Just then the boy with the ghost mask appeared beside orochimaru and said to Naruto, "This can’t be done, orochimaru. He can’t die here yet, so you won’t mind if I take him away."

Naruto looked at the boy and felt very strange that he seemed to have something to do with himself, but now Naruto has no time to pay attention to this.
Naruto said coldly, "Can you save him?"
The boy laughed. "Of course I can’t save him if you are reckless, but you will."
From the sudden appearance of Naruto, I knew that this young man has patience and really wants to run. Naruto may destroy Konoha if he can’t help it and really wants to pursue it recklessly.
Because Kyubi no Youko’s power is too great, if he is not careful, he will cause legal damage to Konoha.
Naruto said faintly, "Okay, you can take orochimaru away, but you have to tell me what Sasuke is going on."
The boy laughed. "Hehe, no problem. Sasuke, he just won the orochimaru mantra. I’m sure you can handle it. Then I’ll go."
Naruto watched the teenager leave with orochimaru Ninjutsu. "Guo Sasuke is still cursed. Is there really no way to change it?" Naruto seems very lonely at this time.
Chapter 44 Emotional amplifier
Then Kyubi no Youko said, "What’s the matter with you? You are very strange today. You have never been so grumpy. Look around and see what you look like now."
Naruto felt the surrounding situation and was immediately shocked by his own behavior. When he felt and saw his friends’ fear and fear of him, he immediately felt panic when he recalled the first world war with orochimaru.
Naruto muttered in fear, "I seem to have lost control of my emotions. What’s going on? I almost hurt Ueda and Lumaru. What’s wrong with me?"
Kyubi no Youko snorted, "Hum, now you know what you just did. What an idiot."
At this time, the good Naruto voice sounded in Naruto’s heart and said, "I’m finally awake."
Naruto immediately went into his mind and asked, "You know what makes me lose my temper, right?"
Good Naruto said to Naruto, "Yes, I know what you should know."
Naruto seems to have thought of something and said, "Do I have anything to do with losing my temper?"
Good Naruto nodded. "That’s right, because your lust is complete now, and your judgment will be affected by your temporary emotions."
Naruto replied, "Then why didn’t this happen before me?"
Shan Naruto looked at the idiot and said, "Are you stupid? Before, you sealed me off from this guy, so your worldly desires is incomplete. Now that we are out, you can’t worldly desires, of course it will be different. "
Dark Naruto simply said "idiot". Naruto was suddenly hurt by the two of them looking at idiots, but he couldn’t do anything about them. On the contrary, Naruto had to rely on them to solve the problem of losing control of his emotions.
Can you swallow it and say, "Is there any way to solve it?"
Dark Naruto said, "Why do you want to solve the problem of being yourself? Why do you want to suppress your emotions?"
Naruto automatically ignored the dark Naruto’s words and thought, "This guy wishes I was out of control and looked at him."
Looking at the good naruto and laughing, "There is no way to solve the problem. Can we try our best to control your emotional key or rely on yourself?"
Naruto wondered, "What can I do by myself?"
Good Naruto replied: "It’s just that you control your emotions and try not to be influenced by them, just like in your previous life, Zhouyi said that Tian Xingjian is constantly striving for self-improvement;" The terrain is rich and virtuous, and everything depends on yourself. "Naruto also knows that all this depends on himself."
Naruto said to Shannaruto, "I know. I will try hard and please try my best to help me."
Shannaruto laughed. "We’ll let you go. I think your friends are already worried about you." Naruto nodded and withdrew from his heart.
At this moment, Dark Naruto said to Good Naruto, "If he wants to evolve sharingan, he has to be influenced by emotions to evolve to round eyes more quickly. But why do you tell him to control his emotions? Don’t you want him to have a round eye? "
Shannaruto laughed. "Of course, I hope he can have a round eye as soon as possible, but I can’t let him fall into a demon."
Dark Naruto doesn’t understand, "Fallen devil, what is this?"
Shanming Naruto replied, "Although we are the embodiment of his personality and emotions, we can’t control his thoughts. Once he loses control, even you and I may be swallowed up by his darkness."
Dark Naruto exclaimed, "How is it possible to devour us?"
Shan Naruto replied faintly, "Don’t you forget that he was reincarnated only by devouring the soul of the big barrel of wood and Asura?"
Dark Naruto surprised, "Is it him?"
Naruto replied, "Yes, that’s what you think. He just doesn’t know it, so you can’t drag him into your hatred."
Dark Naruto also said at this time, "But what can I do if he wants to come in himself?"
Shan Naruto replied, "So we should try our best to help him control his emotions."
Naruto said impatiently, "Forget it. It’s up to you. Forget it. I’ll go first."