn’t eaten anything by others. In her world, anyone who dares to give her food is simply dying!
It’s the first time to encounter such a direct refusal. For the average woman, it’s a great gift. It’s even rejected when she is often lovesick!
When Feng Jiang Yi was about to get angry, he often said, "I’m sorry that I never eat what others gave me. If I have offended eleven princes, I hope eleven princes will calm down."
Then she got up and said, "Thank you for the eleven princes today. Later, I will have someone take 220 silver and send it to the eleven palaces. Thank you for your hospitality today!" She looked at the table where the clouds stepped on the moon. "Let’s go!"
After crossing the report, it was renamed "Crossing the report, get out of here!" Welcome to read! Just opened a new article, begging for coffee, asking for flowers, asking for a purse, asking for comments. Chapter 5, Suspicion is not doubtful.
Although it didn’t take long for them to eat, they ate quickly because of hunger. They ate half the food. When they saw Acacia, they got up and immediately put chopsticks. Clouds and snow were reluctant to look at the remaining delicacies and licked their lips. They didn’t eat enough.
Yun stepped on the moon and immediately took her hand and followed Chang Acacia.
Looking at the departure direction of their master and servant, Feng Jiang’s clothes slightly evoke a smile. This lovesickness is somewhat interesting.
But I still feel a little uncomfortable at the thought that I was abandoned by her. This woman actually abandoned him for chopsticks.
He’s pink and not sick, and he’s clean on weekdays. What is she really disgusted with?
He didn’t even dislike her, and he lowered his status. She ate together. Is that her attitude?
The road often misses the clouds and steps on the moon. The two brothers and sisters talked about their own things in the palace, and then let them wait outside when they passed the gambling house. In a short time, she came out with more pockets in her hands.
As soon as she came out, she took out two hundred and twenty silver tickets from her pocket and handed them to Yun Tanyue. "You will now return these two hundred and twenty silver tickets to the eleven princes, who just dined together. I will go back to Xiangfu first, and when you go back to Xiangfu for a while, you will say that it is eleven princes who asked you to come and protect me."
Yun Tanyue frowned slightly with a silver ticket in his hand and asked, "Is the Lord afraid that we will take the money and run away?" After all, this money is enough for their brother and sister to get out of their present predicament for a while.
Acacia often reminds me of a smile, "I don’t doubt people! Go back quickly! "
Then she turned to leave.
Yun Tanyue looked at the silver ticket in his hand and then evoked a smile. He pulled Yun Tanxue’s hand. "I’ve heard about Tanxue Xiangfu’s first daughter. I’ve been crazy for ten years now … but what we know is different. But I think following her is our best choice at present. Since she got rid of our slave fate, we should repay her!"
The cloud walks through the snow and smiles and nods, "Brother, I am white, and I am not an ungrateful person. I feel that the host is quite good."
I raised my hand and rubbed her messy hair and clouds, and my eyes felt remorse. "I’m sorry I didn’t let you live a good life."
In an instant, the eyes were red when the clouds stepped through the snow. "Brother, don’t blame yourself. Cher never complained about her brother. The luckiest thing is that although our family is gone, my brother is still with Cher."
"Come on, since the Lord believes in us, let’s not let her down."
"It’s good to feel free, brother."
Yun Tanyue also laughed and squeezed her soft little hand. "Yeah, it feels good to be free."
It’s been a dark time for them, but fortunately they haven’t separated.
Chang Xiangsi quietly returned to his own small courtyard, hid his silver first, and then changed his clothes. Soon, he was dressed like a crazy fool, and she put the men’s suit in a bag and hid it directly under the bed. Chapter 6, Did Dad come to play with Xiangsi?
The only one who served her quietly in the small courtyard, Mei Er, didn’t know where she had gone. She often frowned and began to think about herself. Naturally, she couldn’t go crazy all the time.