Xie Ji: "I also know that you want to stop him from draining his blood and making a good fortune."

Niu Er bowed his head, and the five big and three rough men were about to shrink into chicks. "It’s wrong to hurt people, but I can’t help it …"
Xie Ji forced Niu Er to face the reality. "Now you have the means. Niu Ku Yin is a longevity person. Others can’t cope with it. You can stop it."
Niu Er "Is he killing people again? !”
Thank you for raising my hand and pointing to Niujiacun’s face.
"To him in the resurrection you kill people.
"At present, four people have been killed, leaving students, women and kind and amiable fat eldest brother …
"In order to protect them, a seriously injured, hand-tied and weak college student who has just grown up is fighting for his life!"
Niu Er was sent by Xie and her eyes were red. "What should I do?"
Xie Ji’s eyes are calm. "You are also a longevity man. You can stop him."
It’s not clever when you are two dozen small, but honesty is the most praised, but at the moment he has learned the meaning of thanking his eyes in an instant.
His body reflexively kicked a sickle that just put Xie on the ground and kicked it into the coffin.
The impact of iron boards on the hunting wind mixed together, which made him another tingle.
Niu Er is teetering on the edge of the burial pit. "But he is my father …"
Thank you for sending "so you have to watch your father make a mistake?" Even if he adopted you for your life? "
Niueryin faded. "After all, he raised me for so many years, and I stopped it …"
Xie sent just visible to the tractor, picked up the shovel and folded it back.
Niu Er watched him climb from the ground with a murder weapon. "Are you going to kill me because I don’t want to hand it to my father?" !”
Thank send ignored going around Niuer to dig Niuda grave.
Niu’s grave is shallow and has just been planed by him and Jiang Zhichu once, so he dug the coffin without much effort.
Xie Ji "Do you know whose grave this is?"
When Niu Er was adopted, Niu Da had been dead for many years. They had no feelings. "It’s my big brother. What are you doing?"
Xie Ji shook his head. "This is not a big cow."
He lifted the coffin lid and stepped back to make room for Niu Er.
Niuer probes to see.
There is no moon tonight, and there is no light in the field. When Niu Er finally saw that it was his girlfriend lying inside, he immediately ignored it and shouted for help.
"Vivian! !”
"Vivian! Wei Wei! "
Niu Wei lay in the coffin for several days. At this time, the body was rotten and stinking, but Niu Er still held people tightly in her arms and cried desperately.
Thank you for sending a message to interrupt Niuer’s call when you look at it.
"Mr. Niu Niu Wei, what will die and what will appear in your eldest brother’s grave? I think you know it.
"NiuKuYin is not a person, no one can live into this kind of body is not the heart is not.
"I understand that you don’t want to stop him after he raised you for many years, but I’m going back to save my friends and avenge my dead companion."
It is the best choice to borrow second-hand cattle to solve the problem of bank silver, but if Niu Er doesn’t want to thank you, there are other options.
But he believes that Niu Er will agree.
After he finished speaking, he left. When he sat back in the tractor driver’s seat and his finger touched the key, Niu Er sounded on his side.
Niu Er "Wait!"
Xie Ji hooked his lip angle in the dark.
"He is no longer a person, right?" Every word of Niu Er is chattering. I can’t see Niu Er’s expression, but I can imagine how stiff and strong the other person is. "Then I … am no longer a person."
Xie Ji "You can’t decide what you are, but you can decide what you do."
Niu Er "I am willing to stop him … but I have read his manuscript. The most important thing is blood. My blood has drained away. Now I am no match for him."
Thank you for sending a message about Niu Er, so we should simply take Niu Er to meet Jiang Ji first and then talk about it.