Huangfujing is no better. He didn’t expect that he was scared into this kind by asking a question lightly. He was almost hit by this reckless girl, and his frown was wrinkled.

Po knows that the master’s temperament has opinions on the master’s words, deeds and movements. When he saw it, he reprimanded the woman in front of him for "how dare you bump into the imperial county so recklessly?"
Before Lin Yue could react, she heard a shrill sound and heard that it was a collision with the sacred heart. It was not slow to move, so she quickly knelt down and confessed. "People don’t know that the sacred drive has collided with the sacred dragon body in a hurry, so please forgive me."
"Get up, I also made a mistake. Suddenly, I scared you. No wonder you are alone." Huang Fujing said that it was generous to care about this little thing, but he came to this woman, his harem concubine, thinking about leisure and luck. It’s also a matter of luck that she wore emerald clothes to his liking at this time.
Listen, the woman who claims to be a peasant woman, Huangfujing, knows that it is a mistake, but this harem is not a place where ordinary people can come in. In this way, the identity will probably come in with the peasant woman brought into the palace by his younger sister, but it is really strange how she can sit here alone, and she looks younger. Chapter 433.
Although Lin Yue feels unlucky in her heart, she is also quite nervous, and she is afraid that Huang Fujing really blames her for colliding with the dragon body. It is not a small crime to really investigate it. At the very least, a peasant woman like her can’t afford to eat sin. I hope the emperor can be generous and not care about a little girl with her.
When I heard that Huang Fujing really didn’t blame her, Yuecai was relieved that "Bitch Xie Huang didn’t blame"
"Are you the Lin Niang that Yongle brought back to the palace?" Although Huangfujing is questioning, his tone is very positive.
Lin Yue was surprised that the emperor guessed her identity directly, but it was only after she figured it out. Don’t say that her identity is not free to enter the palace. Princess Kuang Yongle is still the emperor’s younger sister. It is normal for the emperor to know more about Princess Yongle and the people and things around her.
"Huang Sheng saw at a glance the identity of the folk woman, and the folk woman was indeed brought into the palace by Princess Yongle."
Huang Fujing expected Lin Yue to be surprised. "It’s not surprising that Yongle often reminds me of you, and I allowed you to enter the palace. I think she likes to get along with you very much, and she also said that you are a rare woman, and I am very curious to hear it."
Lin Yue didn’t know that Princess Yongle had such a high opinion of her and praised her in front of the emperor. She didn’t know whether it was good or bad. She could respectfully and modestly answer, "The princess praised the people’s wife, but she was just an ordinary woman. The princess didn’t give up her willingness to meet them. The people’s wife was very grateful and couldn’t afford to be a princess."
"Yongle, although it’s nothing, is still very clever and accurate in judging people. Since she said that, you must be worthy of her appreciation. Don’t be too modest. Don’t lower your head and look up and let me see what a strange girl in Yongle’s mouth looks like."
Although Huang Fujing spoke with a light attitude, there was no doubt that Lin Yue naturally dared not disobey and raised her head calmly. She was actually very curious about what it was like to enter the palace on Sunday. These days, I also heard people in the palace say that the emperor was handsome and learned the rules before entering the palace, knowing that he was not allowed to spy on the dragon’s face at will, or he would be punished if he had the opportunity.
At present, the emperor is younger than Lin Yue imagined, and he is only 27 years old. He is dressed in a silvery white satin brocade, which can’t cover up his innate domineering and nobility. Several bamboo plants are embroidered on cuffs and robes, and the golden jade crowns his dark hair face, and his facial features are carved, angular and long, and his figure is even better than that of a maid-in-waiting mouth.
Huangfujing saw Yuet-yan Lin was stunned for a while, but he didn’t react. Or did he see it by himself? This female part is that * * * * I saw it in the street and then I looked for it several times, but I didn’t find a woman. Although he once fantasized about it.
Looking for many times, the woman suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. In addition to being surprised at first, Huangfujing was delighted, and then her face became cold and her expression softened. She looked at Lin Yue gently. "I called you the moon after listening to it."
"This, this is not very good," Lin Yue was confused by Huang Fujing’s too kind attitude. I don’t know what it is. The ladies-in-waiting don’t say that although the emperor is elegant, he is very cold and strict. Even Princess Yongle has a scared expression. It is obvious that a mother, brother and sister can restrain Princess Yongle. This emperor is very dignified, but now it looks like a gentle and kind emperor.
"What’s wrong? That’s settled." After Huangfujing refused to give Lin Yue a chance, he decided to be overbearing, and Lin Yue was good at taking advice, thinking about where the emperor had always been accustomed to dictatorship. A little peasant woman refused her, so don’t be smart enough to make her angry.
"Moon, aren’t you visiting the imperial garden with Yongle? How can a person appear here but get lost? How does Yongle that girl take care of you? I can’t believe I let you run around like this. What if you are in danger! " Huangfujing dissatisfied and said that it was a bit blaming Princess Yongle. He said that danger is not a general danger, but Lin Yue’s identity. It is impossible to meet a noble person casually. If there is no one to protect it, it will definitely suffer, just like the situation just now. He didn’t blame it. If he meets other owners in the harem, it may not be.
Lin Yue was surprised at Huangfujing’s attitude, which meant protecting her, but she was a little peasant woman and Princess Yongle was the emperor’s younger sister. How could the emperor blame Princess Yongle for showing his generosity and kindness? It seems unnecessary.
Let alone what the emperor is thinking, no matter if Lin Yue is absolutely afraid to blame Princess Yongle for coming, she didn’t mean it. "The emperor doesn’t blame the princess for coming with the people’s wife, but later left in an emergency and sent a close-fitting maid-in-waiting to accompany the people’s wife."
"In that case, are you alone now?" Huangfujing frowned and stared at Lin Yue unconsciously bringing out how much coercion.
"Sister Bilian seems to have encountered an emergency …" Lin Yue said with some hesitation whether to speak out what she had encountered. Of course, she wanted the emperor to make her decision. After all, if she hadn’t run fast, she wouldn’t know what to encounter. Think about it. She is also angry and a little peasant woman. I really can’t worry about it.
Huangfujing looked at Lin Yue with a face of hesitation and knew that there must be something hidden in it. The thought of those dirty and dark means in the palace made his face cold. "You need to worry that no matter what happens, say it in detail. I will make your decision."
"This is a sacred life, and there is no concealment!" Huangfujing appointment is afraid of yue4 because of concerns omitted some what to say that finish and added such a sentence.
"Yes, it’s a commoner’s wife." Lin Yue’s mouth answered faster than her brain. Just now, she looked at the man with a kind look like a neighbor’s big brother. In an instant, her dignity and fickleness scared her. Only then did she see the majesty of the emperor and the little thoughts in her heart immediately don’t know where they went. I honestly described what happened in the imperial garden. Looking at the emperor’s increasingly cold face, Lin Yue’s forehead cold sweat also appeared in Chapter 434.
"What happened to the emperor is so that the people dare not hide anything." Lin Yue didn’t understand the emperor and couldn’t guess. At this time, the emperor didn’t know whether the emperor was unhappy or whether she was angry with the evil in the palace for the first time and provoked many things.
Huangfujing, of course, doesn’t blame Lin Yue for being angry with the privacy of the palace. When Lin Yue goes out into the palace, he will encounter these things. I must have a very bad impression here. Seeing Lin Yue’s trepidation is a soft heart. In the final analysis, it is still a little girl’s family. It is good to be so calm now. I am so afraid of scaring people.
"Moon, don’t be afraid that I am angry. Someone dares to be so rash. It seems that this harem needs to be purged. It won’t happen again. Don’t worry." Huang Fujing also wants to say something with Lin Yue. Princess Yongle over there has already found a way to see Lin Yue. It’s a sigh of relief, but I don’t know what happened. How can Lin Niang be with the emperor? The emperor seems to be in a good mood. Even they rarely see the emperor so kindly at ordinary times.
"Handmaiden, please see the Emperor Hail". When you see the Emperor Yongle Palace, the maid-in-waiting hurriedly salutes and visits.
"Are you looking for the moon?" Huangfujing Qu Yongle Palace maid-in-waiting didn’t bother to ask coldly. I couldn’t hear the emotion in the words. There was a eunuch named Po who served me personally. It was not very happy to see the Lord. He didn’t expect that the woman who had been looking for the Lord for so long actually met in the palace. It was this woman who had married someone else. This idea was even impossible, but it was hard to say.
Things in this family have never been right or wrong. It can be said that the Lord is the biggest Lord in the sky. If you set your mind to pick the stars, you can do it. Don’t say that you like a peasant woman. It depends on what weight the peasant woman has in her heart. To her, I don’t know whether it is good or bad. Po sighed in his heart. These things are not that he, a little slave, can guess at will or honestly treat himself as poor.
"The emperor’s daughter-in-law has been missing for so long, and the princess even has to worry. Since someone has been sent to come over to the daughter-in-law side to go back with her to see the princess, I don’t know if the emperor can still tell the daughter-in-law that there is no command, so she excused herself." Lin Yue looked at Huangfujing carefully and said.
In the face of Huangfujing Lin Yue, I always feel a little uncomfortable. Although Huangfujing has always been kind to her, she is flattered, but Lin Yue is not happy, but worried and afraid. I always feel that the emperor’s mind is elusive and his attitude towards her is too strange. At this time, Princess Yongle sent someone to look for her and used it as an excuse to leave, otherwise she was really overwhelmed.
Huang Fujing didn’t immediately let Lin Yue leave. "It’s not a command, but I’ll be fine. I just want to see Yongle. In that case, you can drop by and take you to Yongle Palace with me. I can feel at ease and have to meet those who are uneasy and kind. People in the harem who have personally sent you there will also weigh what they think of you first."
Yue Yue listened to the emperor’s personal delivery, and she secretly complained that she didn’t know what the emperor was thinking. How could she be so special to her? It won’t really spread the blood of the emperor through the heroine’s aura. Look at her. Mama Mia, this kind of dog blood thing must not happen. She is absolutely dead set on their old man and has absolutely no idea of having an affair.
No matter how fanciful Lin Yue’s mind was, he refused the emperor’s kindness with trepidation. "How dare the emperor’s wife and virtue send each other personally? After this incident, the wife and daughter will be more careful and will not leave Yongle Palace easily. I think those people will stop if they can’t find their mobile phones, and the princess will not get lost. The wife and daughter still dare not go back to Yongle Palace by herself."
In the words of Lin Yue, the meaning of refusal is too obvious. Listen to Lin Yue. I don’t know what’s going on in my mind. I don’t know what’s going on. Look at Lin Yue’s expression. It’s gone. Previously, I looked at Lin Yue in a cold sweat. I secretly scolded the emperor for being fickle in my heart. Now I have some thoughts. This emperor is afraid that he really has any thoughts for her. How is it possible that she and the emperor just met for the first time?
Huang Fujing stared at Lin Yue for a moment, then she smiled lightly, and then she resumed her amiable appearance. "I didn’t mean to have leisure today, but I just wanted to go and see that Yongle sent you there by the way, which led you to say such a big laundry list. Don’t say no, let’s go to Yongle Palace first, otherwise Yongle is afraid that she is really in a hurry, but she is very concerned about your friend. I also happened to know that you have sent a new game. I also want to see if playing mahjong is really that fun?"
Yue4 see Huangfujing so although I can’t figure out the man’s thoughts, I feel relieved. Fortunately, Huangfujing didn’t blame her. She saw the emperor’s anger. Yue4 never dared to disobey Huangfujing again. As the saying goes, if a companion is like a tiger, it will really annoy the emperor, even if she herself will bring trouble to her family. It’s not the first time for her to realize the weight of the word Huang, but she will honestly follow Huangfujing.
Huangfujing didn’t walk all the way to Yongle Palace with Lin Yue, and didn’t say anything more all the way. Lin Yue felt comfortable walking in tandem.
The news that Huangfujing is coming to Yongle Palace has long been reported by the imperial secretary that Princess Yongle took people to meet her at the gate of the palace and saw Huangfujing and Yueyue coming together. First, she invited Ann, and then she took Yueyue to watch it again and saw people in front of her. It seems that she thought much about it, or she didn’t really and Huei-fang disappeared, but where did she go when she saw her brother personally send Yueyue to Yongle? Although she didn’t think much, it was a little strange.
"Moon, how can you come with your brother? Didn’t I tell you to wait in the imperial garden? Where the hell have you been? I’ve been cheated on you, and I’ve sent people everywhere to find you, and I’ve made a scene with Huei-Fang. It’s a waste of worry. It seems that I misjudged Huei-Fang. 435 Chapter 435.
Huang Fujing heard that this matter was even more frowned with Huei-fang. These good days, Wang is also very restless. He has done a lot of small moves behind his back. He doesn’t know it. Now it seems that both the brother and sister are not quiet in the main palace, and they are all making troubles outside the palace. Sooner or later, they have to be disposed of to avoid future trouble forever.
"It’s not necessarily that those people moved their hands, but they were escaped by Yue Er Cong and later I ran into them. This didn’t send people to you." Said Huang Fujing, telling Princess Yongle what had happened and swearing in front of Huang Fujing.
"Hang it all, these people are too rampant. The moon is my guest in the palace. They dare to be so bold that they calculate the queen mother’s physical safety as an excuse to cheat me away. It’s outrageous, brother. You must make decisions for me to catch the villain behind them. After they dare to do such a thing today, they may not be able to do something even more outrageous. It’s really impossible to feel at ease if they don’t find these people out."
Huang Fujing had long expected that Princess Yongle had been transferred to listen to Yongle’s words. Although it was not unexpected, he was also very angry in his heart. Those people actually took the Queen Mother’s physical safety to cheat people, and found out that it was natural to be lenient. Besides, according to the usual clues, who did this thing, Huang Fujing had already counted it in his heart and waited until the time was ripe. However, he would not tell Princess Yongle that this girl was not shrewd enough to show signs in front of people and affect his plan.
Princess Yongle refused to talk when she saw Huang Fujing’s silence. A little peasant woman did not pull Huang Fujing’s sleeve to swing. "Brother, you are talking, Moon, but I invited the guests to the palace. I don’t care if you make decisions for me and Moon this time. You can’t let go of the villain behind it."
"Come on, don’t worry, I will definitely make decisions for you and Moon, but it’s not clear who the person behind it is yet. You should be careful. It’s today’s thing. If you think about it more or do something at that time, you won’t let people get bored. Since Moon is your guest, please take care of him carefully and don’t let people bully her."
"Brother’s lesson is that Yongle remembers it." Yongle’s goal is to smile happily and respond without much thought. Huangfujing’s attitude is that Bilian looked thoughtfully at Lin Yue and felt that the emperor was not too concerned about Lin Yue, but he was not so accommodating. Today is really special for Lin Niang.
Lin Yue also noticed Bilian’s obscure eyes thinking about this girl’s mind is sensitive.
"By the way, Yongle, don’t you say that you have learned a fun game? How about you teach me to play it today?"
"Well, I didn’t expect my brother to be willing to play this game in his usual state of mind. Naturally, his younger sister is willing to play this game, but Moon wants to come out and let her teach you."
Huangfujing played in Yongle Palace for more than half a afternoon, and then left for the administration after lunch. Yue4 was in a state of mind to deal with Huangfujing this afternoon. He was frightened and consumed his physical strength. At this time, he felt exhausted and tired, but he was so tired that he couldn’t sleep. He thought of the emperor’s abnormal attitude. He wanted to go back to see Zhao Erhu early and let the old man at home comfort her. So thinking about Yue4 immediately turned over and went to the main hall of Yongle Princess.
"What? You’re going out of the palace to go back to the moon. Didn’t you promise to stay here for a few more days? Why did you go back? But the people in my palace didn’t serve you well or because of something early? Moon, I know it was my bad work that made people drill, but you also heard that my brother has promised that I will investigate and find out the disorderly person behind my back for revenge. "Princess Yongle’s first reaction when she heard that Yueyue was going back was that Yueyue had been neglected, and she remembered earlier that Yueyue was angry with her.
"The princess misunderstood that everyone is very kind to the people’s wives. There is no thoughtless reason for Fang Shimin’s wives to come to the palace these two days. Some people are homesick. Besides, the people’s wives just moved into their new homes a few days ago, and there are so many things that come out. These two days, the people’s wives are not at ease at home. It is better to go back early and wait for things at home to be handled properly before entering the palace to accompany the princess."
"In this case, well, although I am very reluctant to give up, I can’t let you live in the palace so uneasily, waiting for you to arrange things at home, but you must come to the palace to have a good time with me. This palace is so stuffy that these two * * * are really having fun with me."
With Princess Yongle’s permission, Lin Yue immediately packed up and said goodbye to Princess Yongle, and urged her father-in-law to go home early to see the old man who could reassure her.