Everything was fine before. Why did something suddenly go wrong in the dish? Although he has deducted a lot of money, he is not good at setting the table with poisonous dishes.

Finally, a doctor came into the house. First, he saw the symptoms of everyone, and then he got the prescription.
"The doctor doesn’t know if this is a symptom?" The second young master was weak and asked, "But is someone poisoned?"
The doctor a Liao eyelid "poison? How is it possible that this is just eating a bad belly? "
They listened to the more surprised.
Tang Dali Temple Shaoqing wedding banquet actually has food that can make everyone eat bad belly.
"I don’t know which dish is wrong." The second young master can bite the bullet and let the doctor identify it.
The doctor tried every dish and finally ordered several fish and scary dishes.
"It’s all stale." The doctor shook his head again and again.
The old duke called the kitchen in front of everyone and asked them to take all the leftovers.
The steward in the house took the leftover fish to the duke, and people smelled the stench of the fish far away.
The old duke was trembling with anger. "How dare you send such things to the table!"
The chef looked like a koo. "The duke bought these from the house, and they did whatever they sent. It’s really not a slave’s business."
The old duke had to go to the house to buy again.
Shopping even cry wronged knelt on the ground and knocked his head Peng Peng ring "small is ordered by Sir Zhong to buy money that … things are the same, or Sir Zhong will punish small can buy some cheap goods back …"
The guests ate the doctor’s soup and their stomachs stopped a lot. What’s wrong with hearing this?
"The second young master is really a housekeeper." I don’t know who satirized a sentence.
"This smelly fish rotten shrimp also dare to table … fortunately, Taidian and Wudian all left before or … hehe …"
They got to hold the belly and got up to leave.
The old duke resisted physical discomfort and accompanied a smiling face to see Fujian one by one.
The second young master turned pale with fear and shrank behind his father.
It never occurred to him that this happened before he got the money and covered it in his pocket.
"Father, are you all right …" Very not easy, such as sending off all the guests. The second young master carefully helped the old duke.
"You idiot!" The old duke kicked him in the past.
Because he was weak, he didn’t kick his son, but he knelt on the ground as if he had really kicked him, shivering all over.
The old duke was full of anger, and suddenly he felt inexplicable sadness after seeing this pair of unintelligent bags.
Qing Hou fu if you really want him to take charge of this height, even if you really want to completely decline.
Chapter 35 Born not to come out Liuyang infanta take the initiative to be a bad COP
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
The stinking fish and shrimp caused diarrhea in the wedding banquet of Qinghou House, and it was all over the streets in two days.
The old duke just took the second young master around to make amends.
It’s okay for some small doors to say that he ordered the steward to send some gifts, but those important people in the DPRK had to come forward in person
It turned out that he was counting on Qing Mo Yan to come forward, but Qing Mo Yan went to Dali Temple as a COP the next day and didn’t even show up.
Every time the old duke sent someone to look for the green ink, he was pushed away by the other party’s errand. Later, he could try to call RuXiaoNan to solve the matter.
But he waited in the front yard for a long time to see others, but it was Shi Datian.
History as soon as she entered the door, she cried foul for Ru Xiaonan. "Nothing in this house is handled by our monarch. Isn’t it too unfair for you to ask her to make amends? We don’t even want to give up a cup of tea at ordinary times. If she makes her cry, she can’t afford to lose a few heads … "
The old duke listened with pain in his brain and finally resigned himself to take his second son out of the house and go door to door to make amends.
Very not easy to send the gift all over. Before the old duke returned to the house, someone called him to the palace.
The emperor looked at the face and knelt down. The duke’s eyes knew it for a long time before he hummed.
The old duke can kneel when he has a cold sweat on his forehead and the emperor doesn’t tell him to get up.
"It seems that the Qing Hou Fu’s days are too tight." The emperor sarcastically said a sentence.
The old duke kowtowed heavily. "They are all ministers and teachers."
The second young master embezzled the money for the wedding banquet of Qingmo Yan, and it seems that it has reached the emperor’s ears. He can’t escape as a father.
A faint sneer escaped from the emperor’s mouth. "Get up!"
The old duke got up secretly relieved, but the emperor let him kneel again with a word.
"Liuyang County is very ill. After people from the hospital have seen it, she can’t have any more heirs."
The old duke felt "om" in his head.
The owner of Liuyang County is his son’s wife, and she can’t have an heir. Then his son won’t have another child. Can his grandchildren get out of the concubines?
It’s like a big joke
"The emperor …" He knelt down again and looked nervously at the emperor. "The dog was young and didn’t take good care of the chief minister of Liuyang County …"
He also wanted to say that he went to the emperor but impatiently waved his hand. "It’s just that I gave such a thing to their marriage. The queen is also very sad in her heart. It’s the birthday of the queen in a few days. She begged me to let Liuyang County master your son and leave."
The old duke opened his mouth.
Even if the princess of Liuyang can’t have another child, her identity is not that of an ordinary woman. If she is a queen’s family, no good daughter will dare to marry him after she is really scared.
Even the queen’s maiden princess has been cursed. Who dares to marry her daughter?
"It’s all the fault of the emperor. The old minister has warned him that he will treat the monarch well in the future. The ancients said that they would rather tear down ten temples than destroy a marriage and ask the emperor to think twice."
The emperor lowered his eyes. "You don’t want them to be separated?"
The old duke proffering flaming again is obviously cross out a heart.
"It’s not a problem to always drag on like this," the emperor said lightly.
"Please think twice!" The old duke prostrated himself on the ground and bruised his head.
The emperor looked upset and waved to let him go first.
The old duke knew that he had dodged a bullet and hurriedly excused himself.
Only when I got back to Qinghou Mansion did I see Nianfu carriage parked at the entrance of the mansion.
"Nian Fu Ren Men?" The old duke feels bad.
Nian Shi hasn’t shown up since he fled back to Nianfu. Will Nianfu carriage stop at the door today?
The old duke called the house to take charge.
Before the steward was shaking, he reported that "Nianfu Niangong came to visit Yue Princess and said that he wanted to take his sister Nian Shi’s dowry back to the house."
The old duke felt pain in his forehead.
He really doesn’t want to take care of these things anymore. He just pretends not to hear them and runs away.