And it was just when I killed the second Japanese ninja alone that the cross-country was finally white. He made the shadow hand binding technique crush the turtle shells of those Japanese ninjas!

It turns out that the reason why cross-country can crush those ninja turtle shells is because of his spiritual talent!
Can absorb other people’s spiritual energy, terrorist spiritual talent!
Chapter 313 The advantages outweigh the disadvantages
Endure the world holds the science of uniting the spiritual energy hermetic family must be few.
And in these families who hold the spiritual energy to cultivate the occult skills, they can gradually awaken the spiritual talent ninja with the spiritual energy cultivation, which is rare in the forbearance world.
Even if the cross-country holds the whirlpool clan’s secret skills, there is no way to understand the accurate classification of spiritual talents from the inside.
However, in front of those ninjas who split up with each other, they woke up their spiritual talents. To understand their spiritual talents cross-country is to absorb the spiritual energy of others. Don’t worry about whether cross-country is clear about the spiritual talents. Cross-country can be sure that his spiritual talents must be one of the top spiritual talents!
To ask why, the reason is actually very simple.
Others practice spiritual energy by accumulating over time.
Even if cross-country holds the spiritual energy cultivation method and has unique advantages, doesn’t it need to be accumulated slowly?
After awakening the spiritual talent, it is much easier for cross-country to cultivate spiritual energy.
People need to accumulate time to get huge spiritual energy. Cross-country needs to absorb other people’s spiritual energy, and their own spiritual energy can be limited. It’s just a BUG, okay?
If you put it in a martial arts novel, cross-country is like practicing the northern ghost.
People can only succeed after decades of hard work. A few kung fu masters can be worth decades of hard work.
Of course, there is no such thing as getting something for nothing.
Even if cross-country awakens the spiritual talent, I feel that I need to absorb other people’s spiritual energy in accumulating spiritual energy.
However, after the insurance period, cross-country spiritual energy cultivation is still impossible to give up.
And even if you are absorbing other people’s spiritual energy, you need to be very careful to see if your spiritual talent is in some kind of abuse.
However, at this time, cross-country has to face some special situations. Even if the spiritual talent may have disadvantages, cross-country must also have its own spiritual talent to crack the array of ninjas who are splitting up with each other.
Let’s talk about the array methods of Japanese ninjas.
Cross-country spiritual talent just restrains the array methods of Japanese ninjas.
Judging by cross-country, he feels that the real core of Japanese ninja array lies in spiritual energy!
Or these Japanese ninja arrays are actually some kind of Yin dun array!
As I have said before, the way for Japanese ninjas to build arrays these days is to rely on each person’s small hexagram mark to condense into a large hexagram mark. To be in the large hexagram mark, every Japanese ninja with a moderate tolerance level will have the real terror defense ability of the powerful.
And those small hexagram marks at this time, the off-road feeling is either spiritual energy or a kind of yin escape!
Condense spiritual energy into a small hexagram shield by relying on the effect of yin-escaping occultism
Then turn the small hexagram shield into a large hexagram shield by using the mysterious method of Yin dun array!
As a result, every Japanese ninja’s body shield is called "tortoise shell" for short, and there are more than 20 people whose mental energy intensity is several times stronger than that of cross-country mastering shadow shield and shadow armor.
It is also because of this combination of cross-country Kakashi power that a Japanese ninja "turtle shell" can be broken.
But it’s all right now
Cross-country awakens its own spiritual talent and can absorb the spiritual energy of others, so that it can instantly absorb the spiritual energy of ninjas in front of them, making it impossible for them to maintain the array demand.
Then things become very simple.
How many means does it take to cross-country with a ninja with a moderate tolerance level?
It only takes a few punches at most!
With one’s own accomplishments in body art, cross-country can easily solve the problem of ninjas facing the front.
Then watching Kakashi next to him, he saw the secret cross-country that "accelerated" the four generations of Naruto constantly flashing beside each Japanese ninja.
When cross-country appears in front of every Japanese ninja, it is necessary to exert the power of yin dun branding to make the shadow escape secret. The shadow transformed from cross-country casting shadow escape secret can directly disintegrate the "turtle shell" of those Japanese ninjas in combination with cross-country spiritual talent, then kill the name and then transfer it to the face of another Japanese ninja.
It only took more than three minutes to have outstanding spiritual talent in hand.
In front of cross-country, there is no one who stands in the way of ninjas.
And the former construction method trapped cross-country and Kakashi suddenly died in the cross-country iron fist for a group of ninjas!
It’s really scary!