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From time to time, there was a ringing laugh in the yard, occasionally mixed with stupid dogs barking.

Ru Xiaonan played with the stupid dog for a long time before he found that Qing Mo Yan was there.
"You’re back" RuXiaoNan jumped on the porch and ran towards him.
"You’re an adult, or are you so rash?" Green ink Yan has a face of disgust. "Don’t go and wash your body when it stinks."
RuXiaoNan vomitted to stick out your tongue and went back to the house to have a clean wash before coming out again.
Qing Mo Yan also changed her homely robe and sat there reading the file he brought back from Dali Temple.
RuXiaoNan saw Qing Hou Fu’s letters lying on the corner of the table.
"The duke sent a messenger?" RuXiaoNan asked.
"Well, Qing Hou Fu wants the ancestral temple to be estimated to be in a hurry to clean up with Qing Jinzhi." Qing Mo Yan snorted.
RuXiaoNan secretly pie mouth.
The old duke is so affectionate that he has no mercy on his own son.
Blue ink Yan looked at the meeting file RuXiaoNan noticed that he was absent-minded, and sometimes he didn’t turn over a page for a long time, and his eyes were fixed on one position.
RuXiaoNan lightly sighed and encircled his waist from behind.
"Isn’t the second young master in Dali Temple? Can he go back to Houfu?" RuXiaoNan deliberately put words very easily.
"I’ll send the chief to follow." Qing Mo Yan’s voice was full of fatigue.
He arranged these forcefully before the important cases were finalized.
"I always thought he didn’t like me because I wasn’t his son. Even if I was obedient to him no matter how good I was, he didn’t treat me kindly, but now he is so kind to Qing Jinzhi. I really don’t know what he thinks."
"I don’t know much about this because I haven’t seen my father." RuXiaoNan buried her face in the blue ink Yan back lonely way
She is a child who has never met her parents and naturally has never been loved by her parents.
Qing Moyan lovingly pulled her into her arms. "What are you dissatisfied with having me here?"
RuXiaoNan nose looked up and smiled.
"green ink face"
"I like you best."
"What, um, what about you?" RuXiaoNan eagerly looked at him, hoping to hear the answer that she wanted to hear.
Qing Moyan smiled and put her face on her face. Judo "I have always had you by my side, don’t you think?"
RuXiaoNan was so proud that she had to cock her tail.
"Me, too. I like you best besides the old stick."
Green ink yan body a stiff.
In addition to the old Diablo iii … I didn’t expect him to be ranked second?
RuXiaoNan imperceptibly still around green ink yan smile happily.
Outside the door, Shi Dayin asked if Xuanyu and others should be taken late at night, and the lanterns hung in the window lattice were staggered by the autumn wind and scattered a soft light.
"Day you accompany me to go to the green Hou Fu" green ink yan faint way.
Although I don’t know what’s wrong with her, she is willing to answer if he asks.
On the second day, Qing Mo Yan took hundreds of chief officers to escort Qing Jin Zhi to Qing Hou Fu.
Watching the fun all the way, the people are getting together, and they have been following the Dali Temple people to the front of Qinghou House.
"What is this to do?"
"I heard that the Five Emperors were killed in the palace or under the emperor’s eyelids. The emperor ordered Shao Qing of Dali Temple to investigate the case thoroughly, and the second young master was involved."
"… what does the second young master have?"
"The second young master secretly brought bad guys into Dali Temple and burned all the prisons."
"How did this happen …"
Qing Moyan rode on a horse and turned a deaf ear to the surrounding discussion. In his arms, he held a black fragrant raccoon fur, which was smooth, dark and shiny. It was also wearing a little women’s skirt and clever little appearance, which attracted several women on the roadside to exclaim.
RuXiaoNan hate to grind his teeth.
This guy, Qing Mo Yan, is getting more and more serious. Now even if she turns into a fragrant raccoon, she has to force an animal to wear a skirt, not a modern person to keep a pet. How humiliating it is.
The little guy in his arms grinds his teeth from time to time, and the blue ink Yan has long noticed that his fingers rubbed his soft and slow fur on his jaw, and he gently pinched Ruxiao Nan, who finally couldn’t match the animal nature and narrowed his eyes.
Blue ink Yan looked down at her with a silk smile on her mouth.
This time, the ancestral temple of Qinghoufu will be in a hurry to clean up the second young master.
Blue ink Yan was not a little happy in his heart. He wanted to get this done quickly and take Qing Jinzhi back to Dali Temple.
Qing Jinzhi is an important criminal now, and he will never let him have an accident outside.
Into the green Hou Fu gate green ink yan sitting in the main hall to drink tea.
He was accompanied by Mr. Gu, the clerk of Dali Temple, and Mr. Bo Tang, the director.
Everything that happened today will be recorded and reported to the emperor.
RuXiaoNan is also a little thirsty, but now she has no way to drink tea, so she can regret staring up at the blue ink face.
I didn’t expect Qing Mo Yan to take her tea lamp to her at a glance.
RuXiaoNan heart bent cat’s eye to lick the tea in the cup, and she didn’t care whose cup it was.
She licked the tea and made a loud noise, which attracted a lot of attention around her.
Qing Mo Yan sat there firmly with her elbow propped up and concentrated on helping her tilt the tea lamp so that she could drink more smoothly.
Just then, the steward of the house came running, "Several lords in the big family of Shaoqing are here, please go to the ancestral temple."

The king of men broke the magic statue!

The magic deity tried to escape, but was captured by the fairy king and suppressed into the nine-turn altar.
The inferno is immortal and can’t be killed. It can suppress all ages. That’s what Qian Zun did. Otherwise, how could the inferno feel extremely scared when the wild rose up at this altar that day?
"no! ! !”
The magic statue roared!
"People king I inferno is immortal. One day we will make a comeback! Kill all your terrans! "
He exploded and roared, but the altar was like a nine-turn divine power, and he was completely imprisoned.
Liu Yu’s air force changed into a golden villain, and he didn’t come here for nothing until now. This is Tianfu Zun’s peak killing technique.
No wonder when he was in a group of heroes, but this magic tactic hit the wild god
The altar sank into the Beidou plane, which was a quick success. A statue withered quickly. Without the demon Lord, the inferno gradually lost its fighting power and fell asleep in situ.
Liu Yu wanders around the star field alone.
In the end, he won
But it also lost everyone.
"Do you believe in reincarnation?"
At this moment, the little girl walked beside Liu Yu, and her eyes were clear and she looked at Liu Yu.
The little girl nodded. "There is a shining wheel in the depths of the universe. Maybe you can wait there until they are reincarnated. Your friend died, but there are still fragments of their souls here."
With that, she stretched out her little hand and fluttered with some golden fragments.
"Tell me where I will get them back no matter how difficult the road ahead is!" Liu Yu said excitedly
"But you have to give up your status as a master and wait for them to come back!"
Said the little girl.
"Ha ha, I never longed for power in the world of mortals? What about that? " Liu Yu said
"Waiting may be ten years, ten thousand years or one hundred thousand years."
The little girl added
"You have a life span of 100,000 years unless you keep breaking through."
Liu Yu pondered and then said, "Don’t let these fragments appear until you wait, and forget me."
Winning is like being lonely!
End! ! !
"Rebirth and Rise of Prosperity" is a pancake with green onions.
official documents and correspondence
Time has gone back two years. Chen Bo was born again. This year, the Internet was in a bubble. This year, house prices have not yet taken off. People die and birds die in the air for ten thousand years. Since they have come back, they must live a vigorous life! With his rich internet experience, the industry is on the rampage! Grab the big job! Dig the corner of the giant! In the wave of the times, it is triumphant and powerful! Youqun 53577251
Key words rebirth dress up as pig and eat tiger, urban life, commercial internet
Chapter One Dream for Ten Years
A small shack outside Pengcheng is littered with half-smoked cigarette butts, drinking bottles and men’s unique smell, smelly shoes and rotten socks.
Chen Bo woke up and struggled with his heavy eyelids. He was greeted first by a hangover, headache, excessive alcohol accumulation and muscle fatty acids. The whole body was not so comfortable, and the department still had some dull pain.
It’s like a terminally ill patient trying to reach out and grope for a long time and finally catching the black mobile phone buried in a pile of wrinkled and yellowed clothes.
The sapphire backlight of the brand-new Nokia 331 mobile phone shows 11: 25.
"Well, it’s already noon," Chen Bo muttered. His head hurts. How much did he drink? Chen Bo glanced at the green beer bottles on the ground.
I took the mobile phone again and glanced at it. I suddenly felt wrong.
"Ah, how come it’s Nokia and I iPhne!"

Xie Ji: "I also know that you want to stop him from draining his blood and making a good fortune."

Niu Er bowed his head, and the five big and three rough men were about to shrink into chicks. "It’s wrong to hurt people, but I can’t help it …"
Xie Ji forced Niu Er to face the reality. "Now you have the means. Niu Ku Yin is a longevity person. Others can’t cope with it. You can stop it."
Niu Er "Is he killing people again? !”
Thank you for raising my hand and pointing to Niujiacun’s face.
"To him in the resurrection you kill people.
"At present, four people have been killed, leaving students, women and kind and amiable fat eldest brother …
"In order to protect them, a seriously injured, hand-tied and weak college student who has just grown up is fighting for his life!"
Niu Er was sent by Xie and her eyes were red. "What should I do?"
Xie Ji’s eyes are calm. "You are also a longevity man. You can stop him."
It’s not clever when you are two dozen small, but honesty is the most praised, but at the moment he has learned the meaning of thanking his eyes in an instant.
His body reflexively kicked a sickle that just put Xie on the ground and kicked it into the coffin.
The impact of iron boards on the hunting wind mixed together, which made him another tingle.
Niu Er is teetering on the edge of the burial pit. "But he is my father …"
Thank you for sending "so you have to watch your father make a mistake?" Even if he adopted you for your life? "
Niueryin faded. "After all, he raised me for so many years, and I stopped it …"
Xie sent just visible to the tractor, picked up the shovel and folded it back.
Niu Er watched him climb from the ground with a murder weapon. "Are you going to kill me because I don’t want to hand it to my father?" !”
Thank send ignored going around Niuer to dig Niuda grave.
Niu’s grave is shallow and has just been planed by him and Jiang Zhichu once, so he dug the coffin without much effort.
Xie Ji "Do you know whose grave this is?"
When Niu Er was adopted, Niu Da had been dead for many years. They had no feelings. "It’s my big brother. What are you doing?"
Xie Ji shook his head. "This is not a big cow."
He lifted the coffin lid and stepped back to make room for Niu Er.
Niuer probes to see.
There is no moon tonight, and there is no light in the field. When Niu Er finally saw that it was his girlfriend lying inside, he immediately ignored it and shouted for help.
"Vivian! !”
"Vivian! Wei Wei! "
Niu Wei lay in the coffin for several days. At this time, the body was rotten and stinking, but Niu Er still held people tightly in her arms and cried desperately.
Thank you for sending a message to interrupt Niuer’s call when you look at it.
"Mr. Niu Niu Wei, what will die and what will appear in your eldest brother’s grave? I think you know it.
"NiuKuYin is not a person, no one can live into this kind of body is not the heart is not.
"I understand that you don’t want to stop him after he raised you for many years, but I’m going back to save my friends and avenge my dead companion."
It is the best choice to borrow second-hand cattle to solve the problem of bank silver, but if Niu Er doesn’t want to thank you, there are other options.
But he believes that Niu Er will agree.
After he finished speaking, he left. When he sat back in the tractor driver’s seat and his finger touched the key, Niu Er sounded on his side.
Niu Er "Wait!"
Xie Ji hooked his lip angle in the dark.
"He is no longer a person, right?" Every word of Niu Er is chattering. I can’t see Niu Er’s expression, but I can imagine how stiff and strong the other person is. "Then I … am no longer a person."
Xie Ji "You can’t decide what you are, but you can decide what you do."
Niu Er "I am willing to stop him … but I have read his manuscript. The most important thing is blood. My blood has drained away. Now I am no match for him."
Thank you for sending a message about Niu Er, so we should simply take Niu Er to meet Jiang Ji first and then talk about it.

"Almost almost just bit by bit." Gong Sunqi gritted his teeth and almost broke through the S-class, and he was able to get a unified gift package by relying on that bug. With that gift package, good things will come out, so Gong Sunqi will have one more life-saving card.

Chapter 24 Pit Dad Gift Package
Ding Tong shows congratulations to Gongsun Qicheng on the strength of the dark sector, and a mysterious gift package is specially awarded.’
Ding Tong shows that Gong Sunqi was promoted from Ren Rong to the Dark Department for a short time. Please check 6 ninja coins.’
"Finally, finally! !”
Gong Sunqi dispersed his strength, his eyes fell black, and his spirit entered the system.
* * It’s the spirit of pain but the excitement. In front of Shukaku, it’s called a dancing "mysterious gift package, mysterious gift package, ahahahaha".
Take out the mysterious gift package and look at the font color of the mysterious gift package. Haha, laughing, "This is the top gift package. I don’t know what can happen."
With excitement, Gong Sunqi played a mysterious gift package, and whatever it was had a great impact on Gong Sunqi at this stage.
Ding Congratulate GongSunQi for giving a fusion potion and a small partner from Li Luoke from the mysterious gift package. Please check it.’
"Fusion potion?" Gong Sunqi didn’t know what it was. When he took it out, he almost threw the fusion potion to the ground.
Fusion medicine can fuse two kinds of blood boundary into one kind of disposable fusion medicine, which is a shame.
If you see the last sentence,’ This bottle of waves is shameful’, Gong Sunqi really wants to dump this broken bottle. What does he want now? He gets both sharingan. If you say that a sharingan has a dirty look or its blood is limited, then this bottle is very promising.
"Look at one."
Take out Li Luoke’s small partner glass beads and look at the glass beads Li Luoke. "This is this! !”
Li Luoke, the glass ball, was not Li Luoke when he was a child, but Li Luoke looked at the dress when he grew up, especially the symbol of the Ninja Alliance Army. "This is the finale, when Li Luoke said this, then Li Luoke must be very strong."
"I’ll try."
Gong Sunqi’s attempt to activate Li Luoke glass beads was unified.
It is shown that activating Li Luoke requires 30 million soft sister coins, and the first hour and the second hour require 1 million yuan per hour.
"Thirty million! ! ! It’s a pothole. Thirty million Kimimaro dishes are ten million. You want thirty million. It’s also purple. Can it be less pothole? And it takes one million Kimimaro to get five hundred thousand potholes? "
Gong Sunqi cursed, "Do you dare not be so pitted? Is it interesting to turn around and get money?"
Gong Sunqi can’t return to * * * * for a while, and he has to bear the burden. If the mental body returns at this time, the mental body will also bear the burden from * * vice, which is the most painful time at that time. When Gong Sunqi can stay for a while, it is estimated that this period will be very long.
"Alas, it is estimated that the six ninja coins are more attractive."
With six ninja coins, Gong Sunqi came to the roulette wheel "and I don’t know what ninja will give me this time."
It hurts to think of those who have appeared before, and to look at those who have fallen in love with it. It’s sad to see the stars shining in front of Sun Qi.
(ps, some people spit out the dust and fog, saying that it’s all unified and unified, and you have to learn to exercise. Didn’t you learn it at once? Then the dust and fog here wants to say that you can take the driver’s license and practice the owner. The coach tells you the way and method of driving. You don’t have a car to practice and do it yourself. Dare you say that you will? Even if you get a driver’s license and have no driving experience, do you dare to say that you can drive on the road without an accident? In the same way, telling GongSunQi how to perform Ninjutsu is directly connected to GongSunQi’s mind, and it depends on GongSunQi to master it.
"Come and send, come and send."
GongSunQi eyes riveted on the roulette exit, hoping to appear that he didn’t master the ability to transport water or escape from the wind.
Curse a word. Looking at the starlight, Gong Sunqi continued to turn the roulette wheel. This second time, Gong Sunqi still didn’t add it. He doubted whether there was any water escape or wind escape in this roulette wheel. There were always fire escape and thunder shield endurance.
It’s like when you play a game and equip it with attributes, you play as a mage. If the intelligence can be unified, it will give you strength or its attributes, and you want to hit the keyboard and mouse and delete the game.
GongSunQi crazy scratching hair "by dare to give the old one has a good or not" GongSunQi now will endure the most attributes, there are four water dun, there are three wind dun, it is all attribute endure.
Generally speaking, GongSunQi has less than fifteen ninja skills so far, and if we add body skills, it will exceed fifteen.
"On the other hand, I remember that Naruto has vitality, endurance and illusion. It seems that I haven’t smoked illusion in this roulette." Gong Sunqi felt very strange. "Does illusion need to be redeemed by myself? Is it a rb player special? "
Gong Sunqi shook the lever with his hand and thought about the problem. Just now, a sound that shocked Gong Sunqi broke out.
Congratulations to GongSunQi for winning the S-class Ninjutsu hard vortex water blade’
"Hard vortex water blade? ! ! !”
GongSunQi stare big eyes, it’s a cloud and a moon. It hasn’t appeared for so long. Ninjutsu, its sudden appearance, is still the most powerful.
It’s like the game of Yin and Yang Master keeps giving you rsr or R, which makes you wonder if there is ssr in this game. Will you be excited if you suddenly pop up an ssr with a random blue symbol or a random stroke?
"nis, I have to master this hard vortex blade first. With this hard vortex blade, I have an extra card. And Li Luoke called Li Luoke for money, so I can ask them for it."
Gong Sunqi also thought about who to look for and counted the remaining ninja coins. "Don’t smoke, don’t smoke, save the last six, don’t smoke, and then there is definitely no good thing. It is better to have more or wait until I master the hard vortex blade."
With the method of handing over the hard vortex water blade to the unified simulation battlefield, Sun Qi went to master the hard vortex water blade.
Of course, the second generation of fire shadow is the strongest, so the second generation of fire shadow was selected in the battle field by Gong Sunqi. The abused spirit was abused by the second generation of fire shadow for thousands of times, but the second generation of fire shadow was not hard.
Chapter 25 table disorderly bite spicy chicken
After many experiments, Gong Sunqi found that chakra is not enough to release the hard vortex blade. If you want to cast the hard vortex blade, you must use the power of Shukaku and Men Dunjia to forcibly raise it to the top of the class, so that you can barely make it.
"Not the kui is an S-class ninja. Even if you know how many chakra you need to cast, it’s hard to really display it."
After many times of continuous experiments, Sun Qi still can’t find out how to make the hard vortex blade know how to make it, just as the driving coach has already said how to learn how to learn how to learn how long it will take, which is the student’s business.
"Deputy is over. It seems it’s time to go to Taoling Mountain again, but before that, go and get some money." Gong Sunqi narrowed his eyes.
After returning to the body, Gong Sunqi looked at it for a while and roughly calculated that it was six hours. I arrived early in the morning at noon, which is six hours.
"GongSunQi bad shadow mink bite" and from outside anxiously shouted.
Erha, bite? Someone must be blind.
Gong Sunqi pushed the door and asked, "What’s the specific situation? You say one."
Li Lu looked anxious and didn’t explain much. He took up Gong Sunqi’s hand and ran out. "You come with me first and explain it to you slowly."
Li Lu took GongSunQi to the building and saw Shadow Sable playing hide-and-seek with a group of people.
About the situation, Gong Sunqi has learned. Isn’t it a rich second generation who wants to be frivolous when he looks at Li Lu as beautiful as a flower? As a result, Gong Sunqi ordered Erha to protect Li Lu, so it’s good that the rich second generation field was bitten by a shadow mink and didn’t kill him.
"All right, whatever. Erha will leave when he is tired of playing."
Gongsunqi took Li Lu’s hand and turned around to get away from that group of middle-aged people who were playing hide-and-seek with Erha. One of them noticed Li Lu shouting.
GongSunQi ignored him and took Li Lu a few steps. Those middle-aged people were bodyguards hired by the rich second generation’s father, and all of them were excellent.
They gave up playing hide-and-seek with shadow mink and quickly surrounded GongSunQi and Li Lu. "It’s not that easy to run."
The rich second generation came over clutching their bitten hands and glared at GongSunQi "losing money".
Gong Sunqi saw the same tone of the rich second generation, and said, "Erha, you can’t tell if you bite spicy chicken indiscriminately. Why are you so light when you bite? You didn’t eat, so start again."
I have been playing for a long time. When I heard Sun Qi’s words, I whizzed past the rich second generation and appeared in front of Sun Qi with a strange bloody thing.
Gong Sunqi looked at the arm in Erha’s hand and squatted down to touch Erha’s head. "Good boy, go back and reward you."
"Ah ~ ~ ~"

Everything was fine before. Why did something suddenly go wrong in the dish? Although he has deducted a lot of money, he is not good at setting the table with poisonous dishes.

Finally, a doctor came into the house. First, he saw the symptoms of everyone, and then he got the prescription.
"The doctor doesn’t know if this is a symptom?" The second young master was weak and asked, "But is someone poisoned?"
The doctor a Liao eyelid "poison? How is it possible that this is just eating a bad belly? "
They listened to the more surprised.
Tang Dali Temple Shaoqing wedding banquet actually has food that can make everyone eat bad belly.
"I don’t know which dish is wrong." The second young master can bite the bullet and let the doctor identify it.
The doctor tried every dish and finally ordered several fish and scary dishes.
"It’s all stale." The doctor shook his head again and again.
The old duke called the kitchen in front of everyone and asked them to take all the leftovers.
The steward in the house took the leftover fish to the duke, and people smelled the stench of the fish far away.
The old duke was trembling with anger. "How dare you send such things to the table!"
The chef looked like a koo. "The duke bought these from the house, and they did whatever they sent. It’s really not a slave’s business."
The old duke had to go to the house to buy again.
Shopping even cry wronged knelt on the ground and knocked his head Peng Peng ring "small is ordered by Sir Zhong to buy money that … things are the same, or Sir Zhong will punish small can buy some cheap goods back …"
The guests ate the doctor’s soup and their stomachs stopped a lot. What’s wrong with hearing this?
"The second young master is really a housekeeper." I don’t know who satirized a sentence.
"This smelly fish rotten shrimp also dare to table … fortunately, Taidian and Wudian all left before or … hehe …"
They got to hold the belly and got up to leave.
The old duke resisted physical discomfort and accompanied a smiling face to see Fujian one by one.
The second young master turned pale with fear and shrank behind his father.
It never occurred to him that this happened before he got the money and covered it in his pocket.
"Father, are you all right …" Very not easy, such as sending off all the guests. The second young master carefully helped the old duke.
"You idiot!" The old duke kicked him in the past.
Because he was weak, he didn’t kick his son, but he knelt on the ground as if he had really kicked him, shivering all over.
The old duke was full of anger, and suddenly he felt inexplicable sadness after seeing this pair of unintelligent bags.
Qing Hou fu if you really want him to take charge of this height, even if you really want to completely decline.
Chapter 35 Born not to come out Liuyang infanta take the initiative to be a bad COP
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
The stinking fish and shrimp caused diarrhea in the wedding banquet of Qinghou House, and it was all over the streets in two days.
The old duke just took the second young master around to make amends.
It’s okay for some small doors to say that he ordered the steward to send some gifts, but those important people in the DPRK had to come forward in person
It turned out that he was counting on Qing Mo Yan to come forward, but Qing Mo Yan went to Dali Temple as a COP the next day and didn’t even show up.
Every time the old duke sent someone to look for the green ink, he was pushed away by the other party’s errand. Later, he could try to call RuXiaoNan to solve the matter.
But he waited in the front yard for a long time to see others, but it was Shi Datian.
History as soon as she entered the door, she cried foul for Ru Xiaonan. "Nothing in this house is handled by our monarch. Isn’t it too unfair for you to ask her to make amends? We don’t even want to give up a cup of tea at ordinary times. If she makes her cry, she can’t afford to lose a few heads … "
The old duke listened with pain in his brain and finally resigned himself to take his second son out of the house and go door to door to make amends.
Very not easy to send the gift all over. Before the old duke returned to the house, someone called him to the palace.
The emperor looked at the face and knelt down. The duke’s eyes knew it for a long time before he hummed.
The old duke can kneel when he has a cold sweat on his forehead and the emperor doesn’t tell him to get up.
"It seems that the Qing Hou Fu’s days are too tight." The emperor sarcastically said a sentence.
The old duke kowtowed heavily. "They are all ministers and teachers."
The second young master embezzled the money for the wedding banquet of Qingmo Yan, and it seems that it has reached the emperor’s ears. He can’t escape as a father.
A faint sneer escaped from the emperor’s mouth. "Get up!"
The old duke got up secretly relieved, but the emperor let him kneel again with a word.
"Liuyang County is very ill. After people from the hospital have seen it, she can’t have any more heirs."
The old duke felt "om" in his head.
The owner of Liuyang County is his son’s wife, and she can’t have an heir. Then his son won’t have another child. Can his grandchildren get out of the concubines?
It’s like a big joke
"The emperor …" He knelt down again and looked nervously at the emperor. "The dog was young and didn’t take good care of the chief minister of Liuyang County …"
He also wanted to say that he went to the emperor but impatiently waved his hand. "It’s just that I gave such a thing to their marriage. The queen is also very sad in her heart. It’s the birthday of the queen in a few days. She begged me to let Liuyang County master your son and leave."
The old duke opened his mouth.
Even if the princess of Liuyang can’t have another child, her identity is not that of an ordinary woman. If she is a queen’s family, no good daughter will dare to marry him after she is really scared.
Even the queen’s maiden princess has been cursed. Who dares to marry her daughter?
"It’s all the fault of the emperor. The old minister has warned him that he will treat the monarch well in the future. The ancients said that they would rather tear down ten temples than destroy a marriage and ask the emperor to think twice."
The emperor lowered his eyes. "You don’t want them to be separated?"
The old duke proffering flaming again is obviously cross out a heart.
"It’s not a problem to always drag on like this," the emperor said lightly.
"Please think twice!" The old duke prostrated himself on the ground and bruised his head.
The emperor looked upset and waved to let him go first.
The old duke knew that he had dodged a bullet and hurriedly excused himself.
Only when I got back to Qinghou Mansion did I see Nianfu carriage parked at the entrance of the mansion.
"Nian Fu Ren Men?" The old duke feels bad.
Nian Shi hasn’t shown up since he fled back to Nianfu. Will Nianfu carriage stop at the door today?
The old duke called the house to take charge.
Before the steward was shaking, he reported that "Nianfu Niangong came to visit Yue Princess and said that he wanted to take his sister Nian Shi’s dowry back to the house."
The old duke felt pain in his forehead.
He really doesn’t want to take care of these things anymore. He just pretends not to hear them and runs away.

Chun-Zhu Li was relieved to see her son talking, and the car just came again with 20 thousand yuan in cash. She forgot to take the Cynomorium pills back to her room and found that Cynomorium pills were gone. She rummaged through everything and disappeared.

Strange how the Cynomorium songaricum pill disappeared in the drawer?
Hit out and grabbed Liang’s second generation and said, "Tell me honestly that you took the Cynomorium pill box in the drawer?"
"Mom, I didn’t take any boxes!" Liang second generation a face of Meng than way
"You really didn’t take it? If you take it, hand it over. Mom will buy one for the skin! "
"Mom, I know, but I didn’t take it?"
Seeing her head shaking into a rattle, Li Chunzhu suddenly thought that it seemed that Liang Er went home last night and drove out in the middle of the night. She dialed out a word and asked, "Er, did you take the Cynomorium pills I put in the drawer?"
"You said Lock Yang Pills. Well, there was a boss who wanted Lock Yang Pills. I came back to you in the middle of the night and asked you to sleep like a dead pig, so I found one in the drawer." Liang Er said that he laughed.
"You old thing, this is what I bought for the skin. Please send it back to me quickly!" Chun-zhu li spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Hey, you bitch, what happened to one of your Cynomorium pills? You won’t buy it?"
"Liang Er Suoyang Pills are so tight that I can’t buy one. Where can I buy it now?" Li Chunzhu’s heart ached with anger at the thought of Liang Er taking it to serve Xiao San.
"That I have gone out can’t want to come back? You are my wife and you are me! That’s it. "Liang Er’s tone was tough over there and he hung up.
Chun-zhu li leng leng said Liang Er, the king’s egg, was so irritating that he kept a mistress outside and was still so awesome with me! Well, if you put a hat on me, I’ll put it back on you. I’m not unwanted!
In a huff, Li Chunzhu hit the gate of the courtyard and came to Da Nai Village with a foot pedal. She first parked her car at the entrance of the village and copied the path to two dog’s house.
At this time, two dog asked Ye Miaoyin, the director of new finance, to report for duty. This guy was in the living room with a large pile of employee lists of various sharing contracts and land lease agreements, and explained them to Ye Miaoyin one by one.
Funny ratio is that this guy is holding Ye Miaoyin’s hand while explaining, and Tian Huilixiang’s face is not good, but he dare not show it too strongly.
Chun-zhu li had the temerity to come in for a walk. She was also crying and laughing when she saw this scene. She didn’t know Ye Miaoyin. She felt that this little beauty was small and exquisite, and her skin was like snow. She had a pair of watery eyes and looked at it. Chun-zhu li said to her heart, God, it hurts so much. I want to help this little beauty if I am a woman!
Pi two dog saw that Li Chunzhu was coming, got up and called her to the back of the door and asked, "What do you say, Sister Chunzhu?"
"Report to the master that I have successfully persuaded my family to look at this 20,000 yuan cash, that is, he will return it to me and talk to Pi Jianli to see if he can give up this vicious plan?" Chun-zhu li thick peach yan li looked at skin two dog way
"The forehead is strong, saying that a ghost shaves his head and wants it to give up evil, then he is not a ghost shaves his head, but Chunzhu, it is a great thing that you can hold your son!" When he said this, he gave Li Chunzhu a commendatory look.
"Master maybe lock Yang pill tube? If he goes his own way, I won’t give him Cynomorium pills! "
"I’m afraid a Cynomorium pill can’t lock the grandson. He can easily buy it with money!"
"Master, with or without me, I’ll try it. Can you give me another Cynomorium songaricum pill? It was stolen by Liang Er yesterday! " Chun-zhu li wry smile way
"What? Stole it. "
"Yes, yes, Liang Er came back in the middle of the night. It’s 100% that he ate his mistress himself. He couldn’t eat enough without Cynomorium maruko!"
See chun-Zhu Li said very seriously. Pi two dog took out another Cynomorium pill. Hippie said, "Sister Chun-Zhu, I gave it to you. What do you have for me?"
"Master, I’m your maid. I’ll give you whatever you want!" Chun-Zhu Li is full of a look I want to say
"Well, I’ll lend you a kiss!" Said he this cargo holding chun-zhu li two kiss became a ball.
At this time, Tian Huilixiang knocked on the door and said, "The boss, the engineer is here!"
Hearing someone coming, Li Chunzhu was so scared that she rushed to dress. "Master, I’ll go and find Pi Jian. Bye!"
After a while, a car came outside the courtyard of the leather cannon, and Li Chunzhu saw a foot car enter the door and shouted, "Is the leather strong?"
Pi Jianli’s girlfriend Sang Danhong came out to see that she didn’t know Li Chunzhu and replied, "My family is not up yet. Who are you?"
"Beauty you are strong daughter-in-law sang Danhong? My name is Li Chunzhu, the wife of the opposite village chief Liang! " Li Chunzhu introduced herself, lamented in her heart. Oh, my God, the skin is strong. That child specializes in killing and cooking. The previous one was an aunt, and now it is also an aunt. Oh, my God, this leather cannon must be so angry!
"It turned out to be Mrs. Liang. Please come in!" Sang Danhong called Li Chunzhu to sit down and push the floor to wake up the skin.
Strong skin heard that chun-zhu li to find will know that is lock Yang pill to fart Dian rush floor excitedly way "Li Yi lock Yang pill? Wow, I can’t wait for me to try the effect! "
"Strong you this guy what’s the hurry? I have something to talk to you about! "
"What’s so serious?"
"I heard from Dong that you asked him to pour strong pesticides on Pi two dog vegetable fields. Is there such a thing?" Chun-zhu li bash elbows LiMu looking at skin strong way
"ah? Oh, is there such a thing? Aunt two dog beat my mother with a king’s egg. I can’t get revenge too much, can I? " Leather strong justly way
"Regardless of hitting you? It’s true and false, so it’s ok to get back at you."? How can you pesticide the vegetables in the field? Do you know that Pi two dog’s fate is to enter thousands of people and cause a large-scale poisoning accident? Do you know? " Chun-zhu li spirit not dozen 1 come way
Chapter 21 Zhou promise demon moth
Listen to chun-zhu li said so strong skin touched her mind, that is, chun-zhu li took good care of this face to him. I can’t help but shed crocodile tears at the thought of this ghost shaving. Don’t take my Cynomorium pill from this mouth! "
Li Chunzhu was overjoyed to return 20,000 cash and 1,000 yuan to the ghost through WeChat transfer, and handed me a Cynomorium songaricum pill. "This batch of Cynomorium songaricum pills is sold out, and this one is also obtained by me!"
"Aunt, I heard that Cynomorium maru is a master named Wang Langjun. Do you know where this master Wang is?" Strong skin says Niang Xipi, this is a big cake. If you can marry Master Wang and master Wang can produce technology, he will make money for mass production, even if he takes a few ingredients red, he can make crazy!
The name of "ghost shaving" is not for nothing. This ya promised to stay and take revenge on Pi two dog’s dead mother. On the one hand, the most important thing is to find the ghost and see the tail. Master Wang and Master Wang jointly produce this big cake of Cynomorium pills.
"Wang Langjun? I’ve heard of this man but I haven’t seen him. Don’t you say it’s from Pi two dog? " Li Chunzhu can’t tell the true from the false now. Outsiders say it’s Wang Langjun, and Pi two dog says that the sender of Suoyang Pill is someone else.
Of course, she believes that it is Wang Langjun and Pi two dog, but the skin is strong, and she is not very sure about her position here.
"Aunt two dog is a braggart. He also said that he is a millionaire? He didn’t send Cynomorium pills to him, but he got the agent from Master Wang! This joke is that I don’t know how much he weighs when I watch him grow up? " It’s no wonder that Pi Qiang killed me and didn’t believe that Suoyang Pill was made by Pi two dog. There have been rumors in nine planets City Square that Pi two dog has no good words anyway.
"Mama ah strong you are right! The parents of Xiao Wang’s egg didn’t even say in college that he would send Cynomorium pills or such a magical drug. It must be bragging to believe this stupid thing! " Chun-Zhu Li can’t expose the clues. Before her skin is strong, she scold Pi two dog to the dogs.
"That’s right, aunt. You start your own contacts and ask you to help find Wang Langjun. I will reward you heavily!" Leather solid started daydreaming way
"Come on, I’ll help you! But you mustn’t do it by spraying pesticides, or you’ll hurt yourself if my son doesn’t say anything. Do you know? " Chun-zhu li know skin strong ghost shave title she how all don’t trust this person.
"Don’t worry, aunt, you are my good friend and I will listen to you!" Leather strong a dumb way
I sent away Li Chunzhu’s strong skin and tried to make a message to the old lady with nine fingers. I didn’t expect that this time I got through, and then the strong skin was the same for the old lady with nine fingers
Besides, Pi two dog, the new financial director Ye Miaoyin, has settled in Xianda Hotel, that is, his couch luxury suite office. From now on, all employees’ salaries and dividend distribution departments in Pi two dog will be transferred.
At 9 o’clock in the afternoon, many experts, including Xu Qing, Wang Hongshang and Tian Huilixiang, accompanied two dog’s four famous bases, forests and crops to make it easy to design the installation route of Skynet.
A few people went out to the lively Pijia Courtyard, and the peace was restored. Pi two dog said that he hadn’t gone to see the growth of rice and sorghum for a long time, and he forgot to ask for a spiritual rain to water one.

And it was just when I killed the second Japanese ninja alone that the cross-country was finally white. He made the shadow hand binding technique crush the turtle shells of those Japanese ninjas!

It turns out that the reason why cross-country can crush those ninja turtle shells is because of his spiritual talent!
Can absorb other people’s spiritual energy, terrorist spiritual talent!
Chapter 313 The advantages outweigh the disadvantages
Endure the world holds the science of uniting the spiritual energy hermetic family must be few.
And in these families who hold the spiritual energy to cultivate the occult skills, they can gradually awaken the spiritual talent ninja with the spiritual energy cultivation, which is rare in the forbearance world.
Even if the cross-country holds the whirlpool clan’s secret skills, there is no way to understand the accurate classification of spiritual talents from the inside.
However, in front of those ninjas who split up with each other, they woke up their spiritual talents. To understand their spiritual talents cross-country is to absorb the spiritual energy of others. Don’t worry about whether cross-country is clear about the spiritual talents. Cross-country can be sure that his spiritual talents must be one of the top spiritual talents!
To ask why, the reason is actually very simple.
Others practice spiritual energy by accumulating over time.
Even if cross-country holds the spiritual energy cultivation method and has unique advantages, doesn’t it need to be accumulated slowly?
After awakening the spiritual talent, it is much easier for cross-country to cultivate spiritual energy.
People need to accumulate time to get huge spiritual energy. Cross-country needs to absorb other people’s spiritual energy, and their own spiritual energy can be limited. It’s just a BUG, okay?
If you put it in a martial arts novel, cross-country is like practicing the northern ghost.
People can only succeed after decades of hard work. A few kung fu masters can be worth decades of hard work.
Of course, there is no such thing as getting something for nothing.
Even if cross-country awakens the spiritual talent, I feel that I need to absorb other people’s spiritual energy in accumulating spiritual energy.
However, after the insurance period, cross-country spiritual energy cultivation is still impossible to give up.
And even if you are absorbing other people’s spiritual energy, you need to be very careful to see if your spiritual talent is in some kind of abuse.
However, at this time, cross-country has to face some special situations. Even if the spiritual talent may have disadvantages, cross-country must also have its own spiritual talent to crack the array of ninjas who are splitting up with each other.
Let’s talk about the array methods of Japanese ninjas.
Cross-country spiritual talent just restrains the array methods of Japanese ninjas.
Judging by cross-country, he feels that the real core of Japanese ninja array lies in spiritual energy!
Or these Japanese ninja arrays are actually some kind of Yin dun array!
As I have said before, the way for Japanese ninjas to build arrays these days is to rely on each person’s small hexagram mark to condense into a large hexagram mark. To be in the large hexagram mark, every Japanese ninja with a moderate tolerance level will have the real terror defense ability of the powerful.
And those small hexagram marks at this time, the off-road feeling is either spiritual energy or a kind of yin escape!
Condense spiritual energy into a small hexagram shield by relying on the effect of yin-escaping occultism
Then turn the small hexagram shield into a large hexagram shield by using the mysterious method of Yin dun array!
As a result, every Japanese ninja’s body shield is called "tortoise shell" for short, and there are more than 20 people whose mental energy intensity is several times stronger than that of cross-country mastering shadow shield and shadow armor.
It is also because of this combination of cross-country Kakashi power that a Japanese ninja "turtle shell" can be broken.
But it’s all right now
Cross-country awakens its own spiritual talent and can absorb the spiritual energy of others, so that it can instantly absorb the spiritual energy of ninjas in front of them, making it impossible for them to maintain the array demand.
Then things become very simple.
How many means does it take to cross-country with a ninja with a moderate tolerance level?
It only takes a few punches at most!
With one’s own accomplishments in body art, cross-country can easily solve the problem of ninjas facing the front.
Then watching Kakashi next to him, he saw the secret cross-country that "accelerated" the four generations of Naruto constantly flashing beside each Japanese ninja.
When cross-country appears in front of every Japanese ninja, it is necessary to exert the power of yin dun branding to make the shadow escape secret. The shadow transformed from cross-country casting shadow escape secret can directly disintegrate the "turtle shell" of those Japanese ninjas in combination with cross-country spiritual talent, then kill the name and then transfer it to the face of another Japanese ninja.
It only took more than three minutes to have outstanding spiritual talent in hand.
In front of cross-country, there is no one who stands in the way of ninjas.
And the former construction method trapped cross-country and Kakashi suddenly died in the cross-country iron fist for a group of ninjas!
It’s really scary!

Zhang Yi went on to say, "And this drug research and development has successfully held a huge press conference. We want to help this press conference to sell our products as soon as possible!"

Tang Shaoyi whispered, "Jian, since Xiaolin is willing to hand over the shares to the country, you can see the shares of German and American experts …" Zhang Yishen said, "We must give them to others. Since Xiaolin is unwilling to hold them, we will directly buy out all the patent departments and pay them enough at one time to remember that it is not easy to treat these people badly." Tang Shaoyi replied, "I will arrange this, and I will directly take out five hundred thousand silver dollars to buy this technology, which will definitely satisfy them."
Chapter six hundred and ten Mysterious gift
It’s been a few days since Zhang Yi was mad at Liu Buchan. This guy knew earlier that Zhang Yi gave him a gift, and he rushed to the presidential palace early every morning to pester Zhang Yi to see his gift early.
Zhang Yishi couldn’t stand it, and he regretted putting the words out.
Finally, Zhang Yi said, "Brother Xiang, you can really grind a tiger in front of you. They are all pediatricians. Well, we are going to call Huai Jin, Yu and Mo Qi and invite several brothers and Lin to go out with us to satisfy your curiosity!"
Liu Buchan exultation shouted, "okay, I’ll call them immediately. You mustn’t go back on your word. I’ll go at once …"
Liu Buchan had run out when he spoke.
At noon, a few people have finished processing, and they have arrived at the presidential palace.
Zhang Yi looked at everyone and got up and said, "Well, since you are up, let’s go."
They took a big truck and set off for the city.
Liu Buchan asked, "Where are we going?" Crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King 61
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Xiang, don’t worry. We will arrive in a moment. Didn’t you see that this time Zhenhai is driving himself? This matter is still in the top secret stage. I won’t let outsiders know about his information until they are born. This is our peerless killer. If it is leaked, our future battlefield enemies may be reduced by at least half. Brother Xiang and you guys must never let this news leak out!"
Liu Buchan and several others looked at Zhang Yi and nodded unconsciously.
The car soon drove out of Shengjing and moved on to the northwest.
Xu Huaijin asked, "The instructor hasn’t arrived yet? But we’ve already traveled 50 kilometers, and it’s far from Shengjing. "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Well, it should be 30 miles away soon. Don’t be surprised when you get in!"
Soon I arrived at a valley, which is a circular valley. I’m afraid the whole valley must be about ten miles away and four or five miles wide. In front of the valley, there is a huge iron gate with dozens of soldiers on duty.
When I saw the car approaching the first soldier, I immediately lifted the submachine gun in my hand and shouted, "People in front immediately stop here. This is a military restricted area and dare to go forward again!"
The people behind have also pointed their guns at the car.
Zhang Zhenhai quickly heard that the car opened the door and jumped out of the car and shouted, "Li Qiang is me!"
The first soldier saluted at once. "It turned out to be Staff Zhang. Why did you suddenly come here today?"
Zhang Zhenhai replied, "Well, you have all worked hard. Today, President Xu’s Chief of Staff, Commander Liu of the Admiralty and others came to inspect you and immediately went to report to your head to meet you!"
Li Qiang was shocked and quickly said, "Staff Zhang, please wait a moment. I’ll go in and report!"
Li Qiang turned and ran towards the valley.
After a while, the gate roared open and a group of soldiers rushed out of it. An officer rushed out of it and shouted, "President, President! I can count on you to come. You are boring me here alone! "
Xu Huaijin, isn’t this Ji Yubo? How did he get here? Crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King 61
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Why can’t badminton stand it? Hehe, this time I brought jade. If you want to go out, go back with jade."
Ji Yubo scratched his head and hey smiled. "Forget it. I haven’t finished what the President gave me yet. I dare not quit halfway."
Aside Wu Peifu suddenly realized that it’s no wonder that more than a year ago, the instructor took away a guard battalion of Ji Yubo’s hand and said it was a secret. As a result, it was like a meat bag beating a dog and never looking back. It turned out to be a nest here!
Zhang Yi asked, "How is Yubo progressing now?"
Ji Yubo whispered, "The president is progressing smoothly. Now the test flight has been carried out for several rounds. Although there are some minor faults, they have been ruled out by engineers. It will be finalized in these two days."
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, all the officers I brought here today are the most senior officers in the Republic of China. Don’t hold back. Let’s go in and have a look. Keep the perimeter alert. No one is allowed to go near the valley!"
Ji Yubo quickly established the right path "is the president!"
The crowd looked curious, and the car drove into the valley. When it reached a large open space, the car just stopped.
Zhang Yi shouted, "Well, here we are!"
Zhang Zhenhai took the lead in jumping out of the car to open the door and everyone came in succession.
At this time, I saw two Americans running towards here, laughing in poor Chinese. "Dear Mr. President, you haven’t been here for a while."
Zhang Yixiao walked over and said, "Hello, Wright, it’s been very kind of you."
Orwell? Wright smiled and said, "President’s Pavilion, we should thank you for your help. Without you, we have such a superior environment. If we don’t have you, give me a key opinion. If we talk about it, we won’t advance so soon. We will finish the research and development earlier and be tired. It’s worth it!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, if you two want him to complete this duel for me, I will personally award us the highest honorary medal of the Republic of China. The Republic of China will definitely let you honor others!"
Orwell? Wright laughed. "Mr. President, we want to finish our project. If you can support us, we will be satisfied. Let’s please go inside."
Liu Buchan and others really can’t stand two people playing charades and walked straight into the proving ground to see six huge machines like big birds staying in the central position of the proving ground.
Liu Buchan and others were stunned. What is this? I have never seen such a thing!
Zhang Yixiao said, "How shocked are you? Haven’t you seen it? Haha …" Liu Buchan turned hard and said, "Jianjian, what is this? Are you developing a new car again? It’s not like, "Zhang Yi laughed." Cars are much more expensive than cars, even ten or a hundred cars don’t change. I tell you this is called airplanes! It is our real killer that makes us the key weapon in the war! "
Chapter six hundred and nineteen Shock
Liu Buchan wondered, "Is Jian really that powerful?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "I’ll show you this weapon in a moment!"
Zhang Yi paused and said, "Let’s go to a side office and listen to two Mr. Wright introduce a special feature of this weapon!" "
When they came to the office, Zhang Yi laughed. "Mr. Wilbur also invited you to introduce the specific performance of an airplane to us.
Wilbur Wright smiled and said, "Mr. President, according to your request, we have made many experimental improvements, and now our speed is stable at 130 kilometers per hour, and the maximum range can reach 250 kilometers!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "So you mean that our extreme war radius is 120 kilometers?"
Everyone around you was shocked at 130 kilometers per hour! Even the fastest car is only 10 kilometers per hour, and he can reach 130 kilometers, which is too fast!
Liu Buchan looked shocked and asked, "Mr. Wilbur, are you sure you can reach 130 kilometers per hour?"
Wilbur nodded and said, "dear general, I’m sure our plane can fly at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and it will be faster in the future!" And this time won’t be long! "
It really is a big killer! It really is a gift!
Wilbur Wright replied, "Yes, Mr. President, this is our present limit. Because the design and development of aircraft is a very comprehensive issue, we must consider its engine power, its heavy problems and its weapon configuration to ensure that the aircraft has combat effectiveness. We can guarantee the theoretical war radius of 120 kilometers, and only consider the war and other issues theoretically. I think it is best to limit our war radius to 10 kilometers."
Zhang Yi frowned, but the radius of the war was still a little small. Soon Zhang Yi laughed that his requirements were too advanced for a century, but it would take two years to build the plane. Even if it reached the current level, it was already very difficult. It was still his Wright brothers, and his support was very huge. He directly transferred 20 students with excellent grades from Fengtian Engineering University to be his assistants. Only now did he have the current achievements as experts in other countries. This matter is very important. He dare not come here in case he spread the technology, but he has no place to buy regret medicine!
Zhang Yi laughed. "Well, that’s right. What is the weapon configuration of the current aircraft, Mr. Wilbur?"
Wilbur Wright replied, "Mr. President, our plane is equipped with two improved Maxim heavy machine guns, and their firing rate remains unchanged. However, in order to maintain the stability in the plane, we have greatly improved the recoil problem of the heavy machine guns, which helps to maintain the tactical service life of the plane. At the same time, we have reserved a certain amount of bombs for the plane according to your requirements. Our customized bombs have been handed over to the arsenal for production. They have successfully developed our 20 coach bombs for training."
Zhang Yi nodded and then asked, "How much ammunition can we carry?"
Wilbur Wright laughed. "In order to ensure that the aircraft can attack us, he has reserved a capacity of 100 kilograms of ammunition. I just said that the maximum voyage is that the full situation can reach the level."
Liu Buchan asked, "Mr. Wilbur, President, I want to know what’s so powerful about this weapon? I still don’t know where their combat effectiveness is reflected? "
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Xiang, can you imagine how far the local ship is if you can see the farthest sea?"
Liu Buchan replied, "Now relying on our horizontal cruiser watchtower, we can find local warships at the farthest distance of 10 kilometers!"
Zhang Yi then asked, "What is the longest range of our cruiser cannon?"
Liu Buchan then replied, "The longest range of our cruiser Krupp heavy artillery is five kilometers. Of course, when we are fighting, the range will definitely not reach four kilometers!"
Zhang yi laughed. "It’s not married? If we suddenly find a local fleet ten kilometers away, our warships and planes can fly to enemy warships in an instant, approach them and throw bombs at them. If one bomb doesn’t sink them, two bombs won’t sink them. What about five or six? When the plane flies over them, there will be no room for artillery, and it is difficult for warships to shoot guns that high. Even if they are willing to give up that high, what do you think are the chances that they will hit the plane, even if they hit them, the bullets will penetrate the fuselage of our plane? These are all iron guys! "
Liu Buchan is instantly white, not to mention that the plane is 130 kilometers per hour, but the war horse is tens of kilometers per hour. Our pistols and rifles are also difficult to shoot, and it is a problem to aim in the air!
Those warships are living targets for these planes!
Liu Buchan laughed and patted Zhang Yi’s shoulder and shouted, "Ok! Brother, brother, with these planes, why don’t we destroy the imp fleet in an instant? I’ll see if these foreign ghosts dare to be so arrogant! "
Xu Huaijin and others are also surprised. This is a real treasure. Although cars are also very important, cars are transportation tools and do not have direct lethality. This thing is really deadly! The first time anyone saw a few big iron birds flying in, they could still attack, and they were scared silly at that time!
Liu Buchan’s face was full of excitement and shouted, "When will these weapons be equipped with our warships? I demand that they be installed as soon as possible. By then, I will always leave a warship for myself. I will have fun in person!"
There are some crazy demons in Liu Buchan.
Zhang Yi turned to ask, "Mr. Wilbur, I wonder if there are any hidden dangers in the current plane?" Wilbur? Wright laughed. "Mr. President, I know your mood. You want to put these planes into actual combat as soon as possible. Your country is often faced with the threat of war. These planes are all designed conservatively. If it is our experimental model, the speed of the aircraft is close to 200 kilometers per hour, but their performance is too unstable. We will definitely not put them into mass production. In that case, it will bring huge losses to China!"
Chapter six hundred and twenty Prepare to build an aircraft factory

Huangfujing is no better. He didn’t expect that he was scared into this kind by asking a question lightly. He was almost hit by this reckless girl, and his frown was wrinkled.

Po knows that the master’s temperament has opinions on the master’s words, deeds and movements. When he saw it, he reprimanded the woman in front of him for "how dare you bump into the imperial county so recklessly?"
Before Lin Yue could react, she heard a shrill sound and heard that it was a collision with the sacred heart. It was not slow to move, so she quickly knelt down and confessed. "People don’t know that the sacred drive has collided with the sacred dragon body in a hurry, so please forgive me."
"Get up, I also made a mistake. Suddenly, I scared you. No wonder you are alone." Huang Fujing said that it was generous to care about this little thing, but he came to this woman, his harem concubine, thinking about leisure and luck. It’s also a matter of luck that she wore emerald clothes to his liking at this time.
Listen, the woman who claims to be a peasant woman, Huangfujing, knows that it is a mistake, but this harem is not a place where ordinary people can come in. In this way, the identity will probably come in with the peasant woman brought into the palace by his younger sister, but it is really strange how she can sit here alone, and she looks younger. Chapter 433.
Although Lin Yue feels unlucky in her heart, she is also quite nervous, and she is afraid that Huang Fujing really blames her for colliding with the dragon body. It is not a small crime to really investigate it. At the very least, a peasant woman like her can’t afford to eat sin. I hope the emperor can be generous and not care about a little girl with her.
When I heard that Huang Fujing really didn’t blame her, Yuecai was relieved that "Bitch Xie Huang didn’t blame"
"Are you the Lin Niang that Yongle brought back to the palace?" Although Huangfujing is questioning, his tone is very positive.
Lin Yue was surprised that the emperor guessed her identity directly, but it was only after she figured it out. Don’t say that her identity is not free to enter the palace. Princess Kuang Yongle is still the emperor’s younger sister. It is normal for the emperor to know more about Princess Yongle and the people and things around her.
"Huang Sheng saw at a glance the identity of the folk woman, and the folk woman was indeed brought into the palace by Princess Yongle."
Huang Fujing expected Lin Yue to be surprised. "It’s not surprising that Yongle often reminds me of you, and I allowed you to enter the palace. I think she likes to get along with you very much, and she also said that you are a rare woman, and I am very curious to hear it."
Lin Yue didn’t know that Princess Yongle had such a high opinion of her and praised her in front of the emperor. She didn’t know whether it was good or bad. She could respectfully and modestly answer, "The princess praised the people’s wife, but she was just an ordinary woman. The princess didn’t give up her willingness to meet them. The people’s wife was very grateful and couldn’t afford to be a princess."
"Yongle, although it’s nothing, is still very clever and accurate in judging people. Since she said that, you must be worthy of her appreciation. Don’t be too modest. Don’t lower your head and look up and let me see what a strange girl in Yongle’s mouth looks like."
Although Huang Fujing spoke with a light attitude, there was no doubt that Lin Yue naturally dared not disobey and raised her head calmly. She was actually very curious about what it was like to enter the palace on Sunday. These days, I also heard people in the palace say that the emperor was handsome and learned the rules before entering the palace, knowing that he was not allowed to spy on the dragon’s face at will, or he would be punished if he had the opportunity.
At present, the emperor is younger than Lin Yue imagined, and he is only 27 years old. He is dressed in a silvery white satin brocade, which can’t cover up his innate domineering and nobility. Several bamboo plants are embroidered on cuffs and robes, and the golden jade crowns his dark hair face, and his facial features are carved, angular and long, and his figure is even better than that of a maid-in-waiting mouth.
Huangfujing saw Yuet-yan Lin was stunned for a while, but he didn’t react. Or did he see it by himself? This female part is that * * * * I saw it in the street and then I looked for it several times, but I didn’t find a woman. Although he once fantasized about it.
Looking for many times, the woman suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. In addition to being surprised at first, Huangfujing was delighted, and then her face became cold and her expression softened. She looked at Lin Yue gently. "I called you the moon after listening to it."
"This, this is not very good," Lin Yue was confused by Huang Fujing’s too kind attitude. I don’t know what it is. The ladies-in-waiting don’t say that although the emperor is elegant, he is very cold and strict. Even Princess Yongle has a scared expression. It is obvious that a mother, brother and sister can restrain Princess Yongle. This emperor is very dignified, but now it looks like a gentle and kind emperor.
"What’s wrong? That’s settled." After Huangfujing refused to give Lin Yue a chance, he decided to be overbearing, and Lin Yue was good at taking advice, thinking about where the emperor had always been accustomed to dictatorship. A little peasant woman refused her, so don’t be smart enough to make her angry.
"Moon, aren’t you visiting the imperial garden with Yongle? How can a person appear here but get lost? How does Yongle that girl take care of you? I can’t believe I let you run around like this. What if you are in danger! " Huangfujing dissatisfied and said that it was a bit blaming Princess Yongle. He said that danger is not a general danger, but Lin Yue’s identity. It is impossible to meet a noble person casually. If there is no one to protect it, it will definitely suffer, just like the situation just now. He didn’t blame it. If he meets other owners in the harem, it may not be.
Lin Yue was surprised at Huangfujing’s attitude, which meant protecting her, but she was a little peasant woman and Princess Yongle was the emperor’s younger sister. How could the emperor blame Princess Yongle for showing his generosity and kindness? It seems unnecessary.
Let alone what the emperor is thinking, no matter if Lin Yue is absolutely afraid to blame Princess Yongle for coming, she didn’t mean it. "The emperor doesn’t blame the princess for coming with the people’s wife, but later left in an emergency and sent a close-fitting maid-in-waiting to accompany the people’s wife."
"In that case, are you alone now?" Huangfujing frowned and stared at Lin Yue unconsciously bringing out how much coercion.
"Sister Bilian seems to have encountered an emergency …" Lin Yue said with some hesitation whether to speak out what she had encountered. Of course, she wanted the emperor to make her decision. After all, if she hadn’t run fast, she wouldn’t know what to encounter. Think about it. She is also angry and a little peasant woman. I really can’t worry about it.
Huangfujing looked at Lin Yue with a face of hesitation and knew that there must be something hidden in it. The thought of those dirty and dark means in the palace made his face cold. "You need to worry that no matter what happens, say it in detail. I will make your decision."
"This is a sacred life, and there is no concealment!" Huangfujing appointment is afraid of yue4 because of concerns omitted some what to say that finish and added such a sentence.
"Yes, it’s a commoner’s wife." Lin Yue’s mouth answered faster than her brain. Just now, she looked at the man with a kind look like a neighbor’s big brother. In an instant, her dignity and fickleness scared her. Only then did she see the majesty of the emperor and the little thoughts in her heart immediately don’t know where they went. I honestly described what happened in the imperial garden. Looking at the emperor’s increasingly cold face, Lin Yue’s forehead cold sweat also appeared in Chapter 434.
"What happened to the emperor is so that the people dare not hide anything." Lin Yue didn’t understand the emperor and couldn’t guess. At this time, the emperor didn’t know whether the emperor was unhappy or whether she was angry with the evil in the palace for the first time and provoked many things.
Huangfujing, of course, doesn’t blame Lin Yue for being angry with the privacy of the palace. When Lin Yue goes out into the palace, he will encounter these things. I must have a very bad impression here. Seeing Lin Yue’s trepidation is a soft heart. In the final analysis, it is still a little girl’s family. It is good to be so calm now. I am so afraid of scaring people.
"Moon, don’t be afraid that I am angry. Someone dares to be so rash. It seems that this harem needs to be purged. It won’t happen again. Don’t worry." Huang Fujing also wants to say something with Lin Yue. Princess Yongle over there has already found a way to see Lin Yue. It’s a sigh of relief, but I don’t know what happened. How can Lin Niang be with the emperor? The emperor seems to be in a good mood. Even they rarely see the emperor so kindly at ordinary times.
"Handmaiden, please see the Emperor Hail". When you see the Emperor Yongle Palace, the maid-in-waiting hurriedly salutes and visits.
"Are you looking for the moon?" Huangfujing Qu Yongle Palace maid-in-waiting didn’t bother to ask coldly. I couldn’t hear the emotion in the words. There was a eunuch named Po who served me personally. It was not very happy to see the Lord. He didn’t expect that the woman who had been looking for the Lord for so long actually met in the palace. It was this woman who had married someone else. This idea was even impossible, but it was hard to say.
Things in this family have never been right or wrong. It can be said that the Lord is the biggest Lord in the sky. If you set your mind to pick the stars, you can do it. Don’t say that you like a peasant woman. It depends on what weight the peasant woman has in her heart. To her, I don’t know whether it is good or bad. Po sighed in his heart. These things are not that he, a little slave, can guess at will or honestly treat himself as poor.
"The emperor’s daughter-in-law has been missing for so long, and the princess even has to worry. Since someone has been sent to come over to the daughter-in-law side to go back with her to see the princess, I don’t know if the emperor can still tell the daughter-in-law that there is no command, so she excused herself." Lin Yue looked at Huangfujing carefully and said.
In the face of Huangfujing Lin Yue, I always feel a little uncomfortable. Although Huangfujing has always been kind to her, she is flattered, but Lin Yue is not happy, but worried and afraid. I always feel that the emperor’s mind is elusive and his attitude towards her is too strange. At this time, Princess Yongle sent someone to look for her and used it as an excuse to leave, otherwise she was really overwhelmed.
Huang Fujing didn’t immediately let Lin Yue leave. "It’s not a command, but I’ll be fine. I just want to see Yongle. In that case, you can drop by and take you to Yongle Palace with me. I can feel at ease and have to meet those who are uneasy and kind. People in the harem who have personally sent you there will also weigh what they think of you first."
Yue Yue listened to the emperor’s personal delivery, and she secretly complained that she didn’t know what the emperor was thinking. How could she be so special to her? It won’t really spread the blood of the emperor through the heroine’s aura. Look at her. Mama Mia, this kind of dog blood thing must not happen. She is absolutely dead set on their old man and has absolutely no idea of having an affair.
No matter how fanciful Lin Yue’s mind was, he refused the emperor’s kindness with trepidation. "How dare the emperor’s wife and virtue send each other personally? After this incident, the wife and daughter will be more careful and will not leave Yongle Palace easily. I think those people will stop if they can’t find their mobile phones, and the princess will not get lost. The wife and daughter still dare not go back to Yongle Palace by herself."
In the words of Lin Yue, the meaning of refusal is too obvious. Listen to Lin Yue. I don’t know what’s going on in my mind. I don’t know what’s going on. Look at Lin Yue’s expression. It’s gone. Previously, I looked at Lin Yue in a cold sweat. I secretly scolded the emperor for being fickle in my heart. Now I have some thoughts. This emperor is afraid that he really has any thoughts for her. How is it possible that she and the emperor just met for the first time?
Huang Fujing stared at Lin Yue for a moment, then she smiled lightly, and then she resumed her amiable appearance. "I didn’t mean to have leisure today, but I just wanted to go and see that Yongle sent you there by the way, which led you to say such a big laundry list. Don’t say no, let’s go to Yongle Palace first, otherwise Yongle is afraid that she is really in a hurry, but she is very concerned about your friend. I also happened to know that you have sent a new game. I also want to see if playing mahjong is really that fun?"
Yue4 see Huangfujing so although I can’t figure out the man’s thoughts, I feel relieved. Fortunately, Huangfujing didn’t blame her. She saw the emperor’s anger. Yue4 never dared to disobey Huangfujing again. As the saying goes, if a companion is like a tiger, it will really annoy the emperor, even if she herself will bring trouble to her family. It’s not the first time for her to realize the weight of the word Huang, but she will honestly follow Huangfujing.
Huangfujing didn’t walk all the way to Yongle Palace with Lin Yue, and didn’t say anything more all the way. Lin Yue felt comfortable walking in tandem.
The news that Huangfujing is coming to Yongle Palace has long been reported by the imperial secretary that Princess Yongle took people to meet her at the gate of the palace and saw Huangfujing and Yueyue coming together. First, she invited Ann, and then she took Yueyue to watch it again and saw people in front of her. It seems that she thought much about it, or she didn’t really and Huei-fang disappeared, but where did she go when she saw her brother personally send Yueyue to Yongle? Although she didn’t think much, it was a little strange.
"Moon, how can you come with your brother? Didn’t I tell you to wait in the imperial garden? Where the hell have you been? I’ve been cheated on you, and I’ve sent people everywhere to find you, and I’ve made a scene with Huei-Fang. It’s a waste of worry. It seems that I misjudged Huei-Fang. 435 Chapter 435.
Huang Fujing heard that this matter was even more frowned with Huei-fang. These good days, Wang is also very restless. He has done a lot of small moves behind his back. He doesn’t know it. Now it seems that both the brother and sister are not quiet in the main palace, and they are all making troubles outside the palace. Sooner or later, they have to be disposed of to avoid future trouble forever.
"It’s not necessarily that those people moved their hands, but they were escaped by Yue Er Cong and later I ran into them. This didn’t send people to you." Said Huang Fujing, telling Princess Yongle what had happened and swearing in front of Huang Fujing.
"Hang it all, these people are too rampant. The moon is my guest in the palace. They dare to be so bold that they calculate the queen mother’s physical safety as an excuse to cheat me away. It’s outrageous, brother. You must make decisions for me to catch the villain behind them. After they dare to do such a thing today, they may not be able to do something even more outrageous. It’s really impossible to feel at ease if they don’t find these people out."
Huang Fujing had long expected that Princess Yongle had been transferred to listen to Yongle’s words. Although it was not unexpected, he was also very angry in his heart. Those people actually took the Queen Mother’s physical safety to cheat people, and found out that it was natural to be lenient. Besides, according to the usual clues, who did this thing, Huang Fujing had already counted it in his heart and waited until the time was ripe. However, he would not tell Princess Yongle that this girl was not shrewd enough to show signs in front of people and affect his plan.
Princess Yongle refused to talk when she saw Huang Fujing’s silence. A little peasant woman did not pull Huang Fujing’s sleeve to swing. "Brother, you are talking, Moon, but I invited the guests to the palace. I don’t care if you make decisions for me and Moon this time. You can’t let go of the villain behind it."
"Come on, don’t worry, I will definitely make decisions for you and Moon, but it’s not clear who the person behind it is yet. You should be careful. It’s today’s thing. If you think about it more or do something at that time, you won’t let people get bored. Since Moon is your guest, please take care of him carefully and don’t let people bully her."
"Brother’s lesson is that Yongle remembers it." Yongle’s goal is to smile happily and respond without much thought. Huangfujing’s attitude is that Bilian looked thoughtfully at Lin Yue and felt that the emperor was not too concerned about Lin Yue, but he was not so accommodating. Today is really special for Lin Niang.
Lin Yue also noticed Bilian’s obscure eyes thinking about this girl’s mind is sensitive.
"By the way, Yongle, don’t you say that you have learned a fun game? How about you teach me to play it today?"
"Well, I didn’t expect my brother to be willing to play this game in his usual state of mind. Naturally, his younger sister is willing to play this game, but Moon wants to come out and let her teach you."
Huangfujing played in Yongle Palace for more than half a afternoon, and then left for the administration after lunch. Yue4 was in a state of mind to deal with Huangfujing this afternoon. He was frightened and consumed his physical strength. At this time, he felt exhausted and tired, but he was so tired that he couldn’t sleep. He thought of the emperor’s abnormal attitude. He wanted to go back to see Zhao Erhu early and let the old man at home comfort her. So thinking about Yue4 immediately turned over and went to the main hall of Yongle Princess.
"What? You’re going out of the palace to go back to the moon. Didn’t you promise to stay here for a few more days? Why did you go back? But the people in my palace didn’t serve you well or because of something early? Moon, I know it was my bad work that made people drill, but you also heard that my brother has promised that I will investigate and find out the disorderly person behind my back for revenge. "Princess Yongle’s first reaction when she heard that Yueyue was going back was that Yueyue had been neglected, and she remembered earlier that Yueyue was angry with her.
"The princess misunderstood that everyone is very kind to the people’s wives. There is no thoughtless reason for Fang Shimin’s wives to come to the palace these two days. Some people are homesick. Besides, the people’s wives just moved into their new homes a few days ago, and there are so many things that come out. These two days, the people’s wives are not at ease at home. It is better to go back early and wait for things at home to be handled properly before entering the palace to accompany the princess."
"In this case, well, although I am very reluctant to give up, I can’t let you live in the palace so uneasily, waiting for you to arrange things at home, but you must come to the palace to have a good time with me. This palace is so stuffy that these two * * * are really having fun with me."
With Princess Yongle’s permission, Lin Yue immediately packed up and said goodbye to Princess Yongle, and urged her father-in-law to go home early to see the old man who could reassure her.

Zhao Wu’s speed is similar to Lin Luo’s speed, so he keeps a constant distance. When he sees Lin Luo’s direction, a smile suddenly appears on his face. He follows the crazy pace of Xing Sheng and says, "Brother Xing is in front of my territory. Do you want me to give you a hand!"

Star crazy coldly caught a glimpse of Zhao Wu way "no, I can tidy up him" say that finish to speed up the recovery.
Zhao Wu looked at the star’s crazy back and smiled coldly, but the whole person fell down. This is an island overlooking here. The whole area is contiguous islands, big and small, dotted around the vast sea and lake, like beads inlaid.
In a short time, Zhao Wu once again flew from the island and soon saw the tandem Lin Luo and the star crazy life. They were far away for a while, but with the roar of the star crazy life, they couldn’t catch the corner of Lin Luo.
Continuous acceleration depends on the star’s madness to cultivate advanced knowledge, and I can’t help but feel that my physical strength is lacking. Lin Luo stopped when he saw it. He reached out and grabbed a handful of lingshi and fed it to the purple blood carving. The purple blood carving has never encountered such a pursuit, and it is like smearing a layer of oil, but the whole carving is showing more and more spirit.
Star crazy saw Zhao Wu coming and said, "Brother Zhao called all of you to clean up this little treasure together. Let’s have half of it!"
Zhao Wu secretly sneers and paralyzes you again! But the face is just right, showing the surprise "Call me right away"
Zhao Wushen and Zhao Guzhang naturally have a set of contact information. In a short time, he ordered to arrive earlier. He arranged the manpower, and the masters of the whole sea area were all ready to go. At this time, when he heard the orders from the heads of families, more than a dozen people flew in. It can be seen that Zhao’s strength is strong and even the stars are crazy. Seeing that these people are all dazzling, Zhao Jiayi has built up a lot of strength by relying on the powerful and rich resources of Tianbao Pavilion.
Lin Luo naturally didn’t know that the two people in the distance had reached some kind of agreement. He was quickly pranayama and restored his spiritual power as soon as possible. When he realized that the star was crazy and Zhao Wumu was surrounded.
Looking at the crazy star walking slowly, Lin Luo took a deep breath and took out a few SPAR jade slips and threw them out.
Star crazy life and Zhao Wu saw the menacing jade Jane knew that it must be a talisman and suddenly retreated repeatedly.
Six fire thunder symbols blew up clouds of black clouds, and the whole day was cloudy.
Star crazy life and Zhao Wu’s heart are horror. This little figure is actually pregnant with so many five charms, but she never expected that this was Lin Luo’s own painting.
Lin Luo didn’t dare to delay throwing out the talisman at all and flew away.
"Where to go!" A Zhao Xiushi suddenly blocked Lin Luo in front of him. He couldn’t figure out that a monk in Yuan infant period actually asked the heads of the fathers to call them all over to block the heart. In the middle of Yuan infant period, it was enough to stab him with this spiritual sword in his hands.
"Look out!" Zhao Wu could not help but exclaim that he had seen Lin Luo swordsmanship when he saw that he belonged to himself.
But before Zhao Jiaxiu could react, he saw Lin Luo and Zhao Jiaxiu’s body crossed instantly. The whole sword seemed to be twisted. When he cut off his neck and flew, Zhao Jiaxiu also looked incredible, and then he flew out of his body the size of a villain’s fist. It was the Zhao Jiaxiu Yuan Ying Yuan Ying who was also surprised.
Several of his monks stopped seeing the scene here, and their hearts were deeply shaken, and Lin Luo took this opportunity to fly out.
Star crazy life saw a few monks in Zhao’s eyes were pale, and his eyes were covered with horror. He immediately hummed "waste" in his mouth and then chased Lin Luo.
Chapter 13 irresistible
Lin Luo’s heart is not as easy as it seems. Although he destroyed a Zhao Xiu Shi with one blow just now, he has already seen that he is still surrounded. But just now, Lin Luo’s strong strength shocked them, and they all became timid, especially some monks in the late Dan period did not dare to wave the flag.
Even so, it has caused obstacles to Lin Luo. The star crazy life is getting closer and closer. When Lin Luo once again repelled a Zhao Xiu Shi, the star crazy life was less than five feet away from Lin Luo. Even Lin Luo saw the star crazy face, the pores, the purple blood carving, and the wings were flapping rapidly to stir the surrounding gas.
Looking at the near star’s crazy life, Lin Luo’s heart sank to the bottom. At this moment, the star gave birth to a sword and stabbed it. The blade is extremely thin, just like cicada’s modeling. At first glance, it is a sword with a long history. Although I can’t guess this sword level, I intuitively feel that the sword is dead. Obviously, the star is crazy about Lin Luo. Whoever is so teased can’t get rid of his face.
The sword pierced the imaginary "hiss" sound and stabbed Lin Luodan field.
He has foreseen that his sword will pierce Lin Luodan field and destroy Lin Luo’s body, which is likely to destroy Lin Luoyuan’s baby.
Lin Luo will hold the Yunxiao sword in his hand and pour it into his body to meet the stars.
Looking at Lin Luo’s dark broken sword, I suddenly felt that I was despised by my own sword. Although it is not the Six Spirit Sword, its power is similar to that of the Six Spirit Sword. More importantly, the sword can cause trauma to people’s spirit, which is just suitable for the Star Crazy Life in the deification period.
Then the two swords collided at this time.
Bang ~
A great force came from Lin Luo’s arm to Lin Luo’s hand. The cloud sword could not be grasped, and it almost shook Lin Luo’s heart. A burst of disorder and blood gas churned, which surprised him even more. His mind seemed to have been taken a blow, which made his head misty and his heart white. There was something strange about this old guy’s sword
The purple blood carving on Lin Luo’s foot received a strong impact, and his body shook quickly, and his black shiny feathers floated in a roll.
"Who the fuck am I? I’m paralyzed. I’m so absorbed in my old practice that I’m fucking broken up again!"
A sharp sound suddenly sounded in Lin Luo’s mind. Lin Luo was taken aback and was struck by the sword of Star Crazy. He had auditory hallucinations until the sound sounded in his mind again.
"Lin Luo you his mama how always seeing ah also partial provoke some powerful people! Yi Xingyue Palace! "
Lin Luo took a deep breath and calmed his mind back and forth. "You still have to wake up. I think you’re going to sleep again. If you don’t wake up, I’ll have to throw you in the toilet as a stirring stick!"
"Hey hey don’t don’t not a absorbed some monster beast flesh essence? Unconsciously, I fell asleep! I’m thousands of years old, so don’t save me some noodles! " Yunxiao this fellow suddenly became good when he heard Lin Luo’s words and then said, "This is the Xingyue Palace! How did you annoy them? "
Lin Luo answered, "Who knew I was so unlucky! It is not peaceful to go anywhere! " In my heart, I know that there will be a battle with Xingyue Palace sooner or later, and it will cause a fierce battle if I get the bow of shooting gods.
Although Lin Luo and Yunxiao communicated a lot, they all flashed in their minds. It seems that crazy life is just a breath.
Star crazy was surprised to see Lin Luo’s broken sword in his hand. It seems that there is no spiritual force that can resist his own sword blow. What surprised the star crazy is that Lin Luo’s just blow will show the state of absence even in the period of deification. Lin Luo blinked, which made the star crazy more excited and more sure that Lin Luo was pregnant with a huge treasure.
"So small, pick me up again!"
Drunk zhongxing crazy life is still a flat stab to be very plain, but Lin Luo’s sword seems to be a flaw