This white female emperor knows that she can actually punish her with this black fire, but even before this thing is thrown out, this weapon has already killed her. @++www* C

Even after taking away the gun, the whole body suddenly became soft and looked like a weak woman.
This white female emperor looked at her with a frown in surprise. "Good to continue talking! Please go inside Queen Geng. "
Back in the main hall, I even put away one gun and kept holding this other gun, but this imposing manner is not as cold and violent as when I first arrived. I even took out a bullet from the magazine. "Your country slowly throws gunpowder here, not only slowly, but if it is close, it may hurt the enemy and damage everything, but the palace has turned this gunpowder into a gun that can be entered far away."
"Is this a thing?"
"It’s the name of the gun that makes this copper shell filled with pure afterpowder. Well, it doesn’t matter. Now that the threat of money is enough, the palace can recognize that the monarch can listen to the palace words."
The white female emperor frowned and didn’t relax, but the momentum of her body was soft and soft, which made her feel that she was a different person.
"Everyone knows that this war is a joint effort of Haiguo and Geng Guo to give this little country a good look."
"Your country is to borrow? Then why not say it? "
"By the way? This country is already a maritime country in the bag of Geng, and even half an inch of land will affect China’s management of its own territory. "
The white female emperor looked at Lian Jian’s face and changed greatly. "Does Geng Guo want to unify the sky?"
Even some Pei Jian looked at this white female emperor and actually heard it through this sentence? Even Jia Jian nodded unceremoniously. "With the artifact in hand and the help of powerful allies in this continent, I don’t think so."
"So the Queen Geng came here to make our white country bow down?"
"Yes, because our country has heard that the white country is proficient in this black fire refining, I think that all the white countries are rare talents to let the palace come to your country. Otherwise, even the 60,000 people with the power of this black fire can’t be blown up by you."
The white female emperor’s face was dark, but she listened to this, because even when she said this, she seemed to wake up in good faith instead of threatening it as before, and it was still pleasant to hear.
Lian Jia smiled at her. "I know that if there is no benefit, no one will agree. Since today is intimidation and inducement, I wonder if the monarch wants to hear about this benefit?"
The white female emperor looked at the uncontrolled point of her life.
Even Jia Jian smiled, and the softness became more friendly. "One is that if your country voluntarily submits to peace and avoids the suffering of the people in Belarus, the other monarch also knows that there are only one or two black fire craftsmen in Belarus. Every person will give the royal craftsman a title, not only taxes, but also the salary palace to ensure that every obedient person in Belarus has food and clothing worries."
"But do you want the black fire formula for it?" The white female emperor looked at Lianjia warily.
Even JianJia is stand stand hand "to this formula? Don’t you still need this craftsman to do it? If the monarch wants to give it, he doesn’t want to leave it as insurance, which is also called "
"Are there any of these benefits?"
"That’s impossible or even the palace won’t promise so easily, right? The third palace takes into account that if your country submits, after all, it is not the original inhabitants of this Geng country, and most of the people of Bai will worry about being bullied by this foreign unruly. If your country submits, Bai will be rebuilt into a fire city. Only Bai residents and some craftsmen in our country can freely enter and leave the rest, even if they borrow roads, they are not allowed to get close. "
"What about my officials?"
"The monarch can continue to prefect this hand officials but order to reduce but since outsiders into the baicheng is there a difference? The monarch can relax when his local tyrant wants to be able to fulfill his requirements. "
The white female emperor slightly moved and caught her face, which was shaken. She continued, "Since we are going to change this place into a fire city, the original farmers, herders and fishermen will naturally become artisans. This food is naturally prepared by others for you. Everyone can eat big fish and delicacies."
Even when she saw the map, she suddenly thought, "By the way, I heard that this hunting country has invaded your country many times. If your country is willing to surrender to us and take this inheritance country, it will immediately take the hunting country for your country and let this hunter give it to the white slaves?"
"That sounds really tempting … but Queen Geng, you still haven’t made it clear what we are going to do?"
"Come back to our country and concentrate on the study of black fire. When the time comes, craftsmen will come. That’s what we need." Lianjia threw this bomb away. "It is enough for your people to concentrate on the study of black fire and make a large number of bombs and black fire weapons."
"I want to think about it."
"The monarch bites me, but this white country is a small village in a place like Geng Guo. The monarch is not as good as the residence of five officials in China when the emperor lives. But if he defected to live in Qionglou Jade Pavilion and enjoyed luxurious food, he could devote himself to studying this specialty without being carefully served by the enemy …" Even after a long pause, "Carry forward the ancestral craft …"
"Queen Geng, please come back. I will send you to your camp on the 5th."
"Frank! When the time comes, the palace will draw up a guarantee that the requirements for your country will be detailed, and the convenience and welfare of your country will be made clear one by one, so it will not be sent to this camp. The palace believes that the monarch is sincere and the monarch will send it directly to this capital city, and the palace will withdraw its troops. "
Even the white queen sighed when she left here, and even this set of threats and inducements made people refuse to let the white queen recruit and wave to the people here, "Call the people to tell them that I have decided."
Five days later, Lian Jian returned to the capital with the 3,000 people, and the day before she came back, the white country had arrived.
You Yan Qimu personally greeted Lian Jia at the city gate with a drop. "Tell me what you did?"
"Well, I really don’t remember what I did in Baiguo. I know that there is now an army that has already learned this gun." Even a smile says.